YouTube App – YouTube app. Currently YouTube has mastered the world market share by getting many users even on par with one of the world’s largest social media, namely Facebook.

YouTube is Google’s video sharing platform. Although at first YouTube was not part of Google, but after joining the technology giant, YouTube is growing rapidly.

In the YouTube application, users can not only watch short, funny videos, breaking news, music, and entertainment. Users can also create YouTube channels and share them with others to make money.

YouTube is different from TikTok, because the content on the YouTube platform contains more long videos. Unlike TikTok, which only contains short videos accompanied by music and dance.

Understanding YouTube Apps

YouTube is a long or short video sharing website and application created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. Today, YouTube has been acquired by Google and is completely theirs.

YouTube was created with the aim of letting people share their videos, but over time, YouTube also publishes video content of songs, funny, news, and up-to-date information. On YouTube we can also make money or promote products.

In the YouTube application, subscribers are known, namely people who follow our YouTube channel and watch the latest videos that we upload. When we upload a new video, subscribers will get a notification to watch it.

Subscribers play a huge role in increasing your success on YouTube. Because they tend to watch your channel more than viewers who don’t subscribe to your YouTube channel.

YouTube App History

History YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The trio developed YouTube in 2005 because of the idea at the time that they were having trouble sharing videos of dinner parties in San Francisco.

They then started YouTube with funds from Sequoia Capital between November and April 2006. In April 2005, the site was active and began to grow in the following months.

Not only that, before officially launching in November 2005, YouTube even had surprising traffic. A year later, the growth has accelerated with more than 5 thousand videos uploaded every day. Within a day, YouTube site visits reached 100 million.

Google Inc in October 2006 immediately bought YouTube with a value of $ 1.65 billion in shares. A year later, in 2007 YouTube successfully became a site ranked 3rd version of Aleax after Google and Facebook.

The acquisition from Google also made YouTube more and more popular, until Forbes magazine said that the YouTube application revenue in 2008 reached $ 200 million dollars. In 2013, YouTube also launched a premium program on its channel.

The new program lets users watch ad-free videos. After that in February 2015, YouTube also introduced the YouTube Kids application, specifically for child users. This app contains content that is only allowed to be watched by children aged 13 years and under.

In August 2017, YouTube introduced a new, more modern logo. The design shows a play button next to the YouTube caption. With the new logo, the YouTube application looks more elegant and modern.

Type of businessGoogle subsidiary
Site typeVideo storage and sharing platform
Founded14 Februari 2005
OwnerAlphabet Inc.
FoundersSteve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim
Alexa Rank2 (2 Oktober 2020)

YouTube App Features

YouTube in its development continues to present interesting features that make users more comfortable and at home using it. One of the newest is YouTube Stories like the Instagram application.

Other features that are no less interesting on YouTube include the following.

1. Annotation

Annotations are a feature on YouTube for video uploaders to recommend other videos in the form of links or boxes while the video is playing. This feature benefits channel owners so that the videos they make become more watched by people.

2. YouTube Autoplay

Autoplay is an autoplay feature on YouTube that allows users to directly watch other recommended videos. If this feature is enabled, YouTube will automatically play the next video according to the viewer’s preferences.

3. Video Speed

There is also a video speed feature that allows users to speed up or slow down the video being played. This feature will help users while watching videos so that they can be more easily understood.

4. Subtitles

Another interesting feature of the YouTube app is automatic subtitles. When activating it, users can see spoken words or sentences, whether it’s in music videos, movies, tutorials, documentation, to conversations that may sometimes be difficult to understand.

5. Download YouTube Videos

YouTube also provides a download feature for cellphones and tablets so users can watch the video offline within a period of 30 days. This feature is not available on the YouTube site and users can choose the desired resolution.

6. Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a feature that YouTube has developed for a long time, this feature is only available to some YouTube partners. But since 2017 this feature can be used by everyone, not limited to only a few users.

7. 360 Degree Videos

There is a 360-degree video feature on YouTube, allowing users to upload 360-degree videos using a virtual reality headset. However, there are still not many YouTube users in Indonesia who use it.

8. YouTube Stories

The YouTube Stories feature has been available in the app since 2018, known as YouTube Reels. This feature allows creators to upload a photo or video signkat with a duration of 1 minute that lasts 24 hours.

9. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid feature for YpuTube app users. This subscription feature allows users to watch ad-free videos, download and watch videos offline, and get the benefits of watching original videos from YouTube.

YouTube App Benefits

So far, users may access YouTube to get entertainment benefits from uploaded videos. In fact, the YouTube application has many other benefits, including the following.

1. Earning Income from Google AdSense

If our video has enough viewers, please register it with Google AdSense which will pay you every time someone clicks on the ad on the video. But it should be understood that there is a requirement to register, which is to have 1 thousand followers and 4,000 watch hours.

2. Promote Business

You can use YouTube to promote your business, business, or even yourself as an influencer. A person is also required to be creative in promoting himself using a CV in order to attract the attention of other YouTube users.

3. Watching News

In the YouTube application we can also get the latest information and latest news for various aspects. So it can be said that YouTube has become a substitute for newspapers, television, or mainstream online media platforms today.

4. Learning Media

Apart from that, YouTube can also be a free learning medium. Because in it there are lots of tutorials related to self-ability, ranging from video editing, graphic design, coding, Internet Marketing, business, cooking, fishing, and so on.

How to Download the YouTube App

How to download the YouTube application is very easy, and free. This application is available for Android and iOS, here are the steps to download on YouTube.

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your cellphone.
  • In the search menu, please type “YouTube” then search.
  • You will see search results on the cellphone screen, one of which is this video sharing application.
  • The icon of YouTube is in the form of a video player and a red color as the background.
  • Please open then do the installation.

The final word

That’s our discussion about the meaning of the YouTube application. The development of information about YouTube is still ongoing, therefore this content will continue to be updated in the future.

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