Stupid App – Stupid App. There are so many applications that can be used on Android phones, some applications can even be said to be ‘required’ to be installed because of their very useful uses.

But of the millions of applications released on the Play Store, apparently there are a number of ‘stupid’ and ‘stupid’ applications that exist. It is said so because the function and usability of the application is really not clear.

However, people who download the application are not small. Even compared to some very functional applications, their number of downloads can be said to be slightly higher.

Are you curious about what the application in question is? If so, then we can listen to some of its applications below. We have compiled it from various trusted sources.

List of Stupid Applications on Android Phones

Reported from a number of trusted references, below we will explain to you some choices of stupid applications on Android phones. Please see directly the list of applications below.

1. Aplikasi Yo

The first stupid app you shouldn’t install is the Yo App. At first glance, the name of the app doesn’t seem strange, but you’ll be annoyed when you try it. Imagine a chat application called “Yo” was deliberately created by the developer.

The goal is only to send a short message containing the word “Yo” to other users. It is not clear what the purpose of making this application is, and apparently no one thought that the application was developed by someone named Or Arbel.

This Yo application will be able to attract more than one million users. Stupidly again, from this stupid global application, developers managed to get new funds of $ 1 million or almost Rp. 12 billion from many investors. amazing!

2. Portable Fan

Would you believe it if someone said your phone could explode like a fan? If so, download the Portable Fan app. Is it true that the Portable Fan application can work like a fan that gives us fresh air?

Holy Coder’s Strange app offers a portable fan that’s said to be capable of producing real gusts of wind. As silly as it sounds, this app manages to make users look silly after downloading.

In practice, users are faced with the option of trying out the fan by pointing their phone that already contains the fan image at the face. Then press the on button to turn it on, what happens? Please try it yourself.

3. Send Me To Heaven

Send Me To Heaven (S.M.T.H) is not an app for your phone. Apart from being useless, this application is also very dangerous because it can harm your phone. If you are asked to throw your phone in the air.

Then the Send Me To Heaven app will just record the height, will you do that? That’s how the app works, you will be asked to throw the phone as high as possible, and the app will record the altitude.

In addition, the Send Me To Heaven app will also give you points for each throw, the higher the phone you throw, the higher the points you get. People must be stupid for wanting to do that, right?

4. Hodor Keyboard

The next application that falls into the category of silly and stupid applications on the Play Store is Hodor Keyboard. Unlike common keyboard apps that make typing easier, this app actually annoys you.

Since this Hodor Keyboard app can only enter one word, which is “Hodor”, there is no other option. You don’t need to download this Hodor Keyboard app if you don’t want to get lost and look stupid in the eyes of others.

The reason is that you will be charged $1 just to download this stupid app. That’s a very high price for such an intrusive app. The Hodor Keyboard application is still circulating on the Google Play Store.

5. Ghost Detector

Trust me, an application like Ghost Detector will never be useful after you install it. Logically, the app has nothing to do with ghosts, and there really isn’t anything impossible to do.

But the strong reason is “ghosts themselves are different from us”. We cannot easily detect the presence of ghosts. It is concluded that humans can feel the presence or see ghosts at any one time.

When in fact most people feel or see it accidentally. Trust me, no matter how complicated the app is, it won’t work, it will just make you look stupid. Do not be fooled!

6. I Am Rich

This second app can be a little sadistic! I Am Rich is a paid app that can be very expensive, running into hundreds of dollars. Such expensive paid apps may sound complicated to most people.

But unfortunately, I AM RICH content does not match the high price. And actually the hundreds of dollars worth of I AM RICH app only displays images with no definite content, just a scam app on Android.

Just imagine what will happen if you buy this app? That much money can buy a cool smartphone. But strangely there are people who are curious to buy it, and even I AM RICH from the Google Play Store.

7. Confession

The third stupid app on the Google Play Store is Confession. Confession is a trivial app that is basically used by developers to make money. Even the functionality of the Confession app itself is ridiculous.

Confession is specially designed for those who want to confess their sins. As strange as it sounds, what’s interesting is that every user who wants to make a confession has to transfer some money to the app developer.

Not only that, it could also be that his sins will be forgiven after the payment is successful. Isn’t this a scam? Do you also want to try using the Confession application, you can directly download it on the Google Play Store for free.


So many stupid application articles on Android that we can recommend. If you want to use useless applications, that’s fine, but it will certainly burden your own cellphone RAM.

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