Shirt Opening App – Shirt Opening App. There are so many applications that are scattered on the internet, including the Play Store, not even just mainstream applications but also many eccentric applications.

Like the shirt opener application which has recently become viral and is being discussed by a number of people. This application allows users to see someone’s clothes transparently.

Of course, what is seen in the application that looks like a see-through camera application is very fake. Alias, the application only generates based on the shadows around.

But, if you want to try it for fun, then there is no harm in using the application that we will recommend below. Please see the full review and explanation below.

Recommendations for the Best Android Opening Apps

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the recommendations for the best shirt opener application on Android. Please see the full review in the explanation below.

1. Xray Scanner Animals

Do you want to choose a camera app that can undress clearly? Try Xray Scanner Animals. In addition to human objects, you can also find out animal bones around you with this one application.

If there are a lot of animals roaming around in your neighborhood, this shirt opener camera app called Xray Scanner Animals is perfect for having fun with your friends. The application is also free to use alias does not pay.

This unique camera APK does show the bones of animals like your cat or dog. It’s fun, isn’t it? To get the Xray Scanner Animals application, you can also download it directly from the Play Store.

2. Xray Scanner Camera

The next recommendation is the Xray Scanner Camera which is not much different from the application above. This Xray Scanner Camera application can also be used to scan the internal organs in your body.

Starting from body parts such as legs, chest, head, etc., you can explore on your own, of course it will be more fun if you use it with friends. The images displayed by this application are also very sharp.

The picture shows the shape of the bone that looks clean and sharp. Want to try it? Of course, it doesn’t hurt to download the Android Invisible Camera APK that is not on the Google Play Store for free.

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3. Scanner Nudity

Scanner Nudity is an undressing app meant as a prank. Basically Scanner Nudity apk is a prohibited perspective camera app, this app is specially for people aged eighteen and above.

You should also know that this Nudity Scanner app is being the best perspective camera app and getting the most user downloads. View perspective camera app called Scanner Nudity.

Even this application has very good reviews from users. It is proven by the Nudity Scanner application that has been installed by more than 1 million people so far. And got a 5 star rating on the Google Play Store.

4. Xray Scanner Prank

Xray Scanner Prank is an original perspective app that shows the internal organs of the body. How to use this X-ray scanner prank is not too difficult. The trick is that users can hold Android in their left hand.

Then open Xray Scanner Prank and tilt your Android phone at will. Adjust the position of the camera and hand until they match the position shown on the screen. This best X-ray camera for Android APK only shows its X-ray version.

This X-ray scanner prank is really for fun, gangs and of course it can be a funny prank with your friends. This Xray Scanner Prank application can also be had for free on Android.

5. Xray Scanner Camera Effect

For those who want to make photos with X-ray effects, there is also an application called Xray Scanner Camera Effect which has amazing photo effects. This application can also be used for free without having to pay a subscription fee.

Clothing or organs cannot be scanned in the Xray Scanner Camera Effect app. But you can still make black and white photos like x-rays, even so this shirt opener application can be very feasible to install on your cellphone.

If you are interested in trying it, you can download the best shirt opener for Android from the Play Store. Meanwhile, for iPhone users, the Xray Scanner Camera Effect application is still not available on the device.

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6. Body Scanner New Audrey

The name of the first application that is recommended for you is Body Scanner New Audrey. The New Audrey Body Scanner application is the best see-through camera and opener application that users can use.

Although it was only released a few years ago, in fact the New Audrey Body Scanner application received a good response and response from users of the new New Audrey Body Scanner application.

Of course you need to know that by using the New Audrey Body Scanner application you can see a person’s body shape. Not only that, you are also very easy to see what is going on in a person’s body.

7. Body Camera Scanner

An online undressing application called Body Camera Scanner is Body Camera Scanner. This Body Camera Scanner application was created by Solcomm Apps called Body Camera Scanner and can be used for free.

To use this Body Camera Scanner apk, you can directly download the application for free via the Android Play Store. Of course you will not be charged anything to use this Body Camera Scanner application.

You can try to prank your friends, the same function is to undress online, now by Using this application you can create traps for your friends. Your friend by showing the inside of his clothes.

8. Cloth Scanner Simulator

Cloth Scanner Simulator is available on Android phones, this application is an application to scan female bodies in photos with X-ray machine sound animation effects. Perspective camera scanner app is used to remove body.

Especially the clothes on the female body which are meant just for fun in this Cloth Scanner Simulator app. You can select android image gallery from your photo or scan girl body directly from android camera.

So, don’t think that what is shown in this Cloth Scanner Simulator application is really real. Because the application only adjusts the shape of the body and displays what ‘should’ be under the shirt.

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9. New Body Scanner Camera App

The names of all the shirt-opening applications on Android phones are somewhat similar. Another one is an application called the New Body Scanner Camera App and can be used to do the same thing, which is to open clothes automatically.

New body scanner camera app or New Body Scanner Camera App is a free android perspective camera app. This New Body Scanner Camera App app is different from other perspective camera apps.

Not only that, this New Body Scanner Camera App application is easy to use and can fool all your friends with this body scanner camera application. You can directly download the New Body Scanner Camera App on Android.

10. Body Scanner Prank

Body Scanner Prank is a see-through camera app that shows all the bones in the body, including organs like heart, lungs, etc. So, this application is indeed very worthy for you to try to install and use yourself.

With this body scanner prank application called Body Scanner Prank, you can prank by seeing what’s inside your friend’s body, you know. What’s more, the Body Scanner Prank application can be used for free.

Oh yes, Body Scanner Prank is one of the banned see-through camera apps on Google Play. However, you can still download it through the Play Store, then install it like a normal app and just use it right away.

The final word

We have discussed the Android apk about the best shirt opener application in full. In addition to the shirt opener application, there are also many other application recommendations on this blog.