Song Lyrics Application – Song Lyrics Application. Listening to songs is indeed a fun activity for us, but sometimes there are songs from abroad that are difficult for us to understand what the lyrics and meanings are.

Of course, the use of song lyrics applications on Android phones is something we need in this case. This application is able to provide lyrics to a song or MP3 that is played on a cellphone.

In the Play Store, there are many such applications that we can use. Of course, each application offers different advantages and disadvantages.

On this occasion we would like to give you recommendations regarding the choice of song lyrics applications on Android phones that can be used. For more details, we can listen to the explanation below.

Collection of Applications Lyrics for Android Phones

We have summarized from various sources what are the recommendations for song lyrics applications on Android phones that can be used. For more details, please refer to the following explanation.

1. Kpop Lyrics Offline

Kpop Lyrics Offline is the first application that we recommend. Are you a fan of BTS, EXO, Blackpink or other Kpop musicians? Well, Kpop Lyrics Offline app lets you sing even if you don’t know much Korean.

Because this Kpop Lyrics Offline application provides Korean wave song lyrics which are presented in Korean format. Not only that, the translation of the song is also romanized and also translated into English automatically.

It’s good to learn a little Korean, don’t just know Saranhaeo, guys. If you want to use the Kpop Lyrics Offline application, just download it for free only from the Google Play Store for Android phones.

2. Lyrics Library

The best offline lyrics application that can be used on the next Android smartphone is the lyrics library. As the name suggests, this Lyrics Library application will provide a very complete and accurate catalog of lyrics.

You can search MP# song lyrics in the Lyrics Library application by genre, artist or band, album, song title. Once you find the lyrics you are looking for, you can download the lyrics for offline use.

This Lyrics Library application also has a feature that allows you to create, save, edit and share specific lyrics. You can also directly download the Lyrics Library application on the Android Play Store.

3. Lyrix

Then there’s Lyrix, which is not only a music lyrics app where you can search for song captions, but also create your own lyrics. The Lyrix app is the next recommendation we can give you.

Through a crowdsourcing system, Lyrix will collect user-uploaded lyrics for further use by other users. Of course, this Lyrix application will provide song lyrics automatically just for you.

It’s fun for you to try, right? You can also contribute to songs whose lyrics are rare. The Lyrix application also has a lightweight size and is very easy to use on a cellphone.

4. Genius – Song Lyrics & More

If you like listening to music on Spotify, you must be familiar with this name, right? Genius also has this standalone application which also provides the latest lyrics and integrates with Spotify.

The application in question is called Genius – Song Lyrics & More. One of the excellent features in the Genius app is Behind the Lyrics, which contains unique facts, information, and the story behind the creation of the song.

In addition to entertainment, of course, it can also increase your awareness of music and gangs. One of the great things about this app is that you can download the lyrics of your favorite songs so you can read them offline.

5. QuickLyric

Another application that deserves to be recommended in this list of articles is QuickLyric. Similar to Musixmatch! That’s how many users feel after using a lyrics app called QuickLyric, especially its bubble widget feature.

The QuickLyric app is small and certainly ideal for low-spec smartphones. So that it certainly will not burden your smartphone when used for a long time to make music.

However, to use this offline lyrics feature, users must download it first. So make sure you are connected to the internet or at least look for free WiFi to see the lyrics of the song here.

6. Lyric Mania

Lyric Mania is another great app for viewing automatic song lyrics. This Lyric Mania application is able to find the lyrics of the song you are playing. At first glance, it looks similar to Musicxmatch.

But the Lyric Mania app has a lot of extra features that make it stand out. You can use Music ID Recognition to automatically detect songs to find lyrics. The database you have is quite complete.

There is a postcard feature that lets you create an image based on the lyrics of a song of your choice. Not bad for updating Instagram stories. You can also find out popular and trending songs so you don’t go out of style.

7. ALSong

The next application that can be used is ALSong. ALSong is an online lyrics application that will display real-time lyrics. So you don’t need to be bored for scrolling because this application adjusts to the rhythm of the song.

Besides being able to run in the background, this ALSong application can also appear on your phone’s lock screen. There’s also a handy floating lyrics feature. Another advantage of ALSong is that it is quite light in size.

So, the ALSong application will not burden you when installed on a smartphone and used to view song lyrics all day long. Users also won’t miss popular songs because this app has daily charts.

8. SoundHound

Then there is the SoundHound application which is very popular among Android smartphone users because it can be used for free. This SoundHound application is able to detect songs playing around you and display the lyrics.

You can even detect songs by activating voice commands automatically. Of course, the features in the SoundHound application will make it easier for you to detect the lyrics of the song that is currently playing.

This mobile lyrics app called SoundHound will put the karaoke experience into your hands as it can display music video clips. SoundHound users can also manage your own playlists.

9. Shazam

Shazam is the recommendation for the next best music lyric player application that can be installed on each Android smartphone. The name of the app sounds like the name of a superhero in DC Comics, doesn’t it?

Well, not only is Musixmatch popular, but also Shazam, which has now been acquired by Apple and offers a variety of very useful features. The Shazam application also has a size that is quite light to use.

Besides displaying lyrics, in the Shazam app you can also search for music you’ve never heard before, just record it through the Shazam app. You can download the Shazam app directly from the Play Store.


That’s all the discussion from Stornowaybc about the cellphone song lyrics application that we can convey. Hopefully our explanation can be understood so that you can see the lyrics of the song from your cellphone only.

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