Screenshot Apps – Screenshot Apps. Some older versions of smartphones still don’t have a long screenshot feature, so they can’t take screenshots by scrolling the screen.

But don’t worry, because Android has all the solutions for you. When you look at the Play Store, you can definitely find a large selection of screenshot applications that can be used for long SS.

The application can also be used for free, has a small size, so it is very light to use on smartphones. Of course, there’s more than one choice if you’re not satisfied with an app.

It’s the same with investment apps, on this auspicious occasion we would like to share information with you about the best screenshot apps for Android phones. Please choose from the list of recommendations below.

List of Best Screenshot Apps on Android

Here are some of the best screenshot applications for Android smartphones. Please select and use the apps below to help you take short or long screenshots.

1. Tangkapan Layar Mudah

Easy Screenshot is the best screenshot app on Android phone. This app lets you easily take screenshots on your tablet, phone or other Android device.

The Screen recorder feature allows you to take videos, and then you can easily share them with your friends. Take pictures of full screen scrolling pages, with scrolling screenshot function.

Website screenshots capture full-size web pages in high quality. Use the simplest screen capture/screenshot app to not only record footage but also view, edit or share them in real time.

2. Web Scroll Capture

Web Scroll Capture is an application for taking long screenshots. This mobile long screenshot application is also very easy to use. All you need to do is open the app, enter the URL, and select a screenshot.

The interesting thing about this Web Scroll Capture application is that there are three options to choose from. The first option is “Download this page completely”. This function is used to download the full page. The second option is “Capture as PDF”.

This option in Web Scroll Capture is suitable for screenshots with results in PDF format. The third option in the Web Scroll Capture application is “Capture as Image”, which is a screenshot of an image.

3. Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Maybe the screenshot features and functions on the default smartphone sometimes press the lock button or the volume button, some even use a three-finger swipe. However, if you use a screenshot recorder, you can set a screenshot method.

For example, you can set the phone vibrate or shake or sound (play sound). The functions in this Screenshot & Screen Recorder app allow you to express yourself and customize as needed.

The functions in this Screenshot & Screen Recorder application are very simple and standard. However, Screenshot & Screen Recorder can be useful for those who like to take screenshots for business purposes.

4. Screenshot Touch

This Screenshot Touch application can be said to be very complete, because in addition to SS on cellphones. In addition, Android users who use the Screenshot Touch application can also record the cellphone screen based on their name.

To take a screenshot in Screenshot Touch, you just need to choose a way to take a screenshot, i.e. you can shake your phone or click a button. Of course this is very easy to use by anyone.

As the name suggests, you can also record your mobile screen activity in a very friendly format in the form of videos. Screenshot Touch app is very useful for those who want to show how-to or tutorials etc on social media.

5. Screen Master

Using the Screen Masterr application is very interesting and interesting because there is only one application and you can get 2 different functions which are very useful. This application is also free to use on Android.

By using the touch screen to take screenshots, you can take screenshots automatically with just one touch on the Screen Master app. This application is very good if used to take screenshots.

Due to its excellent features, you can choose the screenshot method you want to use via Screen Master. For example by touching the screen, notification area, or by shaking the phone (shake).

6. Screenshot

To take a screenshot, you can use the Geeks.Lab.2015 application which is widely used by Android users. People who often use it are online business people who are usually used for marketing.

This app called Screenshot, created by developer Geeks.lab.2015, is an easy-to-use Android apk with lots of functions. This application really has complete and useful features.

The advantage that users can feel using the Screenshot application is the ease of taking screenshots. In addition, users can then enjoy the convenience of editing directly.

7. Screenshot Ultimate

The next Android SS capture app is Screenshot Ultimate which is very useful for you. Because besides being able to be downloaded for free, this Ultimate Screenshot application for Android looks great because it has a Trigger function.

If you manage to get a screenshot in the Screenshot Ultimate app, you can edit it directly. Of course this makes it easier for users to take pictures or screenshots in the Screenshot Ultimate application.

Image editing in Screenshot Ultimate is believed to enhance images and make them more attractive. You can get SS of this Ultimate Screenshot for free through Google Play Store and use it easily.

Pengeditan gambar di Screenshot Ultimate diyakini dapat menyempurnakan gambar dan membuatnya lebih menarik. Anda bisa mendapatkan SS dari Screenshot Ultimate ini secara gratis melalui Google Play Store dan menggunakannya dengan mudah.

8. Web Screenshots for Android

Web Screenshots for Android is a lightweight long screenshot application with a size of approximately 1.5 MB. With this long screenshot app, you don’t have to bother anymore to merge your screenshots.

This is supported because the Web Screenshots for Android application can capture screens horizontally and vertically. Web Screenshots for Android lets you take longer screenshots by swiping through the app.

The Screenshots Web application for Android is also equipped with the ability to edit screenshots like a photo editing application. For example, deleting and changing the text color function, or deleting part of an already taken screenshot from Web Screenshots for Android.

The final word

The explanation of the best screenshot applications on Android smartphones seems to be enough here. Please use the applications that we have recommended above to use screenshots on Android phones.

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