Video Storage App – Video Storage App. Saving videos on a smartphone memory card is indeed quite a drain on the contents of the memory card, especially now that many videos are in HD resolution.

Alternatively, we can store videos in the cloud on the internet and can be accessed online. There are some of the best video storage applications or sites that we can take advantage of.

These applications are of course very useful for those who like to take video recordings. Especially content creators who are confused about where to save large videos.

So what are the applications that can be used? Here we will see the full discussion in the reviews that we have summarized from various sources below.

Best Video Storage App Choice

Without further ado, we can immediately listen to the selection and recommendation of applications to save the best videos. Immediately, let’s take a look at the application options below.


The first video storage app that we recommend to you is MEGA. MEGA platform is a cloud storage service that can be used to store large photos or videos.

MEGA offers 50GB of free storage, but only for 30 days. After 1 month, users will get 15GB cloud storage. In addition, files and chats on this site are encrypted using a key that you control.

If a MEGA app user recommends the service to a friend and signs up, he or she will get one year of free extra storage. The platform even lets you make audio/video calls.

2. Amazon Photos

If you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Photos might be a good choice. The ecommerce giant offers Prime members free, unlimited and full-resolution photo storage, as well as 5GB of high-quality video storage.

Non-Amazon Prime members will get 5GB of photo and video storage. This service is similar to Google Photos in that you can choose to view them as virtual photo albums on Fire TV, Echo Show, and Fire tablets.

The Amazon Photos service automatically syncs all your data so you can access it anywhere. For 100GB of storage, you have to pay $1.99 per month. Are you interested in trying out Amazon Photos?

3. Degoo

The next recommended application for saving large video files that we recommend to you is Degoo. The Degoo app is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos and videos that you have.

That’s not surprising as you get 100GB of cloud storage. The company claims all files are end-to-end encrypted. In addition, the navigation menu from Degoo is also very easy to use and process by users.

If you invite friends to sign up for this cloud storage service, you can get up to 500GB of storage space. A video storage service called Degoo also includes an automatic backup option.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that can be used as an alternative for those who want to save videos. Dropbox accounts can be used by multiple users. Dropbox has a free version that only offers 2GB of storage.

If you want to use a large capacity, you will be asked to pay $9.99 per month or the equivalent of Rp. 140,000 for 2TB of storage. In addition you can also use the free version because it is large enough to store videos.

This service allows you to send up to 100 MB per transfer and recover files from trash within 30 days. You can also download the Dropbox app if you want to manage from your smartphone on Android or iPhone.

The final word

Until here, our discussion about the best video storage application. Hopefully with our recommendations, you can save videos easily and quickly.

Originally posted 2023-09-15 07:28:22.

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