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Stornowaybc.com – Weton Count App. For those who don’t know, the term weton is often interpreted as the day on which a person is born according to the Javanese calendar.

Weton consists of days and markets, and each day and each market has a standard numerical value. According to the belief of the Javanese people, Weton has an important role in determining a business or a partner.

How to calculate the weton itself is actually a bit complicated, to calculate the weton each day is added to the weton. Suppose the man was born on Thursday Wage, meaning 8+4=12.

Then if the girl is born on Wednesday Pound, then the total obtained is 14 (the result of 7+7) and it will be judged again suitable or not. But if it’s complicated for you, there is a weton counter application that makes your job easier.

List of Best Weton Count Apps for Android

Unlike the Free Fire tool skin application, applications to calculate the weton calendar for marriage with a partner are widely available on the Play Store. We will recommend some of them below.

Here are some lists of weton count applications on Android smartphones. You can use it for free as entertainment without having to spend a penny or money.

1. Cek Weton Akurat

Check Weton Accurate the latest and free weton count application that is worth trying. This application will accurately help you if you want to get a weton count which is certainly true and not false.

In this application there are also many other useful features besides the Java weton feature. Such as calculating weton, seeing Javanese dates, calculating character, calculating matchmaking, and complete primbon.

Even though when installed, we find that the appearance of this application is simple, but the Check Weton Accurate application can convert from AD to Java. Of course this application can help you weton birth.

2. Perhitungan Weton Jowo Kuno

Are you still not satisfied and want to find another weton count application? Just try this application, namely the Ancient Weton Jowo Calculation. Actually this is similar to other weton calculation applications.

The reason is in the Ancient Jowo Weton Calculation application, it is equipped with various features that can be used easily. Besides being easy to calculate weton, this application can also be used for free.

You can do matchmaking, date of birth, Javanese weton, Javanese primbon, to the count of Javanese neptu here. Other features provided are the calculation of choosing a partner, the meaning of dreams in the primbon, to a collection of dream meanings.

3. Weton Jawa

Another very sophisticated and accurate application for calculating weton is the apk made by Rubys Mediatama. This application is named Weton Jawa and can be downloaded for free on the Android Play Store.

It can even be said that Weton Jawa has advantages, because this application based on Weton has very complete features. Its features are more or less similar to the ones mentioned earlier.

In addition, users can also get several advantages and advantages of the Weton Jawa application. The advantage is that this application can be used even if there is no internet connection, aka it can be used offline.

4. Kalkulator Weton Jawa

Another application that deserves to be used as a Java Weton counter is the Java Weton Calculator. In this application made by Ariyant Creative, there are a number of very useful features that users can try and use for free.

Some useful features that you can use are Javanese weton, market neptu, day neptu, fortune prediction, number of neptu, zodiac, to zodiac. Of course, you don’t need to subscribe or buy a premium account to use it.

The Weton Java calculator can also easily change the Gregorian calendar to the Javanese calendar using the Meeus algorithm. This allows for differences in days that are one day apart.

5. Kalkulator Weton Jodoh

The next best Android weton count app made by VinShan Studio on Play Store. The name of the application in question is the Weton Match Calculator and as the name implies this application helps you find a mate in weton.

The Weton Match Calculator is an application in the form of a calculator that can be practically used to find your soul mate. Of course, you can calculate your and your partner’s weton with the Matchmaking Weton Calculator.

How to use this application, all you have to do is enter your date of birth information for yourself and your partner. After that, just press the check button and the application will show your match.

6. Hitungan Weton Jawa

The Java Weton count in the Android application can also be used for free to calculate the Weton in the Javanese calendar. Developer Merpati offers a weton count application and releases it on the Play Store.

By using the Java Weton Count application, users can use the Primbon prediction calculator accurately. The calculation will be based on the weton of birth, month and day of your birth later.

There are many features of the Javanese Weton Count, such as counting the weton, calculating the neptu, to the prediction of a mate based on the weton of the couple’s birth. In this application there is also a feature of knowing the character primbon according to the day of birth.

7. Cek Weton

Another weton calculation application is Cek Weton, created by a developer named Wibawa Ivan. As the name suggests, you can use this app to get a very accurate weton count.

This application has a very simple appearance so that it will not make it difficult for users to use it. In addition, Cek Weton can also convert from Gregorian to Javanese dates in one click.

Not only Weton Jawa features, in the Cek Weton application you can use other features provided by this application. Such as features to calculate the compatibility of partners, character, zodiac, up to the Chinese Shio feature.

The final word

Until here, first our explanation about the android weton count application as described in the explanation above. Hopefully the information shared above can be useful, especially for those who are looking for an application to calculate the Weton calendar.

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