Structured Settlements for Sale

You can sell some or all of your structured settlements for sale and cash payment, but you have to know several important things. This is because structured settlements are carefully regulated through federal and state laws.

But the strict rules if you want to sell settlement payments should not be seen as evidence that selling settlements are structured. Because it will have a negative impact on your finances.

Conversely, the ability to get cash from selling your structured payments by transferring your payment rights can help you achieve your financial goals. Although it may be time consuming and involve going to court.

Selling my structured settlement payment is easier than it sounds. With the help of a trusted advisor to guide you through the process, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision and protecting yourself from dishonest buyers.

How Much Is My Structured Settlements Worth?

When you sell payments to companies that buy structured settlements in the future, you will be charged a discount rate. The nominal earned is often between 9 percent and 18 percent.

To account for the risks borne by the buyer together with your rights to future payments. Structured settlement insurance companies will calculate the present value.

The trick is to use a formula that calculates the value of your future payments. Because the company that bought my structured settlement will not receive the money until sometime in the future.

Nor will they reduce the growth potential that the company would lose due to not having the money on hand to invest quickly. This is how structured settlements for sale and you will get your money.

In addition to the current value of your settlement, companies, such as Transamerica, John Hancock, Annuity, Peachtree, Pacific Life, and other structured settlement buyers also take into account the amount of the payment you sell.

Companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, The Hartford, and other structured settlement funding companies also calculate your payment date, current market rate and economic conditions, and any service fees associated with the transaction to determine your discount rate.

How to Sell Structured Settlements

If you are thinking about selling your structured settlement payments, we advise you to seek the assistance of a trusted attorney or financial advisor with experience in the structured settlement secondary market.

They will help you find a trusted factoring company with a history of protecting its clients’ long-term interests.

1. Evaluate Your Payment Needs

If your structured settlements is for sale, as you begin the process: Why am I selling structured settlement payments? How much money do I need? Should I sell the whole payout or just part of it?

Determine how much money you need and how much-structured settlement you want to sell for cash. Remember that the total dollar amount of payments you will receive over time will be higher than the amount you will receive from the company that purchased the rights to those payments.

This is because the structured settlement buyer company will incur administrative and legal costs. The company also operates to make a profit from your purchasing structured settlement.

2. Research Potential Buyer Companies

You have many options to choose from when it comes to a structured settlement buying company. Most offer free bids to help you determine the payout amount you need to sell to get the amount of cash you need.

Compare one offer to another. Read all the details and know the terms of any deal before agreeing to it. Make sure all your questions are answered and you feel comfortable working with the company you choose.

If you have any doubts, ask someone you trust to help you weigh your options. Don’t be shy about asking more questions about an annuity or lump sum sell structured settlements.

3. Complete the Documents with the Help of a Lawyer

A structured settlement cash-out lawyer can help you to deal with applicable legal regulations and prepare the necessary documents. Contact the company that will be making the purchase, known as a factoring company, for a quote.

This will tell you how much the company will pay your payment. It’s often a good idea to get more than one quote from different buying companies so you’re sure you’ve chosen the right factoring company.

4. Get Approval from the Jury

Structured settlements stem from litigation, so litigation exists it is customary to sell rights for future payments. The judge’s job is to ensure that the sale is being made in your best interest.

Get approval from the court. This sounds scary, but it’s not. The factoring company you work for will arrange everything and prepare the necessary paperwork for you to appear before a judge in your area.

You will answer a few questions to convince the judge that this transaction is in your best interest. This step is required by law. Among other things, the judge will consider your financial condition and dependents when deciding whether to approve the sale.

5. Receive Your Money

After receiving approval from the court, the buying company will then issue your payment. Receive full payment as specified in your agreement with the factoring company.

This will usually occur within three to five business days of court approval. If you owe past-due child support or have a tax lien, that amount will be deducted from the total before you received the money.


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