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Stornowaybc.com – Taaruf Application. If we want to find a mate, in Islam, ta’aruf is one of the best methods which, God willing, will be blessed by Allah SWT.

Ta’aruf means introducing or getting to know each other, which is recommended by Islam. More generally, it is a process between two or more people, accompanied by certain goals and objectives.

Taaruf is the introduction or understanding of each other between men and women for certain purposes according to Islamic teachings. This taaruf process is carried out by introducing the male family to the female family.

Trying so that we can find a ta’aruf partner can also be done using the help of an application. What applications can be used? We can see in the following review.

The Best Taaruf Apps on Android

Let’s just take a look together at the selection of the best ta’aruf applications on Android. Please refer to the application recommendations in the explanation below.

1. Veil

We will first recommend you to use Veil. If there are matchmaking apps in Egypt, there are also those developed by people in Dubai. Still the same as pairing applications in general, but Veil is more unique.

If two users like or match each other in Veil, the digital hood feature is unlocked. Family members or guardians may also be invited to oversee the development of potential partnerships in Veil.

Well, you already know, what is the application to find an Islamic partner and perform the right Taaruf. Download now and find the perfect match. Because it offers functionality and an attractive appearance.

2. Salams

Furthermore, there is the Salams application, which is widely known by Muslim mate seekers. If a lot of people use Tinder, there is also an Islamic version called Minder. The app is now officially called Salams.

In addition to the name change from Minder, the developer of the Islamic matchmaking application has also updated some of its features, especially a fresh look. However, don’t worry about this Salams app.

Salams application guarantees not to sell data or other crimes. This application really maintains user privacy. The GPS of the Salams app will verify a profile containing your name, photo and information.

3. Muzmatch

Next, if you want to reconcile with a partner from Indonesia or abroad, you can use Muzmatch. With over 3 million users, Muzmatch is the most popular online dating app in the world.

Some of the main features of the Muzmatch app are similar to other dating apps. Swipe mechanics to show interest, free chat and video calls, find profiles closest to you, and much more.

The difference in Muzmatch lies in how the configuration files are created. Users will be asked about their clothing preferences (hijab, headscarf, or no headscarf), religious affiliation, and the number of times you pray.

4. Muzishq

Next is Muzishq which may still sound foreign to you. This online dating app has more or less the same mechanics as other apps. You just need to swipe left and right.

With this activity, you can bring up the profile that is displayed. There are additional privacy rules. Muzishq users can also choose to blur profile photos, block users, and revoke matches.

Muzishq will ask questions to complete the profile. The user must answer your current relationship status, marriage plans, religious affiliation, prayers, halal food intake, smoking and drinking habits.

5. Eshq

Eshq encourages women to be more active. Women should start talking to other people. The goal of Eshq is to empower women to make decisions and minimize the risk of online harassment.

Eshq users can use it to find friends and girlfriends. According to CNET, the developers of the Eshq app didn’t want to break Islamic rules, they just wanted to adapt to the needs of today’s users.

Don’t worry about the Eshq application, because the application is completely safe and reliable to use. If you want to use the Eshq application, you can directly download it via the Google Play Store.

6. Muzinder

Muzinder is an application that encourages users to do ta’aruf. The Muzinder application can be obtained and used for free by first downloading it on the Google Play Store.

The system provided in the Muzinder application is more or less the same as other online dating applications. Muzinder app users can also choose their own potential partners, chat and video calls.

The online taaruf application and finding a mate for Muslim believers Muzinder claims to have a large database from countries around the world. You can find profiles from US, Turkey, Egypt, Arab to France.

7. Muslima

Another application name that is no less good for use by many people is Muslima. Despite being called Muslima, this app is not just for women. With more than 7.5 million users worldwide.

The Muslima app allows you to use it to meet potential partners. Its features are not much different from other online dating apps. The same applies to the analytical system it carries.

Muslima is a recommended Muslim online dating application specifically for Android. The reviews given by users in the Muslima application are also very good, so you don’t need to hesitate to use them.

8. Hewaya

Another application that is very good and suitable for use by those of you who want to find a spiritual partner is Hewaya. If the matchmaker is looking for an off-road partner, but still has the same beliefs, the Hawaya app can be used.

The Hewaya application is really worth trying, especially for those who are really serious about studying and looking for an online match. Hawaya is an application from Egypt that can be downloaded and used in all countries of the world.

For singles who want to have a partner from Arabia or Europe, there is no need to worry. To prevent harassment, Hawaya offers a Blur My Photo feature. It is very safe to use Hewaya app for Muslim users.


The discussion about the Taaruf application on Android has been completed, we have discussed it in full and in detail. Hopefully the Taaruf apk information can help those of you who want to know the recommendations.

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