Camera App – Camera App. Photographing and taking pictures of daily activities is a fun activity for some people, especially those who frequently update on social media.

We also know that on our own Android phones, we are equipped with a built-in camera that has complete features and filters. But sometimes people still feel unsatisfied with what they have.

So they look for and choose to download camera applications that are widely available on Android devices. Luckily, many such applications are available today for free.

Well, on this good occasion, we will give you a review about a free and trusted camera application that can be used. Please see the review below below.

Free Camera Apps on Android

Immediately, let’s look together a selection of free camera applications that can be used by Android users. Here’s a full review that you can see together.

1. Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX is the first camera app we recommend for Android users. Are you looking for an app that can turn your phone’s camera into an equivalent DSLR camera?

If so, then you can try this application called Camera ZOOM FX. The reason is, this Camera Zoom FX application allows you to make manual settings like a DSLR camera. There is also another important function here.

Especially the functions that are equally available as on DSLR cameras such as RAW format, ISO settings, focal length, and exposure. There is even a shutter speed feature that can also be found in the Camera Zoom FX application.

2. Cymera

Cymera is one of the best camera apps in the world with more than 100 million downloads on Play Store. No wonder the features available in this application are very effective for producing better photos.

Cymera application is widely used by all people in various parts of the world because of its advantages. Because the Cymera application offers interesting features that you can enjoy for free and easily.

With as many as seven variants of lenses, camera stabilizers, timers and silent modes currently available, Cymera deserves to be one of the most attractive products for users. Cymera can also be used for free.

3. Candy Camera

For selfie lovers and looking for selfie camera apps that are still popular so far, you should download this Candy Camera. Candy Camera includes various features to take your selfies to the next level.

Because the Candy Camera application is equipped with various beauty functions such as slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, mascara. So that makes Candy Camera very worthy to be used by you.

That way, you don’t have to download any photo editing apps anymore because Candy Camera already has everything you need to take selfies. You can download the Candy Camera application for free and easily from the Play Store.

4. Open Camera

Another recommendation for the best Android camera app is Open Camera by developer Mark Harman. The camera application called Open Camera is known as a lightweight and easy-to-use camera application.

Open Camera has multiple focus modes, auto stabilizer, HD quality video recording, and scene modes. The features in the Open Camera application make many people interested in using it.

The additional features that complement Open Camera make it one of the best camera apps for Android. This makes many people interested in using the applications available on the Google Play Store.

5. Camera MX

The Camera MX app offers many shooting mode options with various filter options. The presence of various camera functions ranging from basic to professional is also one of the advantages that Camera MX is trying to offer.

So it’s no surprise that this Camera MX app has become very popular and downloaded by more than 10 million users on the Google Play Store. The Camera MX application also gets a lot of positive reviews from users.

After installing and using the Camera MX application, you will definitely feel very satisfied when you experience the features in it. Moreover, all the features in the Camera MX application can be used for free and easily.

6. Camera FV-5

Want to “turn” your Android smartphone into a DSLR? Then you need to try an application called Camera FV-5. You see, this Camera FV-5 application offers a camera settings menu like a real DSLR.

This Camera FV-5 application provides professional camera features such as manual ISO settings, metered focus, white balance, shutter speed and various other features. Make users definitely interested in trying it.

If you want to try the Camera FV-5 application, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. Not only that, Camera FV-5 can also be used easily and for free without paying a subscription fee.

7. Google Camera

Who is not familiar with this camera application from Google? The Google Camera app offers features that take your photos to the next level when taking the picture you want.

The camera modes provided in the Google Camera application are also quite complete, ranging from panorama, portrait, lens bokeh, panoramic photos, photo booths to slow motion, the quality is unquestionable.

Well, if Android cellphone users are interested in downloading the application and don’t know how to install it, you can read Jaka’s article on how to install Google Camera on an Android cellphone without root.

8. Picai Smart AI Camera

The next really good clear camera application recommendation is Picai Smart AI Camera which is equipped with AI technology to produce the best image quality. Picai Smart AI Camera can also be used for free.

Picai Smart AI Camera is not just an ordinary application, it also provides more than 100 interesting filters that you can try for free. It makes users fall in love with it the first time they use it.

That way, your smartphone camera can have the same cool performance as a flagship phone using the Picai Smart AI Camera. Please download the Picai Smart AI Camera application from the Play Store.

9. Camera51

Camera51 is another app that we recommend to Android users. Equipped with the ability to automatically detect and analyze faces and objects, Camera51 deserves to be one of the best.

This application made by the Camera51 developer is also equipped with various supporting functions that make photos beautiful. Such as auto framing, auto selfie, manual object selection, and more.

How? Camera51 application is very cool, right? So instead of buying the best camera phone with an average price of above IDR 5 million, use the Camera51 application because Camera51 can also be used for free.

The final word

Until here, we have discussed about free camera applications that can be used on Android smartphones. Please use our recommended application so you can immediately use the camera.

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