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Stornowaybc.com – Worm Game Apps. Games are very useful to get rid of fatigue, a game especially if played together (mabar) can also be a means to get closer to each other.

One type of game that has recently gone viral is the worm game. The game has the concept of a small worm who is given the task of being able to eat other worms in order to grow bigger.

This worm game is very fun, just like when we make remix music using a DJ application. There are many worm games that can be played for free on the Android platform, iOS, or even PC and websites.

For those who want to know what are the best worm games, free, and that can be fun or play together, we will recommend them below. See more information in the following review.

List of Best and Free Worm Game Apps

Without talking about this anymore, let’s go straight to the discussion about the list of the most popular worm game applications, free, online, offline, can be used, on a PC, laptop, computer, or smartphone. This is his recommendation.

1. Slither.io

Slither.io is a legendary game, the originator of all existing worm-themed games. If you have ever been a child of an internet cafe, you must be familiar with the games played on this website. Here, you have to find small resources including swallowing small worms and become the best worm on the leaderboard.

2. Worm.is: Game

If you like to play animal worm through interesting communication battles, Worm.is: game is the best choice for you. There’s really nothing special about the gameplay, because it allows players to communicate and create unique games in their own way.

3. Wormate.io

Another recommended worm game app is Wormate.io, this game is quite weird with worms out of the box. The worms have unique tattoos that can be applied to differentiate you from other players. With the exception of tattoos, worm faces can be adapted to other animals, such as cats.

4. Worm 3

Do you remember the game worm on Facebook that allows you to compete with other players with various weapons? Now you can also try this game on Android! Game Worms 3 is highly recommended to play compared to other options. Apart from the positive reviews, the graphics are pretty quiet too. You can buy it on the Play Store for IDR 78,000.

5. Worm Run!

The next thing you can play is Worm Run!. This game will allow you to overcome many obstacles in the game as a worm. From giant axes to giant swords, you must overcome them to become the fastest worm in the universe!

6. Slink.io

You now have the option of another best worm game app that is Slink.io that you can try on Android. Slink.io offers you global servers to compete with other players around the world. Each worm in the room will be marked as its respective country, so it will be an interesting battle between countries. Show the power of Indonesia in this game!

7. Venom Angry Crashy Rush Online

Next up is Venom Angry Crash Rush Online. This game is similar to Worm Zone.io, but with simpler visuals. Not all the worms here eat the same expensive food as before, they instead eat colorful light bulbs. With a familiar user interface, this game will be easy to understand.

8. Zona Cacing.io

Another best game alternative is Zona Cacing.com one of the best games. Here, you will play as a worm who likes to swallow everything in your path. Imagine a worm that can swallow cheese, broccoli, chicken, and even sausage with ketchup.

9. Wormax.IO

The next worm-based game is Wormax.IO. This game can give your worm special abilities by adding upgradeable abilities. In addition to skills, your worm shape in this game comes in various styles. It also has a strange shape like a cow’s face, but the rest of its body is wormy.

The final word

That’s a brief discussion from Stornowaybc about the best worm game application. Hopefully the information that we have described can be useful, especially for those who want to play worm games.

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