TV App – TV App. Television is still the main entertainment for the Indonesian people in addition to YouTube which continues to grow providing entertainment content in the form of videos or interesting reels.

The reason is that there are many local Indonesian and foreign television shows that are still not available streaming on YouTube. In addition, television viewing applications are also increasingly circulating on the Play Store.

Although there is a way to watch TV on a cellphone without an application, sometimes some people choose to use an application because it is considered more practical. Apart from streaming online, the app also offers a way to watch TV offline on Android.

Maybe some of the users are still confused about what applications can be used to watch television on their cellphones. Instead of not knowing, it’s better to see the application recommendations below.

Recommended Online TV Streaming Application on Phone

No different from selling credit applications, on the Play Store there are also lots of applications for watching TV online. You can listen to the full information in the reviews and explanations below.

1. UseeTV

The recommended online television application that can be used to watch local and foreign broadcasts is UseeTV. For those who don’t know, it turns out that the UseeTV application is made by Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom).

Of course in this application there are various kinds of local and international television stations that can be watched. The quality of UseeTV shows is also very clear and spoils the eyes of the audience.

Not only that, you can also watch lots of interesting films from various genres. You can try it by directly opening the website at the address or downloading the UseeTV apk via Android and iOS.

2. is the next best digital online TV streaming recommendation that is worthy of being an option. You can open the application, and you can see that there are many choices of local TV channels that you can watch freely.

On the platform there are also TV broadcasts based on event categories. Such as television broadcasts of Sports, Entertainment, Religion, News, Children and Science which makes it easier to search.

In free mode, users can already access all local TV channels. Meanwhile, paid users can access television channels from around the world such as Bein Sport, tvN, ABC, and others.

3. Mivo

Another application that is no less good for watching Indonesian television is This platform is the best choice for Android users who are looking for Indonesian online TV streaming.

In Mivo, there are more than 50 choices of free TV channels that can be watched. You can choose television channels on Mivo with a variety of different types of shows, and of course very entertaining.

Not much different from online radio applications, you are required to register first in order to use them. Once you have a Mivo TV account, you can freely watch the television shows you want.

4. Maxstream

Maxstream is another recommendation as a free online digital television application made by the operator Telkomsel. The features in this application are more or less the same as UseeTV, including broadcasting local and international broadcasts.

Even the Maxstream Android application also shows a number of popular movies or dramas. Of course, you as a viewer will also be very spoiled by the list of thousands of visual content available on Maxstream.

All television streaming content on Maxstream comes from well-known channels from around the world. Some of them, such as Viu, Bein Sports Channel, HBO, and many others.

5. Mola TV

Do you like watching streaming football matches? The Mola TV app could be the right answer for you. This football live streaming application provides the latest sports broadcasts online and live.

Of course the matches broadcast on the Mola TV app follow with the official match schedule. Including broadcasting the European Champions League, England, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France and more.

You can also watch various old programs or those whose broadcast hours have passed. In addition to football matches, Mola TV also provides a variety of the best Hollywood movies that can be watched through this apk.

List of Free Offline TV Apps on Android

Not only online television, on Android phones there are also many applications to watch offline television without quota for free. Here are some recommended applications that you can install and use on each cellphone.

1. Air DTV

The Air DTV application can be said to be one of the best and most popular Indonesian offline TV applications. Because in this application, Air DTV allows you to watch various television programs without internet.

Of course the Air DTV platform also has many features that support your offline TV viewing activities. The features in question are contained in Air DTV such as multi-channel audio, subtitles, to HD displays.

This platform can be used to watch national television broadcasts. Such as antv, Global TV, Indosiar, MetroTV, MNCTV, RCTI, SCTV, Trans TV, Trans7, TvOne, Kompas TV, NET, TVRI, iNews, RTV, CNN Indonesia, and CNBC Indonesia.

2. HomeFree TV

HomeFree TV, as the name implies is an application for watching television offline from home. This app is one of the best apps made by AverMedia available for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Not only that, the HomeFree TV platform allows users to watch television without having to connect to the internet. So, you don’t need an internet connection or data package to be able to watch television broadcasts on your Android phone.

The HomeFree TV app needs to use a TV tuner to maximize its signal. In addition, HomeFree TV has many advantages, when compared to other platforms, one of which can record television broadcasts and there is a stereo sound processing.

3. DTV Viewer

The DTV Viewer application is an application for watching television broadcasts made by a well-known developer. The developer who made the DTV Viewer application also created a similar application for watching television, namely PadTV HD.

Although the developer made two similar applications, the quality of the DTV Viewer application is known as one of the best offline TV applications. Even this application can also broadcast images with HD quality.

So that you as a user can get the maximum offline TV viewing experience, the DTV Viewer application must be equipped with a Geniatech DTV Box. You can download the DTV Viewer application from the Google Play Store.


IPTV is another application for watching television for free from developer Alexander Sofronov. An application called IPTV can be an alternative, if users want to see their favorite TV broadcasts on their cellphones.

IPTV also provides many television channel broadcasts, which can be watched for free without having to subscribe. But so as not to be bothered by advertisements, you can download the Pro version or paid version of the application.

However, there are many. assume that to use IPTV still requires a TV tuner to maximize the features in it. And the application can also be found for free on the Google Play Store.

5. iDTV Mobile

This is another recommended app for watching free television. Not much different from some other offline analog TV applications, so that users can maximize the features in iDTV Mobile TV, a TV tuner is needed.

Not inferior to other offline TV applications, the iDTV Mobile TV application has also been known to be one of the best applications. iDTV Mobile can be relied on to watch TV without an internet connection, aka offline.

The final word

Maybe this is only where the discussion of the android tv application has been described in the discussion. We hope that the information we have provided is useful, so you can watch TV for free.

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