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Stornowaybc.com – Text Reader App. Did you know that now there are a number of applications that can convert text into voice, aka automatic text reader robots on Android phones.

The existing application certainly makes it easier for users who want to easily create voice-based content. Like a YouTuber who wants to turn text into a sound.

The use of these applications will basically make it easier for us to create sound content. In addition, another advantage of the application is that it can be used for free or at no cost.

Well on this occasion we will give you recommendations regarding the choice of the best text reader applications on Android phones. Immediately, let’s look at the application options together.

Best Text Reader App on Android

Here are some recommendations for the best text reader applications on Android smartphones that can be used. Please see some of the best application recommendations in the explanation below.

1. Acapela Group Virtual

The first text reader application that we really recommend because of its very good quality is Acapella Group Virtual Speaker, a learning tool capable of converting text into high-quality audio.

Usually the Acapella Group Virtual Speaker application is used during e-learning which will make it easier for students. The interface is also simple but still attractive, so Acapella Group Virtual Speaker is not difficult to use.

Acapella Group Virtual Speaker functionality is also complete, from text converters in multiple languages, optimal sound quality, sideband selection to easy system integration. That’s why it’s so popular.

2. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is the next application that deserves to be included in the list this time. Because Natural Reader does have good quality. It becomes a text reader app that offers real voice capabilities.

You can get this Natural Reader application from the paid version, which will provide a suitable sound for e-learning in schools. This application is usually used for educational institutions and various online training.

The Natural Reader application can also convert from several files such as Microsoft Word, PDF, email, etc. Only then can it be transformed into spoken words according to individual needs.

3. iSpeech

iSpeech is the next app we want you to try. If you want an app that delivers high-quality audio, iSpeech is the best solution specifically for Android smartphone users.

This iSpeech application program is able to create audio in various formats such as mp3, wma, mp4 to wav in high resolution and suitable for learning. You can take advantage of the best of all, including translation services.

Even in the iSpeech application there are more than 7 languages ​​that can be translated using this unique application. Users only need to fill in their personal information and register for free to use.

4. Read the Words

Read the Words is one of the next best apps that we recommend. If you’re looking for an app that provides audio-speech that’s perfect for language learning, Read The Words might be the way to go.

Each audio that can be produced by the Read the Words application has more than 3 different languages ​​and characters. The duration is also decent, up to 30 seconds so you can turn long text into sound without getting cut off.

However, to be able to use Read the Words, users must first register or sign up. Only then can you log in and take advantage of this free application for various purposes related to education.

5. Amazon Polly

Then there is Amazon Polly which has a high rating and can be found for free on the Play Store. There is also Amazon Polly which makes users happy. The reason is, the features offered here are very satisfying.

Even the Amazon Polly app can provide quality sound. Even users of the Amazon Polly application when using it only need to upload the text they want to convert to audio and the application will convert it.

With SSML support, users can freely manage audio editing. From pronunciation, intonation, volume, to reading speed. As a result, the sound produced is of higher quality and sounds as natural as a real person.

6. Capti Voice

This Capti Voice application is also suitable if users work in the field of education, the goal is to convert text into voice. This is because of the full functionality provided to provide the best learning experience.

Start with high-quality audio and work your way up to student spelling. The Capti Voice application is also very easy to use and so reliable because it has a variety of the best features to help change voices.

With this feature, it is not surprising that many people use Capti Voice as a learning medium for e-learning. The technical quality of translating text to audio is also high and can be easily synchronized.

7. Barabolka

Barabolka must be familiar to YouTubers or content creators because it has been used very often and is trusted. The Barabolka application can also be used for free by Android smartphone users.

If you are on a budget but still want to use the app to read texts, then the Balabolka app is the answer. Although it is free of charge, the quality is quite competitive compared to others.

Various audio formats with high quality, such as MP3, wav, MP4, etc. Of course there are other features, including speech rate, articulation and volume, which can be adjusted according to user preferences.


That’s the discussion about the best text reader application that we can convey in the explanation above. Hopefully the discussion that we convey can be useful for those who want to read text into sound.

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