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Stornowaybc.com – Drum App. For some people, playing drums is a very fun activity, especially when accompanied by other music such as guitar, bass, piano, and so on.

For drummers, practicing on real drums is very important, especially if they are doing it for professional purposes. But for beginners who are still clumsy, maybe using an application is the best alternative.

By using a drum simulation application, of course it will be easier than playing the real drum. In addition to being cost-effective, this application can also produce sounds just like the sound on a real drum.

Not much different from the fake GPS application, there are many drum applications for Android devices that are provided free of charge. This application can be downloaded on the Play Store and installed on cellphones with the latest Android system.

List of the Best Drum Apps on Android

Without further ado, let’s just take a look together at the list of the best drum apps for Android phones. You can listen to the full review in the description and discussion below.

1. Drum Machine

The Drum Machine app can help anyone learn like a pro. Drum Machine is an app that lets you make beats and spins with the touch of a finger on your Android phone or tablet.

The developers have created this app to give you an easy way to make your own music without spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. Today, there are many ways for anyone who wants to make music at home.

All you need is a laptop and some basic recording equipment. But how do you get the sound for the music, especially if you want the sound from the drums? The answer is Drum Machine.

2. Real Drum

Whether your band is getting together for the first time or you want to compose a new song, you need a way to bring the melody to life. Luckily, the Real Drum app has a huge library of drum samples that will inspire anyone.

This app is very useful for anyone who wants to make original music! With built-in automation features like tempo control, effect options, and custom patterns, creating with the Real Drum app is as easy as a tap.

Sometimes this requires a full round of percussion beyond clapping and acoustic drums. This application can also be obtained for free by downloading it through the Play Store or application update sites other than the Play Store.

3. DUBTurbo

The DUBTurbo app is a great alternative for creating your own drum tracks and loops. You can choose from over 100 different world percussion instruments as well as add more sequences.

Not only that, this app also lets you add other drums like Tom or Snare. The sample sound quality of the application is very pleasant to hear and you will not regret downloading it.

The DUBTurbo app is a great option to improve your drumming skills. With DUBTurbo, you’ll learn how to match lip sync, increase volume levels, and make your voice deeper or higher.

4. Djay

The Djay app makes it easy for you to create music that will astound all listeners and create some great memories. You can easily entertain party participants using this Djay application.

Use Djay to create music that motivates people to dance and use effects like loops or pitch changes. Whether it’s a close friends reunion or a big family reunion, you can use Djay to play drums like the real thing.

Using Djay, you can add multiple effects for variety and choose a song to suit your mood (fast and slow). Besides that, you can also connect it to a microphone according to the theme of your party and play your own guest requests.

5. Drum Pad

Do you want to make fun drum beats without needing real drums? If your answer is yes, then Drum Pad is the right app for you. This app gives you a virtual drum set for free.

Of course the drum sets in Drum Pad can be customized with different sounds and beats. You can also add a variety of pleasing sound effects to make it more realistic.

This app is perfect for musicians who want to practice their timing without needing a drum set. Drum Pad can also be used in conjunction with other music apps on your device, such as DJ apps or others.

6. Music Maker Jam

If you like music and want to make your own, the Music Maker Jam app is perfect for you. The developer of this app is Dubstep Lab which is popular for releasing tons of new music apps.

Of course, this fact makes Music Maker Jam unquestionable for its quality, allowing you to get creative with their jams. Music Maker Jam is a free music making app.

One of them is playing drums, allowing you to create sonic tracks using loops and samples from the app’s library. You can also import your own personal voice if you want to innovate.

7. Drum Knee

Drum Knee app is a revolutionary new drum apk, it can make your life comfortable and easy while playing drums. The Drum Knee apk lets you use your phone or tablet as a virtual drum for free.

Drum Knee also features a metronome, so you can count them out loud. Coupled with different types of rhythms and sound effects for fun, it makes this app really reliable.

Drum Knee app is the best app that will make your life comfortable and easy while playing drums. The alarm clock is used as a time-saving tool when you’re on the Metronome feature also helps Drum Knee make sure everyone in the band keeps the beat of the music.

8. WeDrum

WeDrum is a mobile app that lets you play drums for free and play drums with other drummers around the world. The tracks are of excellent quality and the sound is very clear.

When drummers play WeDrum, they will feel like playing a real drum. It’s no exaggeration, because WeDrum was created by musicians who wanted to make music more accessible and fun for everyone.

The first step in using WeDrum is to download the app to your smartphone or tablet. This application can also be downloaded for free via the Play Store to be installed on the Android platform.

9. Drumeo

If you’re a drummer and haven’t heard of a drum learning platform called Drumeo, that’s a shame. Drumeo is the largest and best online captioning platform available for both new and experienced drummers.

The Edge Learning System in this app provides a step by step curriculum that includes 1,000+ songs and drum training features. This app lets you play while learning about drums.

Of course this app is different from the rest of the list above, because it provides not only practice features, but also theory to learn as a beginner drummer. Even interestingly, you don’t need to subscribe to a premium account to download it.

10. TouchOSC

Nowadays many drummers play on backing tracks with their bands. One of the biggest problems drummers have when playing their drums these days is starting a show.

If the band uses a digital audio workstation (such as Ableton Live) to play their song, they can start offstage performances. Of course with a handy application called TouchOSC.

TouchOSC is a MIDI control panel that connects to a digital audio workstation via WiFi. Of course this application is really reliable to play drums virtually with amazing bass sound.

11. Steve Reich’s ClappingMusic

Steve Reich is one of the greatest favorite composers of all time. Whether it’s an electric counterpoint or music for 18 musicians, every piece of music created by him can hypnotize countless people.

Meanwhile on the mobile application platform, there is Steve Reich’s ClappingMusic which of course is intended for learning music as well. This application has the advantage especially because it is based on the composer’s music.

Drums or clapping music is part of the features included in Steve Reich’s ClappingMusic, very challenging and fun. The feature is one of its most famous parts and makes people want to download it.

12. Drum School

Drum School is an innovative drum learning app that guides beginners in learning the basics of drumming. This application is intended for those who are not used to reading musical notation, they will have no trouble using drum school.

This app only costs $9. Once you subscribe, you can download it and the app will instantly show you many categories like rock, jazz, swing, bluegrass, heavy metal, blues, and many more.

Although not free, the costs incurred are proportional to the lessons learned. If you want to play and learn drums professionally, then Drum School is a must try.

The final word

Until here first the discussion that we can convey in the article above about the android drum application. You can install the above application, you can use the application to play music using drums.

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