Sholawat Application – Sholawat Application. Reading sholawat is an activity that is recommended for Muslims to do, because it can bring a great reward from Allah SWT to us.

But many young people today may not know what the names of these prayers are. Moreover, if asked to read and practice it, many people cannot do it.

Luckily there are a number of applications that are indeed made to help us make it easier to pray. These applications are here to help us read the complete sholawat of the prophet according to the sunnah.

We are here to explain to you what the sholawat application is. We have compiled them from various sources and you can see the full review below.

The Best Prayer Applications on Android Phones

Immediately, let’s look at the selection of recommended applications for reading free prayers on Android phones that are complete and highly recommended. Please take a look and see the following reviews.

1. Sholawat Nabi Lengkap Mp3 Lirik Offline

The first sholawat application that we highly recommend to you is the Complete Prophet Sholawat Mp3 Lyrics Offline. This application has a very complete number of sholawat readings and is free to use.

This application from MawarMelati has a complete collection of prayers in MP3 format and can be played offline. Some popular sholawat such as Mahalul Qiyam, Sholawat Badr and Sholawat Nariyah are also in the application.

Compared to similar prayer applications, Sholawat Nabi Complete Mp3 Lyrics Offline is the most popular and has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users. For display and navigation, it is also easy to use, even for beginners.

2. Kumpulan Sholawat Nabi Lengkap

Next there is an application called the Complete Prophet Sholawat Collection which is very good to use. This is evidenced by the high rating given by users to the application on the Play Store.

Developer InshoMedia offers the Complete Prophet Sholawat Collection application which contains the most complete collection of Prophet’s prayers for Muslims. More than 250 popular prayers are often found in daily life in the application.

Users do not need to worry when using this application because its size is very light, 3.13. Even more than 500,000 have been used, meaning that the Complete Prophet’s Sholawat Collection in the first trial is not much different.

3. Buku Sholawat Lengkap

The Complete Sholawat Book application is the next recommendation because it offers various kinds of abundant benefits to users. Besides being free to use, containing complete prayers, this application also has a light size.

Sholawat fan but can’t read Arabic text fluently? Don’t worry, this complete prayer book comes with a latin text solution. So it is very easy to use even if the user is not fluent in reading Arabic text.

From several user reviews, there is usually a positive response to the features offered. In addition to having a complete collection, the appearance is also very user friendly, so it becomes one of the best recommendations for prayer lovers.

4. Sholawat Gus Azmi

This application is for sholawat lovers, especially Gus Azmi fans. There is a huge collection to enjoy for free and offline. Almost all the popular prayers sung by Gus Azmi are in this Gus Azmi Sholawat Application application.

If you look at the Play Store, then you will be surprised by the rating that the Sholawat Gus Azmi application has. The reason is the application called the Gus Azmi Sholawat Application has a fairly high rating.

Gus Azmi is known as a singer of religious songs and prayers with his fans throughout the archipelago. Let’s just download and listen to the Prayer Collection through the Gus Azmi Sholawat application on the Play Store.

5. Sholawat Nisya Sabyan

Next is a collection of Nisya Sabyan prayers. One of the singers of popular religious songs, his voice surprised me. This application is not affiliated with the trademark holder, so its nature is only to popularize.

Music or sholawat tones on the Nisya Sabyan Sholawat application can also be chosen at will, very melodious and pleasant to hear. So it’s not surprising that many Android users recommend the Sholawat Nisya Sabyan application for you.

The specialty, of course, is a collection of prayers and religious songs sung by Nisya Sabyan. The good news is that users can use it for free and offline so it is recommended that you use it.

6. Lagu Sholawat Anak Full-Offline

The name of the next application that is really good to be recommended is the Full-Offline Children’s Sholawat Song. This Full-Offline Children’s Sholawat Song application can also be used for free and very easily.

The Latest Children’s Sholawat application that can be played offline is an interesting breakthrough from the developers. The place where this strategy is implemented makes sholawat fun and easy for children to remember.

Of course the excellent feature offered is complete prayer equipment which is also free to use. This is clear evidence that Edudev Kids as a developer cares about character education.

7. Sholawat Nabi Lengkap MP3 Offline

Sholawat Nabi Complete MP3 Offline is another application that is very worthy of being included in the list of recommendations. The reason is that besides being free to use, the Complete Prophet Sholawat MP3 Offline application also has complete prayers.

This Sholawat Nabi application made by SupatGamesMedia contains a collection of reading prayers for the Prophet Muhammad SAW with a beautiful and melodious chant. Lyrics and tones are presented to provide an inner cooling.

There are more than 1,000 sholawat that can be enjoyed for free, even without an internet network or offline. For easier use, you can also use background playback by pressing the home button.

8. Sholawat Lirik Jawa Indonesia

Many types of prayers are included in the Javanese version, and the Indonesian Javanese Lyrics Sholawat application provides them. Even from the history of the spread of Islam, these songs and prayers have become one of the tools used by the saints.

As the name implies, the Indonesian Java Lyrics Sholawat application also has a Javanese sholawat that is very melodious to hear. So that the Indonesian Javanese Lyrics Sholawat application is really recommended only to you.

Some popular sholawat in Javanese such as Turi Putih, Eling-eling Siro Menungso, Syi’ir Tanpo Waton and many more. However, no translation or meaning is available for users who do not understand the Java language.

9. Lagu Anak Muslim & Sholawat Nabi

In this offline sholawat application contains a collection of Muslim children’s songs with Islamic teachings. In addition to the sholawat of the Prophet Muhammad, there are songs that discuss the pillars of faith, the pillars of Islam, fasting, prayer, and others.

With Muslim Children’s Songs & Sholawat Nabi, it is very suitable as a learning tool for your little one. Moreover, as we know that at their age it is very easy to remember or imitate what they like.

The Muslim Children’s Song & Sholawat Nabi application can also be used for free without the need to pay anything. Not only that, Muslim Children’s Songs & Sholawat Nabi can be found safely through the Google Play Store.

The final word

Thus info from us about the android sholawat application that can be used by you for free. Hopefully you are no longer confused about which one to install and download for sholawat on Android.

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