Store App – Store App. If you have a business, and it’s currently growing, then you certainly can’t run it yourself, right? Therefore you need the help of the application.

The application in question is an application for the needs of your shop or shop. It has complex features to make your business more organized and of course can increase efficiency.

Starting from the features of managing goods, income, expenses, making receipts and printing, and much more, everything is in the business store application. This application is also intended for PCs or laptops so that it is easier to use.

Similar to video converter applications, store apks are also widely available for free on the internet. We just need to download and use it right away, although some are in a more complete premium version.

List of Best Business Store Apps on PC

Here, we will inform you of a list of free and best business store applications for MSMEs and medium-sized businesses on PC. Check out his review in the full discussion below.

1. Oktopus Solution

One of the best store applications for running a business is Oktopus Solution. The application provides users with an efficient and productive experience in using the store’s software.

One of the most reliable features in Oktopus Solution is through a more efficient and faster transaction payment process. The transaction speed is supported by an inventory management program and credit card payments.

Oktopus Solution as an application also provides features for users to view sales reports directly. In addition, this application also has a user interface and product display that is easy to use.

2. Qontak also provides the best store application in Indonesia. The store application from is equipped with a CRM integration that is able to track sales teams, KPIs, activities, to database storage.

This business management platform from can store up to managing all sales activities automatically. This application is paid with a subscription price starting from IDR 200,000 / month.

But the features that has are very complete and help your sales to be more efficient. Includes 360° database management, Lead management, Sales analysis reports, Sales pipeline visualization and more.


EQUIP POS is another recommendation as a store software that can simplify the sales flow for a business. As an app, the EQUIP PIS App helps automate your entire process or store management.

Starting from the accounting process, sales, purchasing, supply of goods or stock, supply chain, and HR. You can use this application at a price that can be found directly from their customer service.

The features offered in the EQUIP POS application program are Synchronization of products and prices, Multi access from multiple devices, and Suspension of sales. In addition, there are many other features related to increasing sales.


True POS is one of the best recommendations because it is a free point of sales-based store management application. It’s just that, unfortunately the TRUE POS application can only support one agent.

In addition, in its use, this application is limited to only managing up to 100 transactions per month. In order to have all the features available, you need to pay to get the full version.

The TRUE POS application is very reliable for many business people. Various kinds of complete features in it include application customization, Back office, to very complete E-receipts.

5. Vend

Another recommended application that can be used by MSME businesses is Vend. This application is software designed specifically for Mac OS devices on PC and iPad and is not yet available for mobile devices.

This software is quite easy to operate even by inexperienced beginners though. Including users can also enter customer databases via mouse, keyboard and touch screen.

You can also use the Vend application so that you can develop a customer list to build loyalty with a user interface. Users can enjoy the full features of Vend with prices starting from $99 per month.

The final word

Maybe that’s all our discussion regarding the list of PC store applications. You can use the applications mentioned above, and hopefully your store business will grow.

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