Slow Motion iPhone App – Slow Motion iPhone App. For users of Instagram or TikTok social media applications, you definitely need an application to edit videos, one of which has a slow motion feature.

These applications are not only available for PCs, but also in the App Store for iPhone or iPad devices. There are applications like that that are free and some are paid, as well as iPhone photo editing applications.

By using the slowmo application, later videos that you make can be slowed down automatically. The video playback becomes slower or slower, and you can add interesting effects in it.

Your videos also become more interesting and can be posted on their respective social media accounts, especially for those who want to become celebgrams or YouTubers. What are the best free slowmo apps for iPhone?

List of Best Slow Motion iPhone Apps

Below we have a list of the best iPhone slow motion apps for you. Immediately, please select the list of the best applications below to use.

1. Slow Motion by Craigpark

Although it was only released a few months ago, this slow motion application on the iPhone has extraordinary advantages. This application is not only lightweight, but also has quite a lot of features to create a slowmo effect on video footage.

This application made by Craigpark does have powerful features. Not only can it speed up and slow down videos, users can also make other settings that are no less important in video editing.

The features in question include adding a soundtrack, inserting a song or music, sharing it to Instagram, or TikTok. In it there are also more than 50 speed variants that can be selected as needed.

2. Slow Fast Slow

As the name implies, the iPhone application Slow Fast Slow – Control the Speed ​​of Your Videos does have a feature that can be used to change the speed of a video. Starting from slowing down to speeding up.

Users can also use this application very easily. With just one application, namely by using Slow Fast Slow – Control the Speed ​​of Your Videos, you make slow motion videos.

The application has long been made by the developer Studio Neat. In it there are many excellent features, such as import videos from your photo gallery, 240 fps video can be slowed down to 1/16 speed, tone control, and more.

3. Videoshop

Another recommended slow motion iPhone application is Videoshop. The application is arguably one of the best applications that has very complete features for use in video editing.

Novice users will not even have trouble and can more freely use the application when editing their personal videos. There are also many features in Videoshop, such as adding, sound effects, filters, transitions, and also changing the video speed.

You can also use the video speed change feature in the Videoshop application on the iPhone to slow down the video being edited. So, your videos can be slowmo and more interesting to watch.

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is also on the list this time. The video editing application on the cellphone is one of the applications for making slow motion effects that is already very popularly used by many users, ranging from users on Android and iPhone.

One of the coolest editing features in this application is that it can be used to speed up or slow down a video. How to use the application is also quite easy, there are also other features in FilmoraGo that make your videos even more beautiful.

This application is available in two versions, namely free or free and premium or pro. When using FilmoraGo premium, the edited video will not leave watermarks or marks that are usually considered annoying.

5. SpeedPro Slow

Current iPhone users can easily make slow motion videos on iOS smartphones (iPad and iPhone) with SpeedPro Slow. You can also rely on SpeedPro Slow speed video editing for video editing activities.

As the name implies, the SpeedPro Slow speed video edit application has the advantage of being able to adjust the video speed according to the user’s wishes. You can slow down and speed up a video as you wish.

In addition to changing the speed of the video, in this application there are also other features that make the edited video more beautiful, good, and enjoyable to watch. Starting from a simple interface, you can add music, and many others.

6. Videolab

If some of the applications above still can’t satisfy you, there are other recommendations for changing the video speed on iOS or iPhone devices. The application in question is Videolab video editor for Vine, Instagram, Youtube.

The application made by JKdesyns is well known and can be used by users who want to edit videos for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube social media. In it there are many other features besides changing the speed.

Videolab video editor for Vine, Instagram, Youtube has many features. One of them that best suits user preferences according to this article is that it can be used to make slow motion videos.

The final word

So many of our discussions have explained about the best iPhone slow motion applications. You can install one of the applications first. If it is not suitable, then you can download another one.

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