Selling Credit Application – Selling Credit Application. Nowadays, any buying and selling transactions are becoming easier to do thanks to technological developments and the rise of e-commerce applications in Indonesia.

It’s no wonder that today’s businesses are more likely to be directed online than conventional businesses. Such as using applications for buying and selling houses, properties, vehicles, even buying and selling credit.

It’s true, nowadays the number of credit counters can be said to be reduced because credit sellers don’t need a place of business anymore. They can market pulses using social media and transactions are carried out through the selling credit application.

This application, commonly known as PPOB, can not only be used for buying and selling pulses. Instead, they often offer payments and other digital purchases such as electricity tokens, internet quotas, data packages, and TV subscription payments.

Recommended Selling Credit Applications on Android Phones

No different from keyboard applications, on Android phones there are also many credit selling applications that can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. Below we recommend some of the application options.

1. Payfazz

Are you currently looking for an online credit agent with cheap but reliable prices and is widely used by users throughout Indonesia? Payfazz is the right answer for you.

In this application, the list of credit selling prices, Payfazz provides starting from a nominal pulse of Rp. 5,000 to 150,000. Of course, the pulse price offered is cheaper than the market price

The benefits that users can get are also very good to increase daily income. For example, for a pulse price of Rp. 5,000, the Payfazz application only costs Rp. 4,000, so each transaction you can earn Rp. 3-5 thousand.

2. Sepulsa

Another Android application that can be used to sell credit is Sepulsa. Of course, this application has been trusted by many users as evidenced by the number of positive reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store platform.

By using the Sepulsa application, agents or credit sellers can buy credit at very low prices in the pocket. So, they can use it to sell credit and get abundant profits.

No less interesting than other credit selling applications, this application offers credit from various providers. Including Telkomsel, Simpati, Indosat, IM3, XL, AXIS, Smartfren, By.U, Tri (Three), and others.

3. eFazz

The eFazz application is very easy to use, especially for those who are just starting the business of selling credit. The reason is that eFazz has a simple and easy to understand interface for each navigation menu.

In addition to selling credit at the lowest price compared to other applications, eFazz also does not charge users in its business. Because users can deposit with a very small nominal, which is only IDR 10,000.

In addition to selling the cheapest credit for all operators, the eFazz application also provides internet package data quota, unlimited packages, SMS packages, and also telephone packages. Accompanied by payment of electricity tokens, PPOB, game vouchers, and others.

4. Unitedtronik

Through the Unitedtronik application, each user as a credit seller can get credit and data packages at agent prices. Not only that, this application can also be used alone to get credit like a credit-generating application.

In addition to selling credit, users can also serve consumers to make other purchase transactions. Starting from electricity tokens, water bills, reloading electronic money balances, game vouchers, and even donating.

The Unitedtronik application also has quite complete features, including CS service support for 24 hours non-stop. This application also provides transaction history features, a list of favorite transactions, and more.

5. Ayopop

Ayopop is an application for selling credit that can be used easily to top up credit and pay bills. This application is highly recommended to Android users because it provides 24-hour support service.

By using the Ayopop application, users can easily make transactions directly for personal or agent purposes. For example, selling electric pulses, electricity tokens, to paying TV subscription bills.

Especially for users who want to be agents selling credit, Ayopop is a highly recommended application. Because the selling price of pulses and other digital payments in this application is so cheap compared to similar applications.

6. Kudo

In accordance with its slogan, namely selling pulses & super cheap data packages, Kudo provides an opportunity for credit sellers who want to earn extra income. You do this by selling the cheapest pulses and data packages on Kudo.

Besides being able to sell credit on the Kudo Android application, users can also sell electricity, train tickets, and much more. Of course, this application is very practical for users to use.

By using the Kudo application, who would have thought that credit resellers could also recruit Grab driver-partners. After recruiting Grab partners, you can also get additional income commissions of up to millions of rupiah.

7. iReload

The iReload application was developed by PT. Indo Cipta Guna and can be used on the Android platform. iReload is widely known as an application that allows users to get reseller prices from credit.

Including all the products offered in the iReload application, such as from top up, PLN electricity tokens, game vouchers, and others. You can also get more benefits by using iReload to sell credit.

For users who do not have the capital to sell credit, this application provides special facilities for those who are interested in starting an online business (selling credit) without capital. This app really offers unlimited benefits.

8. Kioser

Another application that can be used to sell credit is Kioser, with the slogan only one application for all payments. Kioser has been known to be one of the cheapest and most complete online credit distributor applications.

This application offers a wide variety of digital payment and purchase products. Starting from electric pulses for all operators, PLN electricity tokens, online game vouchers, and many others on the Kioser application.

Besides being easy to use for users who are just trying, Kioser also has quite complete features and makes it easier for credit agents. Including features of viewing transaction history, live chat service for 24 hours, and balance transfers between members.

The final word

Maybe it’s only up to this discussion of the android credit selling application as described in the discussion. You can use one of the applications above to become a credit agent in your neighborhood.

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