TV Remote App – TV Remote App. The TV remote becomes an important tool when someone is watching television, because it is used to move channels, change volume, and more.

But when the television remote is damaged, of course you will be confused about how to operate the television that is in front of your eyes. But don’t worry about that, you can replace it with an application.

Don’t be surprised, nowadays Android phones can be turned into a TV remote using an application. Supports Sharp, Polytron, Samsung, Aqua, Realme, Panasonic, Akari, Toshiba, Xiaomi, and more TVs.

No different from dollar-generating applications, there are many choices of TV remote applications on Android phones and can be downloaded for free via the Play Store. Below we will recommend it for you.

List of Best Android TV Remote Apps

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best TV remote applications on Android phones. You can choose one of the applications below to manage your television for free anytime and anywhere.

1. Universal TV Remote

The first best app for managing your television is Universal TV Remote. With this application you can control the TV, volume, channels, and other electronic equipment that is usually in the house.

This app supports managing various popular TV brands including Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba, LG and Panasonic. This is a featured TV remote control application that is now available on the Play Store and can be used for free similar to the Indonesian TV application.

Some of the main features in this app are very helpful, including voice search, power control, and volume control. In addition, this application allows you to play, stop, reverse and advance playback of digital TV broadcasts.

2. Mi Remote Controller

The Mi Remote Controller application can be used not only to control the television. But the Mi Remote Controller can also control set-top boxes, air conditioners, digital lights, and even projectors on campus.

If we talk about TV brand support, Mi Remote Controller supports well-known brands that are common in Indonesia. Such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Haier, Mi TV, Realme TV, Micromax, etc.

With this application, you can control electrical appliances using your mobile phone, including televisions. This application supports most phones with IR blaster support, and of course it can be downloaded for free on the Play Store like the CCTV cellphone application.

3. ZaZa TV Remote

Like the other apps in the list above, ZaZa TV Remote can remotely control your TV, air conditioner, set-top box, projector, DVD and fan. ZaZa TV Remote also supports more than 800 different brands of household appliances.

In carrying out its work, this application uses infrared connectivity to manage smart home devices. ZaZa TV Remote can also be used to remote control TV, air conditioner, set-top box, projector, etc.

Currently, the application supports more than 800 different brands of tools. Of course, in the future this application will continue to enrich its database so that it will be more widely used by Android users.

4. AnyMote Universal Remote

The AnyMote Universal Remote app works to control a wide variety of home appliances made. As well as analog and digital television products by Samsung, Avr, Sharp, Panasonic, and Xfinity.

AnyMote Universal Remote can also control smart TVs, air conditioners, streaming devices, and more. This application is available in two versions, free and premium and of course the premium version has more amazing features.

Currently, AnyMote Universal Remote developers make this application to be able to support more than 900,000 devices. The app can also be used to emulate anything sent by infrared remote commands.

5. Unified TV

One of the advantages of the Unified TV app is that it automatically detects nearby devices using the IR sensor. Even though the app only supports 80 devices, it’s very reliable.

Using the Unified TV app, you can pack a number of valuable features such as Tasker and Flick integration. Unified TV is a premium app that costs around $1, which is pretty cheap for the TV remote app category.

Unified TV is a one-time remote control app for your living room. This application also supports more than 80 popular devices and can be used to control TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, or music player applications.

6. SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote applications can be easily connected using WiFi and IR. Like all other Universal Remote apps, SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote can control smart TVs and standard TVs.

Not only that, SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote can also control media streamers, smart lamps, and air conditioners. This app can stream photos and videos from your phone to your smart TV using WiFi.

With the SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote App for Android, you can control your smart TV, media streamer, bright lights, air conditioner and more. You can also use this app with voice commands.

7. Galaxy Universal Remote

The Galaxy Universal Remote app uses an IR transmitter to connect your television with your phone. With the Galaxy Universal Remote, you can control your television, set-top box, tape, sound system, amplifier, air conditioner, and projector.

In addition, the advantages of the Galaxy Universal Remote application also allow users to create personalized remotes to control all devices. This app can turn your Android phone into a universal remote control.

With the Galaxy Universal Remote app, you can control your TV, set-top box, audio receiver, video receiver, etc. You can even control your projector and DSLR camera using the Galaxy Universal Remote app.

The final word

Regarding the discussion of the best TV remote application, maybe that’s enough as explained at the beginning. You can download the apps above and then use them to change channels and turn up the TV volume on your Android phone.

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