Song Download Application – Song Download Application. Listening to music is an activity that can make the mood calm, even for some people this is a fun hobby.

Currently, there are many online song streaming applications that can be used for free. But for those who have an unstable internet connection, you definitely have to download the song to the gallery and play it offline.

Luckily there are lots of applications that can be used to download songs and save them to the gallery without ads. These applications can also be used for free without paying any fees.

Maybe you are also curious about what free song download applications on Android phones can be used. Please see the full explanation and discussion in the review below.

Free Song Download Application on Android

Let’s look at the selection of free song download applications on Android phones that can be used. Please just take a look and see together the complete application options below.

1. YouTube Music

The YouTube Music application is of course already popular and is becoming a trend right now. By using YouTube Music users can get all kinds of songs that users want because the list is very complete.

By using this YouTube Music app, users can easily find popular songs. There is no doubt about the quality and functionality provided by this app as it is guaranteed.

YouTube Music offers a variety of features that can be easily accessed to listen to the user’s favorite music. YouTube Music understands the user’s habits and suggests other songs that might suit the user’s taste.

2. Snaptube

Snaptube is the next recommendation that we recommend. Snaptube can not only be used to download songs or videos from Youtube, but also can help users get news about music.

Some of the platforms that are compatible with Snaptube are Dailymotion, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and many more. the user can use the search bar on Youtube to find the song that the user wants.

Users can also get a list of the latest current songs. This Snaptube application is directly integrated with Youtube, so when the user wants to download a song, the user only needs to press a button.

3. Resso Music

The Resso Music app offers a variety of features. Besides being able to save songs, you can also create playlists in this Resso Music application. Resso Music is a new application that has just entered Indonesia at this time.

Resso Music is a music streaming application that provides various functions to provide a different and more comfortable music experience. Resso Music users can create playlists of songs as needed.

The Resso Music Apk makes it easy for users to listen to their favorite playlists. Premium members have access to all features, so users must subscribe to use the various features available.

4. Free Music Downloader

By using Free Music Downloader, users can download all kinds of songs that users want. Not only that, users can also create playlists according to their wishes for offline playback.

This Free Music Downloader application can be accessed for free. The quality of the available songs varies greatly, so users can adjust when they want to download. This application is very light to use.

But unfortunately this Free Music Downloader application only offers copyright-free songs, so there are not many choices. By using Free Music Downloader, you can still enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of listening to music.

5. Soundcloud

This song download application called Soundcloud is quite unique because it does not only offer a selection of ordinary songs. Users of the Soundcloud application can also get a recording of the uploader’s cover, very complete and of high quality.

This Soundcloud application can expand the types of songs that can be stored. In addition to listening to songs, Soundcloud users can also upload their own voice recordings, such as podcasts or song covers.

When a Soundcloud user already has a playlist, the app recommends other songs that are similar to the user’s playlist. This is done to provide a wider variety of songs to users.

6. SONGily

In the list of other song downloader applications there is the name SONGily. Although it may sound a little foreign, SONGily delivers the best. SONGily offers various types of songs according to the user’s taste.

In addition, there are various kinds of updated songs on SONGily, so you don’t miss new songs. SONGily provides a special folder that users can use to store all of their favorite songs.

SONGily users can use this app to download again for free. Apart from offering download capabilities, this app is also packed with great features, such as an online music format converter.

7. Joox Music

This Joox Music song download app is famous for its music streaming service. This Joox Music application not only offers song streaming suggestions, but is also equipped with various interesting features.

By using this Joox Music application, users can download songs for karaoke. The list of song options available in the Joox Music application is also quite complete to suit the user’s taste.

To be able to use all the available facilities, users must first purchase JOOX VIP. If the user subscribes to the premium version of Joox Music, the user can play the songs as they like without ads.

8. 4Shared

Before the current music streaming application, the 4Shared application has long been a mainstay for downloading songs. 4Shared application users can download various types of songs such as Indonesian, Western, DJ songs, etc.

To be able to download songs in the 4Shared application, the method is very simple and easy for anyone to do. Users can listen to the quality of music on 4Shared first before even downloading.

After confirming the quality of the 4Shared music, the user can continue the download. In addition to providing various types of songs, this application also provides various other files such as e-books, videos, photos to PDF files.

9. Spotify

Spotify is the most popular and widely used song download application today, including Indonesia. The Spotify application provides an online music streaming service that is equipped with various interesting features.

The various functions in Spotify are designed to make it easier for users to satisfy their taste buds. Spotify officially entered Indonesia in 2016 and is now one of the most used applications.

Spotify offers several features that make it easy for users to access their favorite songs. The list of songbooks available on Spotify is also updated regularly so that users can find the latest song genres.

10. Pengunduh Musik MP3

MP3 Music Downloader can be used to download the desired song. MP3 Music Downloader application can be downloaded for free, with a very clean and simple appearance of the application, so that it makes you comfortable.

In the MP3 Music Downloader application there is also a song search mode that can be used to search for the desired song. MP3 Music Downloader users only need to enter the title of the desired song to search for.

Apart from being used to download songs, MP3 Music Downloader can also be used by users to listen to streams of songs. An easily accessible system makes users feel more comfortable and simple.


We have completed a complete review of the android song download application for you in this article. Hopefully what we say can be useful, especially for you, so that you know more about the application recommendations for downloading songs.

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