Video Stabilizer App – Video Stabilizer App. When we record video using a low-resolution camera, sometimes it will make the video we make unstable or wobbly.

Of course, this makes the video that has been taken not of high quality. It’s possible to use a video stabilizer to minimize shake, but it’s also quite expensive.

Another solution that you can try to use is to use a video stabilizer application on a PC. This app is available for free or premium for use on Windows, Linux, or Macintosh devices.

Not much different from text summarizing applications, this video stabilizer application is one that is needed for certain jobs. Want to know what the application is? Here is the complete information for you.

List of Best PC Video Stabilizer Apps

Check out the direct explanation below about the best video stabilizer application on PC. You can immediately listen to the full review and discussion below, please read.

1. Pinnacle Studio

If you need an advanced video stabilizer application that supports 4K and 3D formats, Pinnacle Studio will not disappoint. One of the innovative features that makes this app outstanding is the Green Screen Effect.

The effect supports 360 video editing to be more stable. Pinnacle Studio also allows you to combine footage from 6 different cameras automatically very quickly.

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Even when you use the shake stabilizer feature, you’ll love the audio ducking feature that lets you balance the front and back of the video. However, keep in mind that this app only offers video stabilization features in the paid version.

2. Movavi Plus

Movavi Plus is one of the best video stabilization apps available for use in various audio and video formats. This application offers many additional features such as audio normalization and creating slide shows.

Movavi Plus app is also useful for you to remove background, add different video and audio effects. Apart from stabilizing videos, this app also lets you improve video quality by adjusting brightness, contrast, white balancing, and color saturation.

However, to continue using its features, you will need to purchase a license. But you don’t have to worry if you’re not ready to buy it, because a free trial version is available, so you might want to give it a try first.

3. Arcsoft Video Stabilizer

Arcsoft is a free video stabilizer software suitable for beginners. It can stabilize videos in AVI, MPEG MP4, and MPG formats, and offers a simple interface for editing your videos.

How to stabilize a video with Arcsoft Video Stabilizer is to add the video you want to edit and select an area to stabilize. You can also edit the entire footage if needed.

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If you choose to repair a certain part of the video, select that part. You can click the “Confirm Video” button to start the stabilization process. Shake stabilizer is the most easy to use, practical, and fast feature.

4. Emulsio

If you want to make videos more professional and interesting, use this app to create stable videos. Apart from removing camera noise, Emulsio lets you add cinematic effects to your videos.

This app lets you make your videos more stable like the pros do. Regarding its video stabilization capabilities, Emulsio has a function that helps to adjust the stabilization strength.

Not only that, the Emulsio app also provides a preview window that lets you check the results before finalizing. If it’s not stable enough, you can still do pendetants.

5. Beecut

With a simple interface for stabilizing videos, Beecut has all the features you need to apply various enhancements to your videos. This video editing app is great for you to try.

It features relatively advanced options for video stabilization, making your blurry and blurry videos clearer. This application also acts as a video converter application because it allows output in other formats.

Key Features of this app are trim, rewind, change speed, add text, stabilize, hundreds of filters, library of pre-built transitions. The advantages of Beecut are easy to operate, even for beginners, advanced video stabilization options.

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6. Videorama

Videorama app lets you create movies from images and videos in your gallery. After that, videos that have been made with this video editing application can become more stable with the stabilizer feature.

Videorama lets you add music, audio notes, and special effects to Instagram stories and videos that you want to upload. In addition, this application can also issue output videos directly to YouTube.

The app takes advantage of the basic video stabilization features, but you may have to make a purchase to enjoy them all. Even so, you can try a trial first to see the quality.

The final word

Maybe that’s all our discussion regarding the list of PC video stabilizer applications. Hopefully you are no longer worried about using the application to make videos more stable with what.