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Stornowaybc.com – Wifi Signal Booster App. It can be said that the distribution of telephone signals in Indonesia is still uneven, because Indonesia does have thousands of islands that are separated by oceans.

So don’t be surprised if somewhere, there are providers that have good signals, some don’t. Not only for mobile data, signal strength also sometimes affects wireless or wifi networks.

But Android smartphone users don’t need to worry anymore, because now there are many choices of applications that can be used to strengthen the signal. With this application, the cellphone signal becomes more stable, stronger, and not lost.

As with the YouTube application without ads, when you look at the Play Store you can find lots of applications to strengthen the signal on your cellphone. Here are the recommendations that we can explain.

Recommended Best Wifi Signal Booster Applications

Immediately, here are a few choices of applications to strengthen the best wifi signal that can be used. Check out the recommendations which can be seen in the following explanation and are summarized from various sources.

1. Network Signal Booster

Tired of weak WiFi signal? Are you running across your house or somewhere to catch a signal? This app has been developed to make your life very easy and get the best wigi signal.

Network Signal Booster uses advanced settings to improve connection quality and reception. The developer promises that you will notice the difference as soon as you install the app and start applying it to your WiFi signal.

You’ll get used to this problem when the signal works ten times better in one part of your house. For example, when you are on the balcony, you really want to sit outside and enjoy some free time.

2. Wifi Analyzer

For gadgets running on operating systems like Android, you can use WiFi Analyzer software which is designed to determine free and invasive channels. This app is free and has good ratings.

Like other apps on Android, WiFi Analyzer can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This Wifi Analyzer signal booster app allows you to evaluate WiFi signal quality and all recent changes.

Wifi Analyzer helps display information in the form of graphs that are easy to read on mobile gadgets. The app also ranks available connections based on the quality of their work.

3. OpenSignal 3G 4G WiFi Map

OpenSignal 3G 4G WiFi Map is specially developed to improve WiFi quality on Android devices. This application shows maps of different networks, so it is very easy for the user to use them.

The OpenSignal 3G 4G WiFi Map application can be used so that Android phones can connect to networks with a good signal. This app lets you check the speed of a wifi or wireless internet network on Android.

Many users have installed OpenSignal 3G 4G WiFi Map to improve wireless internet signal and boast of its functionality. The advantage is the ability to install applications for free on your smartphone, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

4. Swift WiFi

A free application called Swift WiFi can be used by users to find connection points to the network and transmit data. There are more than a million hotspots at the base of the app, and the number is growing.

You can connect to wireless networks quickly and securely with Swift WiFi. For each particular connection, if it exists in the database, three-dimensional statistics are provided, including security and speed support for watching football live streaming applications.

Swift WiFi allows you to optimize power consumption by disabling WiFi on schedule or standby. Users can not only view hotspot information (speed and IP address), but also add access points manually.

5. Wifi Overview 360

The Wifi Overview 360 application can be used on Android phones for optimization and management of wireless networks. WiFi Review 360 is an app that scans WiFi networks and provides detailed information about them.

This application is able to inform each point located in the reception area of ​​​​Wifi networks. All information is displayed in tabular and graphic mode, and the application provides the user with the most suitable channel for connection.

The features in the Wifi Overview 360 application are very complete in it. Includes widgets in different styles, WiFi network scanner, Wi-Fi networks sorted alphabetically, signal strength and much more.

6. WiFi Booster & Analyzer

If you are looking for a good Wifi signal booster app between functionality and interface design, check out this app. WiFi Booster & Analyzer will give you detailed statistics about your current WiFi signal performance.

With the features in the WiFi Booster & Analyzer app, you can basically see the “heart rate” of your wifi connection. In WiFi Booster & Analyzer, you get more than just analytics.

But also all the features to amplify your existing WiFi signal and then see how it changes. When you view the current connection, you will see some information, including the IP address of your device.

7. Wifi Radar

Wifi Radar is an app that helps you find and connect to free WiFi hotspots in seconds. WiFi Radar app is the best and free app for people who are always looking for the best wifi connection and network for streaming TV apps.

You will find out, after installing it that the Wifi Radar application is very useful for your life in accessing the internet network. Especially when you often carry your cell phone and need internet access.

The Wifi Radar app lets you automate the initial search process and get the fastest connection point to free WiFi. You need to download WiFi Radar, run the app and wait for a while.

8. Wifi Router Booster

Wifi Router Booster is an app for those who want to make more progress by setting up a better WiFi signal from their (or their) router. Here you can see the whole signal image as a diagram.

From the diagram shown by Wifi Router Booster, users can analyze their own weak points. What causes weak wifi signal on your cellphone? Is this the place or is there something wrong with your phone?

By analyzing the data in the app, you can get more detailed and clear information about why your connection is not good. In addition, WiFi router booster will give you a report why the signal when suddenly weak.

9. WiFi Doctor Free

Most likely, you have noticed that most of the WiFi signal booster apps don’t actually have an interface. They all look like ordinary pure technical software in general.

And most of those wifi booster apps only work to fix problems on your WiFi. But if you belong to that group of people who cannot live without aesthetic elements, this is the right app for you.

The reason is, with the WiFi Doctor Free application you can scan all devices connected to your router. Maybe some unknown device is causing all signal failures and making them weaker?

10. Network Signal Speed Booster

Finally on the list there is the name of the best application, namely the Network Signal Speed Booster application that can be used on Android phones. As the name suggests, the Network Signal Speed Booster app helps improve your phone’s signal reception.

Unlike other similar wifi signal booster apps, Network Signal Speed Booster app is easy to use. You hardly need to do anything, just run the app and watch your signal level increase.

This app will help to connect your smartphone to the nearest cell tower with the strongest signal. Network Signal Speed Booster is one of the best and easiest software to improve wifi signal reception.

The final word

The explanation of the best wifi signal booster application as discussed above may be enough to get here first. You can use one or more of the applications above to strengthen the wifi signal on your cellphone.

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