Weather App – Weather App. Predicting the weather is not an easy thing for ordinary people like us to do, even though it is very important to know at the beginning and during the day.

Because by knowing the weather forecast, we can anticipate the work schedule, whether to bring an umbrella or not. But take it easy, now there are many applications that can be used to forecast the weather.

These applications can even be used for free directly from your Android phone. The application can be used without having to pay subscription fees or in-app purchases.

Some even offer users the convenience of not installing annoying ads in their applications. Are you curious about what the application is? Here’s the review!

Best Weather Forecast App on Android Phone

Here are some choices of the best and most trusted weather forecasting applications on Android phones. Please refer directly to the recommendations that we provide in the explanation and description below.

1. Info BMKG

BMKG info is provided by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store. BMKG information contains information on weather, climate, air quality and earthquakes that occurred in Indonesia.

This BMKG Info application is very light and less than 10 MB in size. The BMKG Info feature includes weather forecasts, providing information on weather forecasts for 7 days.

In particular the predicted weather for all subdivisions in Indonesia and provides climate information in Indonesia; (1) no rainy days, (2) monthly rainfall forecasts, up to (3) monthly rainfall analysis.

2. Weather Channel

There are many weather forecast apps on the Google Play Store. However, the Weather Channel platform is an app that provides up-to-date and accurate weather forecasts. In fact, you can see the weather forecast for the next 10 days.

Weather forecast includes wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure. The interface of the app is very nice and gives you several videos showing the weather conditions around the world.

The Weather Channel’s design and appearance is very simple and intuitive. This weather channel allows you to choose what information to display on your smartphone screen. Please download the application from the Google Play Store.

3. Weather by NOAA

If you live or want to travel to an area with severe weather conditions, install Weather from NOAA Free on your smartphone today. Because this application always provides the latest news updates from NOAA which reports the weather.

It even tracks the status of hurricanes, cyclones, cyclones and other severe weather conditions on land. The Weather by NOAA application also has another advantage, namely providing a live satellite view of the news of your choice.

You can also browse the severe weather forecast for daily severe weather conditions. For those in extreme weather areas, Weather from NOAA Free will be very helpful. Please download the application on the Android Play Store.

4. Amber Weather

Another weather forecast application which is also the most popular application on the Google Play Store is Amber Weather. The app has a rating of 4.3 and can provide hourly, daily or weekly weather forecasts.

A weather prediction platform called Amber Weather is a fairly accurate weather forecast that can be used not only in Indonesia but even abroad. Because the weather in Indonesia can change at any time.

You can use Yellow Weather to monitor the weather for the next few hours. The app also provides information on precipitation, wind speed, humidity, visibility, barometric pressure, dew point and UV index.

5. Accuweather

Another application that can be used to predict today will be sunny or rainy is Accuweather. It can be said that Android users must be very familiar with this one application.

Accuweather is automatically installed as a free, safe, and of course good Android smartphone widget. Accuweather provides very accurate weather reports and is able to provide room temperature at regular intervals.

This application is enriched with graphs, maps, radar and accurate weather forecasts. In fact, this Accuweather app can show videos in your area. Accuweather is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application.

6. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug is another recommended app to use, which accounts for three-quarters of Morecast’s revenue, also excels in design and interface. Given the weather can be different in each area of ​​the city.

Not only that, the Weather by WeatherBug app helps you find out the weather forecast for the community where you live. Surprisingly, the app developer has also included a traffic camera feature to monitor traffic jams at some point.

WeatherBug’s Weather can also share photos and albums. You can monitor weather forecast based on your route today or next day with this weather forecast app. To use it, download this app for free on Play Store.

7. GO Weather

Another recommended application that you can use is GO Weather. Need the best compatible weather forecast app to know the weather where you are? Maybe you need to download GO Weather on your smartphone.

Because this GO Weather application provides fairly accurate weather forecasts for more than 100,000 locations around the world. This GO Weather application will provide detailed weather reports based on the time you want.

Whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening or night, everything is wrong. Using this app you can also get a clear understanding of rainfall and wind forecasts. GO Weather is a weather forecast app with a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store.

The final word

Until here first our explanation about the best weather application. We hope that the review we have provided can be useful, especially for those of you who want to get an apk for forecasting the best weather and clouds.

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