Best GPS App – Best GPS App. When heading to a place that we have never visited before, it will be very dangerous if we do not use a directional device such as using a GPS.

The use of GPS or Geo Positioning System is very useful so that we know where we are. In addition, GPS can also show how far and how long it takes to get to the destination.

GPS can be obtained for free on the Play Store, there are many choices of applications that we can use. What are the applications? We will provide you with the recommendations.

We have compiled from various sources regarding this choice of the best GPS applications. Please just take a look together the following application options below in full.

Best GPS Apps on Android

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best GPS app recommendations that you can take advantage of. The application options can be seen in the explanation below.

1. Sat Nav GPS

Sat Nav GPS is a free offline maps app that lets you explore new places with advanced turn-by-turn directions. Sat Nav GPS has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Play Store.

Sat Nav GPS features live traffic service to help you find a faster route and avoid traffic jams and security camera alerts to know when you are approaching a speed control zone.

The app also provides complete voice guidance and spoken street names; automatic rerouting when traffic conditions on the road change; one-box search to find everything faster; voice search and more.

2. HERE WeGo

This application made by Nokia was quite popular in 2014 and is expected to be a serious challenger to Google Maps. Considering HERE WeGo is able to provide a fairly complete map of the whole world, this assumption is quite reasonable.

You can also download maps of an area so you don’t need an internet connection when revisiting the map. Because of that, the HERE WeGo application has been widely used by users around the world.

In addition, HERE WeGo will display traffic information in urban areas. Interestingly, all these features and benefits are packed in a simple and elegant interface. If you want to use the HERE WeGo app, just download it from the Play Store.

3. GPS Navigation

The next best GPS application falls to GPS Navigation. This application is able to provide detailed direction information and accurate real-time location. Features within the GPS Navigation app include Places Near Me.

Using the app, you can find up to 100 types of nearby places, such as restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, pharmacies, and more. This app can also find your live phone location and live location.

Through GPS Navigation too, you can easily share your location with your friends. Apart from that, it also provides different types of map views such as normal view, terrain view and satellite view.

4. MapFactor

Another application that is very worthy of recommendation for Android smartphone users is MapFactor. MapFactor is a classic turn-by-turn navigation app that can be used instead of Google Maps.

This app will download and install maps to your SD card so you can use them offline any time. The application itself uses maps from OffStreetMap, which already cover many countries in the world.

Although not as fancy as Google Maps, the MapFactor app is also quite functional for those who need a GPS and navigation app. What’s more, the MapFactor app and its maps are free to use.

5. GPS Navigation & Map Direction

GPS Navigation & Map Direction is the next recommendation if Android users want the most accurate GPS application. The application can help drivers plan alternative routes at their destination.

This GPS Navigation & Map Direction app also helps you to track all locations or places you have visited on date and time map. In addition, the GPS Navigation & Map Direction application is also free to use.

If you want to visit famous places, GPS Navigation & Maps Directions can be an ideal travel guide for maps and navigation, traffic updates and traffic alerts free and easy to use.

6. Waze

Next there is the Waze application that can be used as your GPS recommendation. Waze is a very interesting GPS and navigation app because of its ability to provide traffic information to other users traveling on the same road.

The Waze app has now been acquired by Google and will likely integrate with Google Maps in the near future. Even if we look at the Play Store, the Waze application has a fairly high rating.

Not only that, Waze can also change routes or provide the fastest route when you go the wrong way. In fact, you can also easily get information about damaged roads. Are you interested in using it?

7. Google Maps

Google Maps is the next best application as a GPS pointer. World-renowned companies such as Google also do not want to fail in developing GPS applications and Android navigation. Maps, as most people call it.

With over 5 billion downloads on the Play Store, this Google Maps app is full of features and can be called a navigation app. Moreover, the Google Maps application was officially created by Google for free use.

Google Maps also provides information about nearby restaurants, gas stations, and houses of worship. You also don’t have to worry about traffic jams, the map is ready to show you the fastest way without getting stuck in traffic so you can get to your destination faster.

8. Sygic

Sygic apk platform is a very popular GPS app on Android as it has been downloaded by more than 50 million users. The app uses maps from TomTom, which you can also download for offline navigation.

Offline 3D maps provided by Sygic will be saved on your phone for GPS navigation without internet connection. Sygic app users will also get several free map updates every year.

Some of the features it offers include turns, alternate routes, and speed limits. There are also voice directions that will guide you by voice and say the name of the street. This app is free to download.


That’s the discussion about the best Android gps application that we can convey in the explanation above. Hopefully the discussion that we convey can be useful for those who want to go somewhere using GPS.

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