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Stornowaybc.com – Wallpapers App. Wallpaper on Android phones by default is limited to using images only, can’t move using GIFs, videos, or the like.

But there are applications that allow users to customize the appearance of their respective Android homepages. Custom can be done using moving videos, GIF images, and more.

Not a launcher application that burdens cellphones, but applications that are specifically made for custom wallpapers only as desired. The good news is that many of these applications are available for free on the Play Store.

Not much different from the Mobile Legends cheat application, custom applications and changing wallpapers on Android phones also have many choices on the Play Store. As we recommend below.

Recommended Wallpaper Applications on Android Phones

Here are the recommendations for changing wallpaper applications on Android phones for free, moving lock screen videos, making sounds, creating aesthetic backgrounds like on TikTok, and so on. Here are the applications that you can install on each cellphone.

1. Walli

Walli has advantages over other free Android wallpaper or background applications. This is inseparable because the collection of curated wallpapers is very interesting, limited, and of course quality.

Instead of using stock images found in other apps or Google, Walli represents the best and latest wallpapers in the digital art world. The result is that the app provides high quality images.

But unfortunately, the drawback of the Walli application is the presence of annoying ads. Apart from that the features are limited in the free version, but some users have to pay for the premium app to get the full features.

2. Abstruct

The advantage of the Abstruct app is that it is very unique and designed by the famous artist Hampus Olsson. He is responsible for making the background on the OnePlus smartphone

There is a wide selection of eye-catching gamnar from the unrepresented Olsen wallpapers will look stunning on any device. This application provides a large selection of wallpapers as in the WA theme application.

The downside of this app is that, about 300 HD backgrounds are available in the app, only a few of which are free. The rest can only be accessed on premium features by paying $2 on Abstruct.

3. Kappboom

Another wallpaper application that is no less recommended is Kappboom. By using Kappboom, users can search for more than 200,000 HD wallpapers that are attractive, beautiful, moving pictures, lock screen videos, and more.

The range of Kappboom app options is organized by features or categories such as colors such as vintage, animal, and abstract by name. Users with Android can even transfer wallpapers to their smartwatch.

One downside of Kappboom, is that some app users complain about Kappboom ads. In addition, complaints also often come from the lack of full screen previews for wallpapers before installing on Android phones.

4. Backgrounds HD

As the name implies, Background HD is one of the most popular free wallpaper apk for Android. This app has been reviewed by more than 2,000,000 people on Google Play and has a very high rating.

This Backgrounds HD app contains background videos, images, illustrations and custom clocks. Users can also upload their own wallpapers from gallery app and try to sell in paid version in Background HD app.

Despite the well-established popularity of the Backgrounds HD app, it has ads that are quite annoying for the users. The ads appear regularly and are hard to slow down.

5. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper offers users next level of live, moving and aesthetic wallpaper experience. Because Muzei Live Wallpaper gives knowledge to users about famous paintings of all time.

Users can automatically change the new wallpaper anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 days, depending on the settings set up. Wallpaper can also be blurred, so it doesn’t draw too much attention from apps or widgets.

Although the Muzei Live Wallpaper application is very interesting and feasible to use, it has its drawbacks. The interface can be confusing, and some special features may be difficult for some users to understand.

6. Zedge

One of the oldest wallpaper apps for Android users, Zedge includes wallpapers in 4K and HD resolution. Zedge also provides live wallpapers that are easy to find, download, and set up on a variety of devices.

The list of wallpaper collections on Zedge is also very extensive to suit all styles, color schemes and personal preferences. Of course users will never feel bored when using this Zedge application.

Even though it has been operating for a very long time, more and more users are now complaining about the excessive ads they are facing while using Zedge. But the ads in Zedge can’t be removed either.

7. Live Wallpapers

In addition to offering attractive live wallpapers, Live Wallpapers also contains a collection of aesthetic, animated, and static wallpapers for users whose features cannot handle active screen images.

Live Wallpapers offer backgrounds ranging from real-life scenes to animated clips, the free selection is impressive. The Live Wallpapers interface and existing features are very user-friendly.

Sometimes, the application may need to be restarted because the display settings become unstable or stop working completely. Live Wallpapers also contain lots of ads which some users may find difficult to navigate.

8. LitWallz

LitWallz provides an extensive and actively growing database of live wallpapers or live wallpapers in HD, 4K, Ultra HD resolution. This application is highly recommended if you want a different look on their cellphone homepage.

The simple and easy-to-use interface of the LitWallz app allows users to find the perfect option for their device. Ranging from superhero-themed wallpapers, landscapes, to video games.

But there is a downside, which is that some users have complained of occasional crashes and difficulty loading live wallpapers. Fortunately, the LitWallz app is constantly updated to fix this bug.

9. AmoledBackgrounds

The AmoledBackgrounds app puts together a stunning collection of AMOLED images from Reddit that cover colors and black spaces more intensely. It also includes an option for users to change their wallpaper daily.

But users need a device with AMOLED screen display; Otherwise, they will not benefit from the clarity or color saturation found in the wallpapers available on AmoledBackgrounds.

However the interface of the AmoledBackgrounds app may be confusing for those who don’t know how to use Reddit. In addition, some users have reported problems with the application stopping unexpectedly when in use.

10. Tapet

Tapet app offers minimalistic patterned backgrounds which are automatically updated to the downloader’s phone. Users can choose a color scheme or pattern to match the wallpaper of their choice.

Tapet’s interface is simplified like the abstract images it provides. So, users will find it easier to find wallpapers that match their preferences on the Tapet Android application.

The downside of this app is that most of the wallpapers available on Tapet are premium. This means that the free options are limited and you can purchase the premium app package to try out the full range of wallpapers.

The final word

Maybe it’s only here that the discussion of the android wallpaper application has been described in the discussion. You can use the applications above to change the cellphone wallpaper to be more attractive.

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