Translucent Camera App – Translucent Camera App. Sometimes it comes to mind what does it look like to see someone’s transparent appearance, seeing the shape of their bones and skulls, or what’s behind a wall?

Humans do not have the power to see see through, but with the help of technology, this is not something impossible. Because there are many Android apps that can help you.

This see-through camera app can be used by anyone with an Android device. The application can be used to see other people’s clothes or walls in a transparent and real way.

Like the old face application, on Android phones there are many choices of applications that can be used to see clothes or see-through walls. What are the applications? Here are some recommendations for you.

List of Best Translucent Camera Apps on Android

Please refer to the information we have compiled from various sources below regarding the best transparent, viral, transparent and prohibited camera applications. You can listen to it in the following discussion.

1. X-Ray Full Body Prank

X-Ray Full Body Prank is one of the best see through camera apps. Basically, it’s a simulator app where you can take full body x-rays and show them as a joke.

How to use the X-Ray Full Body Prank application is also very easy. Just open the app, then select which body part you want to scan, then after that point the camera and click scan.

Now you can enjoy and play with your family, friends, coworkers or partner. This game uses the camera to give a transparent or see-through effect that is completely realistic and just like the real thing.

2. X Ray Fracture Foot Prank

X Ray Fracture Foot Prank is also the next free transparent camera app on Android. This app will give X-ray view of broken leg for fun, great fun to spend time with friends.

Using X Ray Fracture Foot Prank app, you can check someone else’s leg or ankle fracture. Like a ghost detector application, X Ray Fracture Foot Prank can be obtained for free on the Play Store.

X Ray Fracture Foot Prank app is made for entertainment purposes only, it doesn’t really provide accurate X-rays. Apart from that, of course using this app will not harm your health.

3. XRay Scanner Prank

Another good app recommendation for invisibility is XRay Scanner Prank. This app is the best X-Ray app for Android, and it was created just for fun and entertainment.

XRay Scanner Prank is a fun app. To use the scan or see-through feature of this application, open the application and place the phone camera on the desired body part to be scanned.

This app scanner will then scan the body parts, analyze them, and show you a see-through appearance. XRay Scanner Prank only shows the simulated version of the body X-ray of the joke, but not the real one.

5. X-Ray Full Body Simulator

The Super XRay Camera app uses a video camera to simulate see-through views of clothes, walls, or bodies. Super XRay Camera shows X-ray scans of body parts in live or real time video.

With this application you can see the skeleton of the hands, skull bones, and also the human body. How to use it is to open the Super XRay Camera app, and then point the camera at a specific person.

After that, you can see the bones of the hand, palm, up to the fingers. You can also move your hand and finger, and change the background to a different color as desired.

6. Parasites Xray Scanner Prank

This X-Ray Full Body Simulator is one of the new features of your phone, being the best see through camera app to try. With the X-Ray Full Body Simulator app, you can now see more than anyone else.

This app is basically a game that lets you perform a full body X-ray scan as a prank. The concept of work is also similar to the scan application found on Android phones.

You can have fun with your friends to prank their transparent body parts using X-Ray Full Body Simulator. With this app, you can see human skeletons as a joke using an X-ray device.

7. Xray Alien Scanner Prank

Parasites Xray Scanner Prank is the best X-Ray app for Android. This app will scan the head or stomach to find parasites and worms in the body as a joke, and certainly not the original appearance.

Parasites Xray Scanner Prank app is a fun app that mimics body ultrasound on parasites and worms. You can run the app, then put the phone on your head or stomach.

That way you can scare your friends. Please note that this App only imitates X-rays, but does not produce X-rays and does not harm the body or health of its users.

The final word

The discussion about the Android invisibility camera application may be enough to get here first as in the review above. Hopefully the information that has been submitted can be useful for those who want to find the transparent camera apk.

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