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Stornowaybc.com – Text Summarizer App. For those who want to shorten or summarize an article automatically, we don’t need to delete it word by word manually which is of course inconvenient.

We just take advantage of the text summarizing application, this application is designed to help writers delete words or sentences that are not important. Of course the results will still be easy to read in Indonesian or English.

In fact, there are many text summarizing applications available on PC for free although with limited features. If you want to get more complete features, you can subscribe at a price that is not too expensive in your pocket.

Like Indian movie watching apps, you can use this text summarizing app on any device. Including Windows, Linux, up to Mac OS also has support alias can be run.

List of Best PC Text Compressor Apps

Below we will tell you about a recommended list of applications to summarize text, sentences, writing, in word or txt. See more information in the following discussion.

1. Scholarcy

Scholarcy is an online text summarizing app that is readable in seconds. This application serves to divide your content into sections for easy access and evaluation of your documents.

Students, researchers, and other professionals often use Scholarcy to quickly summarize the text of any report or paper. This application is useful for summarizing text without changing its meaning.

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Once shortened, your text can be converted into any report, document or article in Word or PDF format. Scholarcy also links to cited sources, you can also configure to extract tables, images and PDFs.

2. Resoomer

Resoomer is a text shortening app used by students, professors, journalists, editors and publishers. The Resoomer app allows you to filter your content by key elements, main themes and ideas for fast text interpretation.

This application is also very easy to use to help you summarize or analyze text at any time. You can compile text by copying and pasting it or by using a browser plugin to encode your content online.

Resoomer can be used to make learning easier because it can be summarized from research papers or documents. The interface is simple and easy to use, fast, and you can set how much you want to summarize the text.

3. QuillBot

QuillBot is another web-based text shortening app that allows you to shorten any textual content. In it you can still retrieve the most important pieces of information with just one click.

QuillBot uses an AI-based algorithm to select the most important parts of your long text or content. Then, this application is tasked with ensuring that the summary is correct and not out of context.

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You can summarize instructions, key paragraphs, documents, articles, or handouts in short paragraphs. AI algorithms use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to capture important information and retain context from a text.

4. SummaryBot

SummaryBot is an easy and ad-free app to quickly and accurately generate text summaries or posts on our lists. With the help of SummaryBot, you can save time on research by shortening your conclusions.

The app also has features that can show you reading time, how to save you, and other useful statistics. To summarize any text, you can also send a message on Facebook or add a Bot in Slack.

The app works on a wide variety of file types: PDF, mp3, DOC, TXT, jpg and more. SummaryBot also supports almost all languages, including Indonesian. If you don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want to install Slack, you won’t be able to enjoy the features of this app.


Everything you need for a better writing summary is at SMMRY. The SMMRY app has an easy-to-use design, lots of features, and advanced settings (URL usage).

If you’re looking for a web service that can convert text, SMMRY won’t let you down. SMMRY allows you to summarize not only by copy-pasting, but also by uploading files or adding URLs.

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This application also has a feature that allows you to not have to edit the article in any way. Enter the URL in the field provided and get the result. The device is ad-free and does not require registration.

6. Split Brain Summary Tool

Split Brain Summary Tool is an application that helps you organize texts and articles in various languages, including Indonesian. You can choose one of thirty-nine languages to create two short sentences in your long article.

Summary differences can also be made by summing ratios. You can change it from 5% to 80% by controlling the density of the paraphrase, making the length of the article as long as you want.

It is also possible to add a source text URL. However, there is no option to import the file or export the result to PDF, DOC, or other popular formats. This website is ad-free and contains many other useful features for students.

The final word

Maybe that’s all our discussion about the list of pc text summarizing applications. We hope that the information we have presented can make you more effective in your job of shortening texts.

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