Song Finder App – Song Finder App. Sometimes we feel we remember the lyrics of a certain song, or also remember the tone and music, but really forget what the title of the song is and who the singer is.

If there is such a case, we can take advantage of the song search application on Android and iPhone. The application can be used to detect and search for certain song titles and music that we forget.

Many applications of this kind are available for free on Android, you can use them without a subscription fee and can be directly installed on any version of cellphone devices.

After previously we also reviewed the WA theme application, here we will explain about the free, online, and best song search application. Check out the information in the following explanation.

List of Best Song Finder Apps

Immediately, here it is complete information about the list of the best and easy-to-use song search applications. Check out the complete information that we have compiled from various reliable sources below.

1. MusicID

The recommended Indonesian song detection application is MusicID. MusicID is a free application that is able to identify more than millions of songs based on lyrics throughout Indonesia and the world.

Interestingly, this application is equipped with advanced features that make it easier for you to find songs. The song or music can be identified based on the title, singer name and other detailed information.

How to operate it is very easy to find the song you want. Once installed on the smartphone, you can directly open MusicID then bring the song closer to the application, then this application will work alone.

2. Shazam

So far the Shazam app has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Android and iOS devices. What users like about this app is its compatible size, as well as how easy it is to find songs.

Only by bringing the cellphone that has Shazam installed to the sound source, you can immediately search for songs online or offline. This application can even be used to automatically detect songs for local or foreign songs.

You can also search for song titles based on music title information, singer or band names, even the background of the song you are looking for. Shazam is also one of the best apps to find your favorite songs.

3. Music Recognition

In the past, it was possible for someone to enjoy a song only through radio broadcasts. But it’s different from today, you can listen to songs anytime and even find old, forgotten titles.

You can do all these things just by using the free Music Recognition. This application only takes a few seconds of operation to correctly identify the title of the song you are playing.

The current features of Music Recognition are also very complete and will continue to be developed. Not only can you listen to the song, Music Recognition apk users are even connected to YouTube, and download songs without an application.

4. SoundHound

The next online song search and detector apk that is very practical to use on Android devices is SoundHound. To be able to access all the features available on SoundHound, you must log in using Facebook.

When you open it, you can see that SoundHound is designed to be very simple and user friendly. Of course. The goal of the SoundHound’s simple design is for users of all generations to operate it.

The SoundHound app can find your favorite songs in seconds based on the tone, lyrics and strain of the music. In addition to getting song title information, you don’t miss it. You can also get singer name info along with the album title.

5. Music Detector

If until now you are still having trouble finding the title of your favorite song, the solution to overcome it is very easy. Now there is a song title search application, you just need to download and install the apk called Music Detector.

Music Detector application is the best lightweight apk. Deliberately created by the developer Music Recognition to help users find songs whose lyrics have been forgotten for a long time.

The memory capacity required to download and install the Music Detector application is around 7.2 MB, which is very small. Therefore the Music Detector application can be suitable for phones with limited memory capacity.

6. Genius

Genius Media Group, Inc. also released a music and song detection application with the same name, the Genius apk. This application was first released since 2009, very compatible, and can be installed on all Android OS.

Genius brings a lightweight and fast user interface, keeping up with the times to make it easier for users to find songs. But even though it’s simple, the Genius app is still attractive and concise to use.

This song detection application can also be used to quickly find information related to songs or singers. By using Genius, users can immediately hear the song after it has been detected, then converted into a remix using a DJ application or something like that.

7. Musixmatch

The Musixmatch application can also be used to search for songs. This apk was created by an Italian developer of the same name and was released for the first time to the public in 2010.

If you have installed it, we can find that the Musixmatch application presents a song detection service feature that is practical, fast, and also accurate. This application can detect songs and detailed information in them.

Besides being able to detect songs, actually this application also carries a lightweight and attractive user interface. It is appropriate that the Musixmatch application looking for MP3 music songs has been downloaded by more than 50 million users.

8. HOUND Voice Search

HOUND Voice Search developed by SoundHound Ic, has been downloaded by more than a million Android users. This application is very complex, has a size of 38 MB, HOUND Voice Search uses a similar way of working like SoundHound.

Not only can you search for songs by music or title, this application can also be used to find complete information about singers and albums. You can even write your own biography and singer.

You can get the HOUND Voice Search & Assistant application through the Play Store on smartphones that support the Android 5.0 operating system and above. In addition, this application is actually also available on iPhone devices.

The final word

Maybe it’s only here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about recommendations for free song search applications. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can help those of you who are forgetting a song.

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