WhatsApp Video Call Beautify Application

Stornowaybc.com – WhatsApp Video Call Beautify Application. Have you ever done VC on WhatsApp, but the appearance of video calls from friends seemed different from regular WA?

There is a special kind of edit that makes the appearance of their WA Video Call theme even more attractive, beautiful, and also cool. Actually, how can they do this?

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that they use an application to beautify WhatsApp video calls on cellphones. This application can also be used for free, directly and of course without the need to pay.

When you also want to use the application, you should also know whether the application is good or not. For that, here we will provide recommendations only to you.

List of Best Applications to Beautify WhatsApp Video Calls on Phone

Have a look at some of the best WhatsApp or WA video call beautification applications on Android phones. These applications can be used by downloading directly from the Play Store at no cost.

1. Coocoo WhatsApp

The first application to beautify WhatsApp video calls is Coocoo WhatsApp. For those of you who are curious and wondering what the Coocoo WhatsApp application is, we have the information for you WhatsApp users.

This Coocoo WhatsApp application is a WhatsApp application that has been modified to help its users. As we all know, the WhatsApp application is an application that is commonly used by the public

However, this application actually still has some drawbacks. For example, limited file sharing capabilities. This is what sparked the idea to develop and modify the WhatsApp application to make it more attractive.

2. GB WhatsApp

There are many who are familiar with the GB WhatsApp application, and even use it. We certainly know a mod application called GBWhatsApp which has more and more complete features than standard WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp has built-in video call effect filtering, which you can use for free. The GB WhatsApp application can also make your WhatsApp video calls even more attractive, beautiful, and cool.

However, since this app is from a third party, you have to be a little careful because you don’t know if the account will be blocked. Even so, this application is worth trying to make WhatsApp video calls beautiful, especially on Android.

3. Master

The next application that is also recommended to make VC even more beautiful is Master. Master is a special effects application that can beautify WhatsApp, WeChat, Line video calls on Android.

When this Master app is active, widgets automatically appear, and you can freely customize them from filters, skin tones, and even face shapes. The Master application can also be used for free on Android phones.

Count on aesthetic filters with natural menus, black and white, personality, textured grays, cool colors, warm colors, small fresh, and more. You can also instantly optimize skin tone by simply pressing one of the effects.

4. FaceBeauty

The second WA video call beautification application is FaceBeauty For Video Call. This beautification video call application can be downloaded for Android smartphones via Google PlayStore for free and of course without paying.

There is no beautification video call application called FaceBeauty For Video Call for iPhone smartphones. There are several features in the application to beautify WhatsApp video calls, including adding camera filters, adding stickers.

But unfortunately, this beautification video call application has several features that require paid access. So to get all the full features in this beautification video call application, you have to subscribe or pay.


So many articles on the best WhatsApp video call beautification application that we can recommend. Hopefully the applications that we recommend can be used properly so that you can make VC WA more beautiful.

Originally posted 2023-09-16 03:50:12.

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