Statistics App – Statistics App. Statistical calculations are indeed quite complicated for some people, not because the formula is difficult but because the process is quite long.

Incidentally, we can now calculate statistics easily with the help of applications on a PC or laptop. These applications can also be used for free.

By using a statistical application on a PC device, we can save time on complex statistical calculations. The work or research that we do can be finished soon.

Well maybe you are still curious about what statistical applications that can be used on PC or laptop devices for free. Please see the reviews and application recommendations below.

Free Statistics App on PC

Let’s look together a selection of free statistical applications on PC that can be used by users. Please see the full review and discussion in the description below.

1. Statistican

Statistican is the first statistical application that we recommend because the features in it are very good and complete. Statistician is basically an add-in for Microsoft Excel so that users can process statistical data.

Although it cannot be operated without Excel, this Statistican application can be used to perform various high-quality statistical analyses. So you need to download Microsoft Excel first.

Like other statistical applications, Statistician allows various users to store various data and perform analysis. There are also two versions, the free Statistician Lite and the paid Statistician Standard.

2. Regressit

Another application that is also good to try is Regressit on a PC or computer. While the eight statistical applications above stand alone on various desktop devices.

Some of them are additions to other applications. As is the case in this Regressit, it is available in Microsoft Excel. As the name suggests, Regressit is designed to complement linear regression applications.

This Microsoft Excel add-in called Regressit can perform a variety of tasks. Examples that we can mention are multiple descriptive data analysis and multiple linear regression with interesting model results.


SOFA is not a type of seating, but a statistical application that comes in many forms and can be used on your PC. But all of them strive to provide a user-friendly interface.

Just like SOFA, it is very easy to operate for its users. SOFA can display various analysis results in an attractive format, ready to be shared on various other platforms.

If similar applications have to import data from the previous database, this is not the case with SOFA, which can connect directly to the database installed on your device. Both come in the form of MySQL.

4. GPower

GPower could be the next app that is equally good for you to use. Looking for a statistical analysis app with powerful features? Don’t worry, your research can still rely on G*Power.

This GPower application can be used to calculate power analysis statistics. The calculation results on GPower itself can be used in various tests, such as the F-test, x2-test, and various others.

This statistical application from Düsseldorf called GPower can also be used to calculate effect sizes without or using interactive graphs. The GPower application can also be used for free without paying.

5. MacAnova

Besides GPower, there is another open-source application dedicated to statistical purposes, namely MacAnova. The MacAnova application was developed by Gary W. Oehlert and Christopher Bingham of the University of Minnesota.

Apart from its Mac frills, this MacAnova application actually runs on various platforms including Windows and Linux. MacAnova also has several functions, but its main capabilities are analysis of variance and models.

Get started with matrix algebra, time series analysis, and multivariate exploratory statistics with MacAnova. The interface is simple and does not confuse users when accessing the statistics application on their device.

6. Statistical Lab

There are many statistical applications with interactive interfaces, one of the best and we recommend is Statistical Lab. Just like the Statistics Lab application designed for statistical education needs.

Like several previous applications, the PC Statistical Lab application provides tools for various simulation scenarios and statistical troubleshooting. The graphical interface is also designed to create various statistical terms.

Statistical Lab is capable of linking and displaying various contents such as data frames and frequency tables. Everything is displayed in an easy-to-use interface for easy calculations, analysis and some simulations.

7. Develve

Many applications have good performance to handle various statistics in several studies. Among them is Develve which is quite fast. This statistical application can be used in various research conditions.

Mainly for research and development purposes in a technical environment. There are no hidden menus and all the functions in it are easily accessible to increase the productivity of Develve users.

Develve is actually an application that supports basic statistical calculations, such as graph averaging. The software also supports various experimental designs of fully open standard orthogonal arrays.

The final word

Until here, our discussion is about free statistical applications that can be used on a laptop or PC. Please use our recommended application so you can immediately calculate statistics.

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