YouTube App No Ads – YouTube App No Ads. Watching video broadcasts on YouTube is one of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays, apart from television, which still broadcasts quality shows.

But sometimes for some people, of course, they will feel disturbed by the presence of advertisements in the YouTube application. When we are busy watching videos, apparently there are things that make us have to postpone the spectacle.

Even so, we don’t need to worry, because there are many of the best ad-free YouTube apps on Android phones. For those who still want to find out what the application recommendations are, here we will describe them.

Not much different from booking dating applications, you can find many applications to watch YouTube without ads and accompanied by adblock. Check out the full recommendations below.

Best Ad-Free YouTube Apps Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for apps to watch YouTube without being distracted by ads. Check out the full recommendations which can be seen in the discussion below, which is summarized from various sources.

1. YouTube Premium

The first application that is most recommended is of course YouTube Premium. Everyone also knows that the premium Youtube app is the official app from YouTube to watch videos without being bothered by ads.

At first glance from the name, which is given a premium frill, we can already think that this application is actually the same as a non-premium YouTube application. The only difference is that YouTube Premium comes with ad-free features.

So, watching viewers on the YouTube application can play all videos without having to be bothered by ads at all. However, to be able to enjoy the features on YouTube Premium, you will be charged a subscription of IDR 59,000 per month.

2. Opera Browser

Maybe some of you have heard the name of this one browser application. Opera Browser is included in the list of Youtube applications without ads because it has an adblocker feature.

The features in Opera Browser allow you to prevent distractions while watching videos on the YouTube site. Apart from that, this browser app also provides amazing speed when you are surfing the internet because its ads are blocked.

Security in Opera Browser will also be guaranteed because in this application there is already a free VPN feature that can be used. There is also a private mode in Opera Browser if you want to surf the internet without displaying the IP address.

3. YouTube Vanced

Another recommended app for watching YouTube videos without ads is YouTube Vanced. The YouTube Vanced Apk is a YouTube watching application specifically for the Android operating system and has ad blocking features.

With the ad blocking feature on YouTube, you can enjoy video offerings with maximized features. It also includes other features such as dark mode, resolution settings, and video downloads such as movie download applications.

Using YouTube Vanced, users can play Youtube in the background and minimize it, so they can open other applications. Having an adblocker feature, this app will help you watch YouTube more comfortably.

4. TubeMate

Another application that can be used to watch YT without ads is Tubemate. The TubeMate apk can be used to remove all ads on YouYube, so of course it won’t interfere with your entertainment.

The way to get this application is to download it on an application update site other than through the Play Store. Because TubeMate is still not in the Olay Store, if you look for it, you won’t find it because it doesn’t exist yet.

But don’t worry because users of the TubeMate application can get it for free and it’s safe to install on Android phones. The advantage of the TubeMate application is that users can save YouTube videos to the gallery.

5. AdLock

AdLock is also another recommendation as a fast and easy to use YouTube ad removal application. This application called AdLock is useful for blocking Youtube ads of all kinds.

Starting from the types of ads such as pop ups on YouTube, banners and even ads in the middle of the video will not appear on the user’s device screen. This application can not only be used on Android, it can also be used on iPhone, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

Not only can it protect the user’s device, in this application there are also facilities to save data and battery quota. Of course, this application is worth trying by Android users.

6. NewPipe

Not much different from the Tubemate apps, this NewPipe app can also play YouTube videos without any ads. This is understandable, because NewPipe is equipped with an ad-blocking feature.

How to get this application can not be found in the Play Store. Instead, you can search on google directly or on the official website, or download via APKPure, APKFun, APKMirrot, and so on.

The NewPipe application can be used for free and of course very easy to use. You as a user simply register or register, and after that just install and open it then look for the video to be played.

7. Brave Browser

The next highly recommended non-advertising Youtube app is Brave Browser. You could say this application has an advantage because it offers blocking various types of ads on YouTube.

Various ads on YouTube will not appear, such as pop ups, banners, text or video ads. The Brave Browser application is also classified as a browser that is quite fast, has full features, and has a variety of plugins.

The Brave Browser application can be used for free plus the security is very good, this is supported by the privacy features and malware blocking in Brave Browser. This application is very good for watching YouTube without ads.

The final word

The explanation of the best ad-free youtube application as discussed above may be enough to get here first. You can use one or more of the apps above to watch YouTube videos without ads.

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