Trading App – Trading App. Maybe there are still people who don’t understand what trading is, so trading is a term to describe trading activities in the financial market for buying and selling foreign currencies.

Trading is also often known as forex trading, and nowadays anyone can trade easily. Because there are many trusted forex applications on Android and iPhone.

Of course, when choosing a trading application, you need to pay attention to reviews from users, whether the application is trusted or not. Don’t let us use scam applications that are only detrimental.

Similar to the avatar application, applications for trading forex, crypto, stocks, and more are widely available on the Play Store. Such as trusted applications and supervised by OJK below.

List of Best Android Trading Apps

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best trading applications on Android phones. You can choose one of the applications below to trade safely and conveniently anytime and anywhere.

1. BCAS BEST Mobile

A highly recommended application for traders starting trading on digital platforms is BCAS BEST Mobile. The BCAS Best Mobile application is perfect for those of you who like to transact on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Don’t worry about the legality of BCAS BEST Mobile, because this application was developed by BCA Sekuritas. And everyone knows that BCA is one of the biggest banks in Indonesia and Asia.

BCAS BEST Mobile provides the Quick Order feature, making it natural that this application is touted as user friendly. But the drawback of the application, the initial deposit that you must have is quite high, which is IDR 3 million.

2. Bibit

Bibit is the best stock application that can be used as a trading apk officially supervised by the OJK. Bibit provides a selection of mutual funds, issued by PT Bibit Grow Bersama, and of course there is no doubt about their authenticity.

So that users are not confused, mutual fund investments in the Bibit application are different from stock investments. Mutual funds are intended for young people who just want to try to invest using a minimum capital of IDR 100 thousand.

After that, the mutual fund investment funds will then be managed by a professional Investment Manager or MI. By using the Bibit investment application, users can find many types of mutual funds in it.

3. Ajaib

Ajaib is the next recommendation as the best stock investment application on Android phones. You need to know, this application is shaded by PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia and PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia.

An investment application called Ajaib has various advantages offered to users. One of the advantages of the Magic application is that it provides a large selection of stocks and mutual funds.

The Magic Application is one of the recommended stock trading and investment applications for beginners. This is not a figment, because the interface is easy to understand.

4. Bareksa

Another alternative application that can be used by users is Bareksa. The Bareksa application is a recommendation for the best trading application which is also equipped with the Robo Advisor feature.

Besides being able to trade and invest in mutual funds, Bareksa also provides bond investments to users. By using the Bareksa application, you can easily simulate the movement of funds.

The Bareksa application has also been supervised by the OJK, so you don’t need to doubt its credibility anymore. Obviously this is one of the best and most trusted money-making applications on Android phones today.

5. Neo Host Mobile

The next trading application registered with OJK on Android phones is Neo Host Mobile. It can be said that this application is one of the best because of the various features and advantages it offers.

Even the existence of the Neo Host Mobile application is quite popular with retail investors. Of course, it’s not surprising that this application also provides a lot of analysis, stock, and inventory news information.

Using the Neo Host Mobile application as MiraeAsset Sekuritas Indonesia stock trading is very profitable for you. The reason is, the broker with the YP code is almost 100% owned by a South Korean company and of course promising.

6. Bions

There is also a further application that is the best trader apk to use, named Bions, owned by BNI Sekuritas. Of course you already know BNI Sekuritas, it is a subsidiary of Bank BNI (Persero) Tbk.

So it is not surprising that Bions indirectly belongs to the SOEs. Of course, with this status, users don’t need to hesitate to trade on the Bions application.

The Bions application is also a generation of ESMART which used to be a stock trading application. Bions also has an advantage, because it has the best aspects that are fresher and more attractive with an interface that is very easy to manage.


Next, there is a trading application that is registered with the OJK, namely IPOT, which is very trusted. The IPOT application is also known as Indopremer, which is one of the most popular among the wider community.

Everyone who has been in the trading field must know IPOT. The registration for the best trading application is also quite easy for anyone to do. You can do all of this online via a mobile device.

The IPOT application has also been officially registered with the OJK, so you don’t need to doubt its credibility and trustworthiness. Even now, it has been downloaded more than 1 million times by special users on Android phones.

The final word

The discussion about the best trading application may be enough as explained at the beginning. You can download the applications above and then use them to trade on your Android phone.

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