Prayer Reminder App – Prayer Reminder App. Sometimes someone must have forgotten the schedule and prayer times, especially if the busyness of work and education is so dense that it makes it unavoidable.

Prayer reminder applications can be a solution for those who want to perform worship on time. With this application, your cellphone will remind you that the call to prayer has sounded and the prayer time has arrived.

That way you don’t have to worry anymore about missing prayers or other worship. Like the mobile phone exchange application or diet application, this prayer reminder application is also available for Android and iOS devices.

For those who want to install the application, on this occasion we will provide information to you about what applications can be used for free. The following information and recommendations.

List of Free Adhan and Prayer Reminder Applications

Without saying anything else, here’s a complete explanation of the application to remind the call to prayer and prayer for free. Please see directly the explanation and information that we have adapted from various sources.

1. Waktu Sholat

The recommended application as a reminder of your prayer times and adhan is Prayer Times. This application is available for free via the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.

This most accurate prayer reminder application not only shows information about prayer times for the 5 daily prayers. Instead, the task of this prayer reminder application can also be used to find the nearest mosque in your location.

Even more interesting news, the innovation of this application has presented a tasbih feature to help count dhikr. There are also various kinds of Islamic events and calculation of zakat based on Indonesian and Malaysian calculations.

2. Al Quran Indonesia

As the name implies, users of the Indonesian Al Quran application can read and even listen to the chanting of the holy Quran. But its features do not only act as an online Al-Quran application.

However, Al Quran Indonesia also serves as another useful additional feature. One of the interesting features in it is that there is a prayer schedule and imsakiyah, complete with a call to prayer alarm.

There is also a daily prayer schedule and imsakiyah calendar, which of course will be very useful for Muslims during the month of Ramadan. In addition, this application can also be obtained for free without a subscription.

3. Muslim Player Times by Vmuslim

This application has been downloaded by many users and gets positive reviews. Muslim Player Times by Vmuslim has complete features, such as prayer times whose location can be set by yourself.

The prayer reminder feature in the application is also equipped with a call to prayer alarm that can be selected from 30 different muezzins. So, the sound of the call to prayer that you will hear will be more varied.

Not only that, the features include Qibla direction information, the location of the mosque along with features such as distance measuring applications, etc. All features of Muslim Player Times by Vmuslim are very useful, including the Hijri calendar, 99 Asmaul Husna, to various daily prayers.

4. Muslim Pro

Another prayer time reminder application that you should not forget to add to the list is Muslim Pro. This application can be obtained for free on Android devices by downloading it on the Play Store.

However, several years ago, Muslim Pro was hit by unpleasant issues. The reason is that the prayer reminder application is accused of selling data to the United States military even though it is not proven to be true.

However, the Muslim Pro management company denied the reports. Apart from that, the free Muslim Pro apk can also be used for prayer reminders, adhan, and imsak times around the world.

5. Salaam

This prayer reminder application is very good and has really complete features. No wonder, because Salaam is an application directly created by Samsung and can be downloaded on your smartphone.

In addition to reminding your five daily fardhu prayer times, the Salaam application also includes a digital Al-Quran. The Al-Quran feature in it can be read by users online or offline.

Salaam is also a complete application for Muslims because it includes the Qibla direction. Automatic Qibla direction directions are as accurate as the maps application is able to detect the Qibla direction according to your current location.

6. Prayer Times, Adhan, Qibla

Next there are Prayer Times, Adhan, Qibla, this application to remind Muslims prayer times is very easy to use. You can install it on smartphones with even low specifications.

This prayer reminder application called Prayer Time, Adhan, Qibla is really reliable. Especially because in the Prayer Times application, Adhan, Qibla contains a lot of interesting features for Muslims.

Prayer Times, Adhan, Qibla as a reminder of this prayer do things that help Muslim and Muslim worship activities. For example, such as by showing the Qibla direction from your location.

7. Usholli

The next alternative, you can use an Android apk named Usholli. The application has many useful features, especially so that you will not miss or miss doing the fardhu prayer.

Usholli provides fajr, dzuhur, asr, maghrib, and isha prayer schedules based on data from the official portal of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. So the schedule and prayer times will be very accurate.

The Usholli application is also accompanied by a mosque map, Qibla direction, and like a diet application, this apk also has a widget installation feature for Android phones. Of course, this application is absolutely mandatory for you to try.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding the free prayer reminder application. Hopefully with this application we will no longer leave the obligation to pray.

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