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Stornowaybc.com – WA Sticker App. One of the interesting things about WhatsApp is that there is a free sticker delivery feature, and we can even modify stickers using our own photos.

Besides being able to move Telegram stickers to WhatsApp without an application, users can also easily create funny, moving, and anime WA stickers. You don’t even have to pay for it or it’s free.

The system of the application is to convert an image into PNG format with a transparent background like a WhatsApp sticker. Then, it will import automatically into the WA application so that it can be sent to friends.

Like the signal booster application, the apk for making WA stickers is also widely available on the Android platform and can be downloaded for free via the Play Store. Here are the application recommendations for you.

List of Best WA Sticker Making Apps

Here are some recommendations for the best Android WA sticker maker applications that can be used for free and online. Check out the recommendations in the list of applications listed below.

1. Wemoji

The application for making the best WA stickers, namely Wemoji, can be used for free on Android devices. The app offers a user-friendly UI that is simple and easy to navigate, especially for beginners.

How to use Wemoji to make WA stickers is to upload an image to make a sticker first. After that you can choose a crop in the form of a square, circle or freehand for the sticker.

If you have, you can add the desired text or emoji, then save and share on WhatsApp . Wemoji also has some of the same features as in photo editing applications to make WA stickers even better.

2. WAStickerApps

Another WhatsApp sticker application that you can try is WAStickerApps. This application made by 4K Productions has a size of only 12 MB, and of course it is very light and does not interfere with other applications in the background.

As the name implies, the WAStickerApps – Game Stickers for WhatsApp application contains a series of stickers covering various games. Starting from online games PUBG, Super Mario, Angry Birds, League of Legends, and many more.

All the stickers included in it have been specially made so they won’t infringe copyright. Thus, you can freely use stickers from WAStickerApps – Game Stickers for WhatsApp.

3. Sticker Create

Sticker Create allows users to create their own stickers and share them on messaging apps. By using Sticker Create, you can make WA stickers that are funny, interesting, nice, moving, or take your own photos.

Compared to similar applications, Sticker Create has quite complete features in terms of photo editing. Besides being able to be used to crop, you can also add a blur effect or filter like in a photo purifier application.

In addition, Sticker Create users can also add emoji and clipart to the WA stickers that you create if they want. Sticker Create doesn’t have a simple UI, but making WA stickers here is very easy.

4. 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp

The 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp application only has a size of 17 MB. But the interesting thing is the fact that this application is not developed by a third party, but rather developed by Telegram LLC.

In it, this application contains a wide selection of characters such as rabbits, birds, crocodiles, cats, sharks, dogs, unicorns, penguins, and polar bears. Of course the stickers offered are similar to those on Telegram.

Users can even add sticker packs by tapping the visible plus sign before entering the sticker pack. In addition you can also tap the green button that says Add to WhatsApp.

5. Sticker Maker (Viko & Co)

Next there is the Sticker Maker application (Viko & Co), this application was developed by Viko & Co. The Sticker Maker (Viko & Co) application, if we have installed it, can be seen to have a design that is almost similar to WhatsApp.

Of course later the stickers that you make in the Sticker Maker application (Viko & Co) can be directly exported to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Aero. You also don’t have to pay anything to make your own WA stickers here.

One of the features in Sticker Maker (Viko & Co) is the freehand crop method, allowing users to crop the part of the image they want. There is also a Community sticker feature to view other people’s stickers.

6. Sticker Studio

Sticker Studio has several standard photo editing features that users can use. These features are useful for customizing WhatsApp stickers that you create, such as freehand cropping and adding text.

In the Sticker Studio application, it is also possible for users to create stickers directly from camera photos or existing images. Besides that, you can also create stickers using GIFs, moving photos, and videos easily and quickly.

This app also has the advantage of Google Drive sync to make backups of your stickers. Sticker Studio has a premium version that can be purchased to unlock the feature of adding additional fonts and removing ads in it.

7. Animated Sticker Maker

As the name implies, Animated Sticker Maker is an application that can be used to create WhatsApp stickers. Where, by using Animated Sticker Maker you can create animated or moving stickers quickly.

Animated Sticker Maker users can also create stickers directly from camera photos, videos, or draw directly. When creating animated stickers, you can also import GIFs from GIPHY or other sites.

After importing the moving image, it can then be edited with the various features provided. This application is very easy to use to edit each frame of the animated stickers that you have created.

The final word

The discussion about the wa android sticker application may be enough to get here first as described above. Hopefully the free WA sticker maker apk information above can be useful for us.

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