Why Can’t Download Apps on Play Store

Stornowaybc.com – Why Can’t Download Apps on Play Store. Even though it’s made by Google, the Play Store sometimes experiences errors by not being able to download or update apps and games in it.

The causes of not being able to download applications on the Play Store, of course, vary. It can happen because Google’s servers are experiencing problems, our cellphones are having trouble signaling, or indeed the system has problems.

If we want to overcome these problems, of course there are several things that need to be done. So, we don’t have to be silent and wait for the opportunity to be able to download the application via the Play Store.

After yesterday we both talked about how to lock the WhatsApp application without an application. On this occasion we will explain the reasons why you can’t download apps on the Play Store.

How to Overcome Can’t Download Apps on Play Store

The following is a complete tutorial and discussion on how to solve the problem of not being able to download applications on the Play Store even though the memory is free and the internet network is stable. Check out the explanation and how to solve it below.

1. Check Internet Connection

If there is an interruption in the Play Store when downloading or updating applications, the main problem usually occurs because of the internet connection. Therefore you must first check whether your internet connection is stable or not.

If you use a data connection, while your download settings use a Wifi network, make sure you change the settings on the Google Play Store page. Please select “Over any network” or “allow any network”.

2. Check Timing

Incorrect timings can also have an impact on failing to download or update apps and games on the Play Store. Therefore, make sure the time on your Android phone is the same as the actual time and date.

If there is a time difference, then you can reset it on the Android phone Settings menu. In addition, make sure that the time zone you choose is appropriate, whether it is Jakarta or another city.

3. Delete Unused Apps

Having an Android phone, of course, is incomplete if we don’t fill it with a variety of interesting applications. Starting from games, photo applications to cartoons, YouTube, or other applications.

But are you aware that using too many applications makes your phone memory less? As a result, you may fail to download applications from the Play Store because the memory capacity has run out.

4. Clear All App Cache

Most of the people ignore the cache that accumulates on smartphone apps. Every application that stores junk files or caches that actually must be cleaned regularly because the cache will consume memory capacity on Android phones.

Cache that accumulates can also result in slower device performance. This habit must be changed and for smartphone users, one of the reasons for not being able to download and update applications on the Play Store is this.

5. Google Play Services Problem

Google Play Services is associated with the Google Play Store. Problems with the application can also have an impact on the Play Store application, one of which cannot download the desired application.

As a solution, you can fix the service first by deleting it via App Management in the Settings menu. After uninstalling, Adna downloads Play Services again on the Play Store.

6. Move Apps to SD Card

If your phone’s memory is full, you can try adding an SD card slot and moving applications to that memory. If you don’t know, please read how to move applications to a memory card.

Its purpose is as a backup place for your big data. In addition, the storage on your smartphone is also not full and there will be no errors such as the “Insufficient Storage Available” notification appearing.

7. Hapus Proxy

If the problem with the Play Store can’t download still appears even though the memory is free and capacity is loose, try deleting the existing proxy. Usually this is done successfully if you get a 491 or 403 error message.

You do this by going to Settings and selecting Mobile Network. After that select the SIM used and enter the Access Point NAme menu, then delete the proxy and port fields that are there.

8. Restart

The last solution if you still can’t download the application on the Playstore is to restart the cellphone. It seems simple, but this method is quite powerful to try.

The trick is simply to press the power button until the notification ‘Turn off’ or ‘Reload’ appears. Please click the menu. After that, wait for the cellphone to turn on again and see if it can be downloaded from the Play Store again or not.

The final word

So many discussions and explanations from us regarding the reasons why you can’t download applications on the play store. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful, especially for those of you who cannot download applications via the Play Store.

Originally posted 2023-09-12 21:44:40.

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