Stock Investment App – Stock Investment App. Nowadays, stocks have become one of the most sought after investment instruments and want to be used by people throughout Indonesia.

This is not surprising because the opportunity to get profit on stock investment is very high. Moreover, now there are many online platforms that can be used to invest in stocks only through Android.

Of course, this makes investors more pampered, because the registration process is also very easy, no physical documents are needed. In addition, there are many OJK stock applications that have been officially supervised by the government.

Of course, you can use these apps for free on Android, but do you know what stock investing apps are recommended? If not, you can listen to the recommendations below.

List of Best Stock Investment Apps on Android

Not much different from the garbage cleaning application, this stock investment application can be found easily on the Play Store. You can also see some of the recommendations below.


The main application option that you can choose is MOST by Mandiri Sekuritas. This application provides solutions for buying and selling stocks, mutual funds and bonds in one platform. MOST can also be used as an online application option for new students in the investment industry.

Because in the MOST application, you will be guided directly by reliable MOST consultants and analysts who do not need to pay training fees or are free of charge. How much is Mandiri Sekuritas’ initial deposit?

For transactions made at the Mandiri Sekuritas online trading service facility, prospective customers still need to pay a stock trading MOST investment fee, and an initial deposit of IDR 10,000,000 or IDR 5,000,000 for students.

2. OVO Invest

The next stock investment application to watch out for is OVO Invest. OVO Invest is part of the OVO e-wallet, which helps investors to invest easily and is practically used by users.

OVO Invest is an application released in collaboration between OVO and Ciptadana Asset Management (CAM). The collaboration between the two companies allows OVO users to open investment accounts at CAM through the OVO application.

Starting from IDR 10,000, you can start investing without having to pay a management fee. However, it should be noted that to enjoy the OVO Invest service, you must upgrade your OVO account to OVO Premier.

3. Indo Premier Online Technology

The next investment application is IPOT (Indo Premier Online Technology). This stock investment application has been registered with the OJK and is very popular in Indonesia. In addition to stocks, the Indo Premier Online Technology application also provides mutual fund and ETF products.

There is an automatic function for buying and selling orders in the Indo Premier Online Technology application. This kind of automation cannot be separated from the existence of trading robots that can execute previously indicated buy and sell orders.

You will never miss a moment when the stock value reaches the expected price. In addition, thanks to the function of the Indo Premier Online Technology fund evaluator, it will also make it easier for you to make your first investment choice.

4. Philip Sekuritas Indonesia

Philip Sekuritas Indonesia, a company classified as foreign securities, has been in Indonesia since 1994. To start investing in sii, investors must first deposit Rp. 500,000.

At the same time, Philip Sekuritas Indonesia users must pay an initial deposit of IDR 100,000. Philip Sekuritas charges a share purchase fee of 0.18% and a share sale fee of 0.28% only.

Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia has obtained a permit from the Financial Services Authority-OJK (formerly BAPEPAM and LK), which includes the underwriter number: KEP-02/BL/PEE/2007 and the brokerage number: KEP-225/PM/1992.

5. Mandiri Sekuritas

Mandiri Sekuritas is also a stock investment platform that has a very wide distribution network. Mandiri Sekuritas’ network covers various economic centers in Indonesia and Singapore (Mandiri Securities Pte. Ltd.).

The existence of Mandiri Sekuritas makes Securities the only local Indonesian securities company with regional market coverage. Mandiri Sekuritas comes with the MOST application. This Mandiri Sekuritas application is designed with a user interface system or a friendly interface for new users or novice stock investors.

The selling fee of MOST shares is 0.28% per transaction, and the purchase fee is 0.18%. In addition, Mandiri Sekuritas provides face-to-face and online training support for Mandiri Sekuritas stock investors.

6. MNC Sekuritas

MNC Sekuritas is a subsidiary of the MNC Group under PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk. To trade or invest in shares in MNC Sekuritas, investors must pay a 0.18% purchase fee and a 0.28% selling fee.

When opening a stock account, investors only need to spend IDR 100,000 as an initial deposit. The process of opening an account at MNC Sekuritas is quite simple, it can even be done online at MNC Sekuritas.

However, potential MNC Sekuritas investors who wish to register as customers at this securities company must have an account at BCA to open a stock account at MNC Sekuritas. MNC Sekuritas has perfected its online trading product on the MotionTrade application.

7. BNI Sekuritas

BNI Sekuritas is a subsidiary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) (Persero) Tbk engaged in the capital market. This application provides trading services in the form of stock trading, debentures, investment banking and asset management.

This BNI Sekuritas securities company was founded in 1995. In addition, BNI Sekuritas’ achievements have also won the title of the best active securities company by the Indonesian Central Securities Depository Authority (KSEI) in 2018.

BNI Sekurtias has obtained OJK securities brokerage license, number: KEP-19/PM/1995 and number: KEP-21/PM.2/2017. In addition, the securities also have a business license in the field of underwriting, with numbers: KEP-20/PM/1995 and KEP-20/PM.2 2017.

8. LandX

LandX is a stock investment application that is different from the applications above. Other applications provide investment services for mutual funds, stocks and gold products, while LandX provides real estate investment application services.

You can find various houses and buildings in the LandX application, which implements a co-investment system. For example, there is a house for sale for 300 million rupiah, 3 million rupiah per share, so investors don’t have to spend 300 million rupiah.

This application allows investors to buy only a small number of shares in the property. Of course, LandX as an investment application can be used for free by downloading the application on the Play Store.

The final word

The explanation of the best stock investment applications on Android smartphones seems to be enough here. Please use the applications that we have recommended above to invest in stocks.

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