Social Media Apps – Social Media Apps. Currently we can talk and chat with family or relatives easily using online applications on the internet.

The application is called social media or social media, in English it is also called social media. Is a special application that serves to connect us with other people.

There are so many social media applications currently circulating, we can install and download for free from the Play Store. However, only a few have been named the best and most widely used applications.

What are the best-selling, best, free, and widely used social media applications in Indonesia and the world? You can listen to the full review and discussion in the following explanation.

Recommended Best Android Social Media Apps

Here are a number of recommendations for the best and most trusted social media applications on Android smartphones. Please read and see the full explanation in the description below.

1. TikTok

Social media that prioritizes this video feature is currently popular among young Indonesians, especially those aged 16-24 years. TikTok has now successfully become a popular social media in Indonesia and around the world.

The surprising news again, TikTok is expected to rival the popularity of Instagram. This app has 625 million active users worldwide. In Indonesia alone, Tik Tok claims to have 10 million active users.

This figure is very good for an application that stigmatizes alay users in Indonesia. However, behind this ridiculous assumption, who would have thought that TikTok could actually be used to promote your own business.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social media application in the world and other Indonesia. This kind of social media is very famous for the social media of working professionals. On LinkedIn, users can create profiles such as resumes.

Not only that, on LinkedIn you can also build a good reputation in the eyes of HR. However, it turns out that not only professional workers, your business can also use LinkedIn to promote your own business.

You need to know that LinkedIn has 675 million global users in more than 200 countries. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the number of LinkedIn users has reached 12 million. You can download the LinkedIn app directly from the Play Store.

3. Twitter

The famous KKN story of Desa Penari follows a group of students who receive KKN in a haunted village. Rest assured, we will not return to the details of the story in this chapter. Interestingly, however, the story began to spread from threads on Twitter.

You should know that the story that started on Twitter, the story was viral in cyberspace. It can be seen that Twitter users react very quickly to the trending topics on their social media.

This can also be seen from the statistics of Twitter Indonesia’s market share in 2019, which increased to 42.75%. This interesting piece of information may be the reason why you should try marketing using the Twitter app.

4. Instagram

Another best, best-selling, and trusted social media application that can be highly recommended is Instagram. Instagram is almost comparable to Facebook, with more than 61 million active users in Indonesia.

An interesting fact from this application, the number of Instagram users is dominated by the age of 18-24 years. If the target audience of your business uses Instagram regularly, it is very important to promote your business on Instagram.

In addition, according to a survey, as many as 45% of Indonesian users often buy the products they see on Instagram. On Instagram, you can also create interesting content with services like Feeds, Instagram Stories, and IG TV.

5. Facebook

Facebook is a social media apk with an increasing number of users. In 2018, the number of Facebook users in Indonesia reached 130 million. Among them, the age group that uses Facebook the most is 20-29 years.

The popularity of the Facebook application as a social media in Indonesia is very suitable as a place to introduce your business. Plus, your target audience often uses Facebook to get the latest information online.

Not only do you introduce your business, you can also use Facebook to increase engagement, website traffic and lead generation. The Facebook application is also very feasible for you to have so that it can be used as the best social media.

6. WhatsApp

In this day and age, almost all internet users in Indonesia use WhatsApp. Maybe you are one of them. Around 124 million internet users use WhatsApp on their gadgets for chatting and video calling.

Users of the WhatsApp application also vary, ranging from the age of 16 to 64 years. They usually use WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends. Ease of use features such as chat, voice calls and video are his favourites.

Not only for communication between relatives and colleagues, now business owners can also use it for their business. WhatsApp has launched a business-specific platform, WhatsApp Business which is very helpful for businesses.

7. YouTube

The application with the most social media users is Youtube, an unlimited free video sharing platform. Of the 150 million internet users in Indonesia, 88% use YouTube to stream videos, especially music videos.

The large number of Youtube users in Indonesia is certainly very profitable for Youtube. However, not only Youtube, but also business owners who want to introduce and promote their business will benefit.

In order for the videos you upload on your YouTube channel to appear in the top search results, you need to optimize your YouTube videos. For a more in-depth explanation of YouTube SEO, read our article on the complete YouTube SEO guide.

The final word

Stornowaybc has explained to you the recommended selection of the best social media applications that can be used on Android phones. Hopefully this social media apk recommendation helps those of you who want to install it.

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