Teleprompter App – Teleprompter App. When making a presentation or a presenter reading the news, of course you need the help of a teleprompter that is useful to facilitate reading.

A teleprompter is a special reading aid that makes it easy for a person to read scripts when recording videos or giving speeches and presentations. You can use your Android smartphone as a teleprompter.

A teleprompter is a viewfinder that may or may not be attached to the camera. It helps the person recording the video narrate the text. After all, it is almost impossible to memorize all the lines before recording.

Now on Android, there are several choices of teleprompter applications that can be used for free and easily. What are the applications? For those who want to know, you can read the article below in full.

Best Teleprompter App on Android

After launching from various sources, we found several free teleprompter applications that can be used on Android. What are the teleprompter applications? Look directly at the description below.

1. Teleprompter Video

Teleprompter Video being the first apk that we recommend to you in this list. The phone is definitely equipped with a camera capable of recording videos in Full HD or even 4K resolution.

Many YouTubers and journalists use their cellphones to shoot fast videos. The Teleprompter Video application can also help combine the two to create a video teleprompter.

Users can use the Video Teleprompter application to record video and read your script at the same time. This Video Teleprompter app is well designed and the interface is easy to see.

2. Simple Teleprompter

The Simple Teleprompter app offers several additional options for use. But the basic functionality remains the same, that is, you create and name your document and add your story or speech.

Once done, Simple Teleprompter app users can click the “Settings” button below to customize the display. You can control the settings for each document/script individually.

Apart from changing the font size and color, Simple Teleprompter users can also change the font type. However, the options are limited. The countdown is fine, but can wait for scrolling to start.

3. Teleprompter Pro

Teleprompter Pro is a recommended apk that has a small size but can help you deliver your speech the way you want. Just click New and add script name and content in specific area.

If you have scripts on your phone, tapping the Settings tab will bring up the option to import scripts. This is useful when you have ready-made scripts directly from an editor or writer.

After importing, Teleprompter Pro users can change the font and background color to make things easier on your eyes. You can also add a 3 second countdown, you can cool off before the presentation.


Another video teleprompter app, but much better than the previous one is BIGVU. You can record videos while reading pre-written scripts. BIGVU can customize how videos are recorded and subtitles.

BIGVU lets you insert custom backgrounds, logos, images, and even videos to add even more graphics to your presentation. You can also add a text overlay to the recorded video.

Like presenter and photographer credits or other information about what you’re presenting. You can optimize the video to reduce the size and convert it to a square for best results.

5. Selvi

Another application that can also be used as an option is Selvi. Selvi will display a text overlay when you start recording a video on your phone. By using Selvi, you will never forget a single line.

Selvi does not display the text at the top or bottom, but displays it in a transparent window. It often blocks the view, so you can’t see what your camera is capturing.

Fortunately, you can only control the size and not the position of the text prompt window. You can change the font type, size, and color, which is somewhat reassuring, but it’s not the same as seeing text at the bottom or top of the screen.

6. Oratory Teleprompter

Oratory Teleprompter is designed to work with camera applications. After adding the text you want to request, the Oratory Teleprompter app will launch a prompter widget with auto scrolling text.

That scrolling text will show on any camera app like YouTube Live, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Oratory is your best choice if you mainly record with your phone.

Because you don’t need to use another Phone as a teleprompter. You can also start by creating a script in the Oratory Teleprompter app. When the script is ready, click to edit or start recording the video.

End of Article

We have finished an article review regarding the recommendations for the android teleprompter application, which we have explained to you. Hopefully the discussion that we explained to Ana can be understood, especially those who want to find the teleprompter apk.

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