Transfer Letter Application Online – Transfer Letter Application Online. When moving to a residential location or house, we must also process the transfer letter at the Population and Civil Registry Office or Disdukcapil.

The goal is to make it easier for the government to record the number of residents in an area, so that various government programs can be implemented properly. Such as the distribution of social assistance, elections, and others.

The process of making an online transfer letter can be made using the web-based Disdukcapil application. The process is also quite easy and fast, because the bureaucratic system is getting easier and smoother for the people.

Because this application is based on an online website, you must connect to an internet connection. If there are problems with wifi you can connect your PC with free wifi applications available on the internet.

Dikdukcapil Official Online Transfer Letter Application

The application for submitting an online transfer letter is called Dukcapil Online. This web-based application for online population and civil registration services can be accessed on the website.

There are lots of features contained in the application, making it easier for users to make the process of submitting a transfer letter. Including the following.

1. Responsive

The Dukcapil Online application is designed to be comfortable to use either via a computer/laptop or mobile phone.

2. Dynamic Service

Dukcapil Online’s web-based services can be dynamically customized, in terms of terms, mechanisms, documents that must be uploaded and others.

3. File Delivery

Management of receipt of submission files and delivery of population documents on the Dukcapil Online application can be done via expedition.

4. Self Print

In the Dukcapil Online application there is support for self-printing of residence documents by the applicant.

5. ADM

Finally, the Dukcapil Online application also has a printing support feature through the Independent Dukcapil Pavilion.

Application Terms of Use

Before entering the service, it helps us understand how to use the application. Including the following.

  • The applicant has an active mobile number.
  • Applicants must stand by because they can be contacted at any time.
  • The classification of applicants’ transfers is between districts/cities and between provinces.
  • The NIK of the applicant and all family members are registered in the population database.
  • All applicant requirements must be met and uploaded in the form of image files in JPG/JPEG format not exceeding 5MB each file.
  • If your photo or image file is too large, it’s better to compress it first with a photo compress application.
  • Even if you do it online, you still have to come to Dukcapil to collect documents.
  • All applicant requirements must be brought with you at the time of document collection.
  • Document completion time is three working days after verification.

1. Requirements for Uploaded Documents

You also have to prepare some documents that need to be uploaded. Including the following.

  • Photo of the Transfer Application Form.
  • Photo of the Applicant’s Family Card.
  • Image or Photo of the Applicant’s Electronic-KTP.
  • Photo of the missing certificate from the police.
  • Photo of another handwritten Statement Letter.

2. Registration Terms

When using online services, you must comply with the conditions below.

  • Consciously and voluntarily provide actual data to the Department of Population and Civil Registration at your place for further processing.
  • Realizing that providing incorrect data is an act of violating the Population Administration Law (UU No. 23 of 2006 article 93).

How to Manage Moving Letters Online

Here are the ways or steps to take care of an online transfer letter via the Disdukcapil Online.

  • Prepare your files completely. Do not let any conditions are missing or forget to upload.
  • This will also make the process of taking care of the domicile transfer letter more difficult.
  • Then you can go directly to the RT/RW house in the neighborhood where you live.
  • There you can ask for a cover letter to change your KTP address from your place of origin to your destination.
  • Fill out the transfer application form and sign it.
  • Make a handwritten and signed statement with a stamp duty stamp of Rp. 6,000 (if the applicant is a husband, but the wife does not move, or vice versa).
  • The applicant fills in the application with data fields if needed.
  • The applicant uploads the required documents on the online site.
  • The Service Operator of each region validates the applicant’s submission.
  • Disdukcapil operators in each region issue SKPWNI sheets and Family Cards.
  • Applicants can download SKPWNI sheets and Family Cards in PDF format.
  • After that, printed using HVS 80gr A4 size paper.
  • Besides being able to be downloaded through this Population Administration service support system, the published PDF file is also sent to the applicant’s email.

The final word

That’s a brief discussion from Stornowaybc regarding the online transfer letter application at the Disdukcapil. You can immediately practice it to take care of moving letters online and don’t forget to fill in all data and information completely.

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