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Stornowaybc.com – Spin App. Doing spins or sweepstakes helps us in many ways, such as drawing social gatherings by name, determining the winner of the knockout prize, and much more.

The convenience of technological developments makes it easier for us to do the spin. Even with just a smartphone, we can do spins or sweepstakes.

Moreover, on the Google Play Store Android there are many choices of applications that we can use for this. This application is what we can use to determine the lottery in the social gathering.

We will give you recommendations regarding the choice of spin applications on Android phones and smartphones that can be used. For more details, we can listen to the application options directly below.

Collection of Android HP Spin Applications

Here are some choices of applications to spin or draw on Android phones that can be used for free without paying. Please refer to the application recommendations that we have summarized from various sources.

1. Kocok Arisan

The application that can be used to spin or draw a name is “Shake Alishan”. This Alishan Shake application provides a function to display drawing results directly on the TV or projector screen.

By using this Alishan Shake app it’s easier for everyone to see lottery results. Also, this app has lock function. So, not just anyone can open this Alishan Shake application.

The use of the Alishan Shake application is also quite easy for users to do. Just enter the group, roster, and date of deposit until the payment limit. Then, press the shuffle button to draw the winner’s name.

2. Random Picker

Another recommended application that can be chosen is Random Picker. The Random Picker app can enter multiple names at once for a series. This app also has name color code capability.

So that the same name will not be confused with each other. To play the lottery on the Random Picker application, you can immediately use the spin to find out who the winner of the lottery or other prize gieaways are.

So, this Random Picker application is perfect for social gathering events, group management, and other activities that require an image of a name. The Random Picker application can also be used for free on your Android smartphone.

3. Lucky Wheel

The social gathering lottery application and another name that you can use is Lucky Wheel. The Lucky Wheel app is also an online digital social party shaker app that uses the spinning wheel available on the mobile screen.

There are many users who can join this Lucky Wheel application because it is free to use. However, this Lucky Wheel application can only choose names that are limited to 5 people which is considered quite a lot.

The advantage of this application is that the drawing process is interactive and random, so no one is harmed. In this way, the lottery results will be fairer. You can get the Lucky Wheel app on the Google Play Store.

4. Roulette

Another application name that we recommend to you is Roulette, which of course is already familiar to your ears. The advantage of this application is that users can change the background according to the desired theme.

So that the display of the draw on the Roulette application will then become more attractive. In addition, the application for drawing names is simple, so people of all ages can use it easily.

The speed of the roulette spin can also be adjusted. You can set it to be sooner or later. However, the downside is that you can only enter 35 names in one draw, and determine who the winner is this time.

5. Decision Roulette

The last application that is very good to use is Decision Roulette, especially on Android smartphones. The great thing about this app is that it has 20 different draws, making it even fairer.

In addition, the capacity of the Decision Roulette application is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 50 people. Allows you to draw more people and determine the winner based on the name spin or the participant’s lottery number.

Each name that is entered into the list of Spin Decision Roulette applications can also add images, such as photos, to make them look sharper. You can also use this app for free instead of paid apps.


That’s all the discussion from Stornowaybc regarding the spin cellphone application that we can convey. Hopefully our explanation can be understood so that you can spin only from your cellphone.

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