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Stornowaybc.com – Rat Repellent App. Every house that has a plasterboard roof and sewer has the potential to bring dirty, disgusting, and smelly rats into the house.

The rat entered because he wanted to eat food or ingredients in our kitchen. Sometimes, they also sneak to avoid rain or water entering the sewer.

Of course, having rats in the house is not a good thing, on the contrary it can bring various bad effects such as declining health. Therefore we need various ways and efforts to get rid of it.

We are really lucky, because nowadays there are many applications that can be used to repel mice. Similar to the power button replacement application, the mouse repellent apk is widely available on Android.

List of Powerful Android Rat Repellent Applications

You can download a free collection of mouse repellent applications on Android devices that are powerful and efficient. But if you want to know what the application is, here we provide recommendations for you, please listen.

1. Rat Shield

As the name implies, Rat Shield is an application that can be used to repel mice from the house, bedroom, and kitchen. Applications made by FORFICTIONmobile you can try to repel mice efficiently.

This Rat Shield application is specifically designed to repel annoying mice that always come uninvited by you. The expulsion of rats is done by using a certain frequency sound that disturbs the rats.

The sound will not disturb the human ear so it is as if we don’t hear anything. Not only that, Rat Shield also works by producing ultrasonic frequencies that mice don’t like.

2. Anti Rat Repeller

Then there is the mouse-busting application made by American Dream 95, one of the well-known developers on the Play Store. The developer presents an application to repel mice and can be used for free.

In the Anti Rat Repeller application, when turned on it will make a sound that will make mice feel uncomfortable, don’t like being close to the sound source. Automatically, the sound produced can repel mice efficiently.

A unique thing in this application, Anti Rat Repeller is not only used to repel mice. But the Anti Rat Repeller is also claimed to be useful in repelling other insects, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

3. Anti Mouse Repeller

Rats that enter the house are very annoying, but they will also be disturbed by noise. Noise is meant here does not mean noise that can be heard by humans.

But there is a special noise frequency that makes animals like mice very uncomfortable. The Anti Mouse Repeller application will emit the sound with a power of 18-23 kHz which is very unattractive to mice.

The frequency of the sound that disturbed the mice would hurt their ears, but was completely unheard of by humans. So this application is classified as safe to use even in the long term.

4. Ultrasound Barrier

Another option you can use the Ultrasound Barrier application which you can use to repel mice. The Ultrasound Barrier application works by emitting certain ultrasonic frequencies like other mouse repellent apps.

Not only can it be used to repel mice in the kitchen at home. This application has features and uses that are even more complete, namely Ultrasound Barrier can repel flies, mosquitoes, dogs, and cats.

Ultrasound Barrier created by USE Engineering Corporation, has the feature of being able to emit ultrasonic frequencies ranging from 15 kHz to 20 kHz. You can set the sound at 20 kHz to repel mice.

5. Rat Control Guide

Rat Control Guide is not really an application that can emit ultrasonic frequencies. Basically this application made by Everyone Learning Apps provides information and tips to repel mice.

This application provides tips in the form of interesting articles that you can follow the tutorial. The guidelines contained in the Rat Control Guide can be followed to repel mice accurately, efficiently, and quickly.

Apk Rat Control Guide also presents informative videos that are useful for helping you get rid of mice. That way you can find out where the mouse nest that has been hidden in the house has been.

6. Rat Repellent Sound

Next, we recommend another best offline rat repellent application from us called Rat Repellent Sound. The application claims to be able to repel many mice at once just through sound.

The sound produced by Rat Repellent Sound can only be heard by mice. So obviously it will not interfere with your sound sleep at night and will not interfere with human hearing.

Rat Repellent Sound is also very easy to use because the navigation menu is so simple. Users only need to select the strength of the sound frequency, starting from the lowest is 10KHZ to 21KHZ, then click Start to activate it.

7. Suara Jangkrik Pengusir Tikus MP3

This mouse repellent application was made by an Indonesian developer, named Suara Jangkrik Mice Repellent MP3. You should know, the sound of crickets is not liked by mice because of its noisy sound,

This app will help make crickets sound in your home, so you can use it to get rid of rats from your home. So, you don’t have to bother keeping crickets at home.

There are so many advantages offered by this application, ranging from the original sound of crickets, short, melodious, long duration, and others. The MP3 Mouse Repellent Cricket Sound will also automatically play back if the MP3 is over.

8. Suara Pengusir Tikus Paling Ampuh

Next is the Most Powerful Rat Repellent Sound, you could say this application is somewhat unique compared to other applications. Because this application actually provides it in MP3 form.

So we don’t need to be confused about which sound frequency the mice don’t like. Everything is there, just click play and leave it overnight so the mice won’t dare to approach.

The MP3 sound provided in the Most Powerful Rat Repellent Sounds is also quite varied. Starting with sounds to repel sewer mice, the sound of crickets, anti-rats, and others which of course are very powerful.

9. Mouse Repellent Sound

Next there is Mouse Repellent Sound, this application works online so it doesn’t save a lot of memory on the cellphone. This application is fairly powerful to repel mice in your house that often interfere.

It is necessary to know that the Repellent Sound Mouse works by making a low sound and gradually becoming louder. The sound will continue to repeat and make the rat feel annoyed by it.

To activate the Mouse Repellent Sound application is very easy. The reason is that you only need to touch the red circle image to turn it green, then this application will automatically repel mice for you.

10. Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repellent sound

If you want to get rid of mice and insects that always roam your house, you can try using the Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repellent sound application. This application can be used for free on Android devices.

As the name implies, the Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repellent sound application is claimed to be able to repel various types of mice in the house easily. This application will rely on ultrasonic sound in its work.

In addition, the vibration and sound frequency in Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repellent sound can also be adjusted according to your needs. The frequency varies, ranging from 0 to 22,000 Hz.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding the rat repellent application on Android. Hopefully the mice in your house can be expelled and they can no longer enter the house.

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