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Stornowaybc.com – Power Button Replacement App. If you use your smartphone excessively, it is not impossible that some of the parts on your phone will become damaged and cannot be repaired.

Like the power and volume buttons, which are often damaged by use. Usually the two buttons can be damaged due to too many restarts, shutdowns, reduces, and increases the volume of the cellphone.

We might be able to try the service, but if you want other options, you can use an application to replace the power and volume buttons. With this app, you can restart, increase and decrease the volume without any external buttons.

Like the automatic scrolling application, this apk replacement for the power button will be very useful when installed. Moreover, these applications can be obtained for free through the Google Play Store.

List of Power and Volume Button Replacement Apps

Here are the recommended replacement applications for the power and volume buttons on Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, Advan, Sony, Nokia, and others. You can listen in full in the reviews and discussions that have been summarized from the following various sources.

1. Double Tap Off

The main application that is recommended as a replacement for the power and volume buttons on Android phones is Double Tap Off. This application can work to turn off and restart the cellphone even though the power button is broken.

Double Tap Off is one of the on off button applications that you can use for free. This application has a feature to quickly turn off or turn on your cellphone by simply pressing the screen twice.

By using this application, of course users can prevent the HP power button from being damaged due to frequent pressing. This application is very mandatory for you to install as well as the application to speed up the game.

2. Button Savior Non Root

Another recommendation is an application called Button Savior Non Root. The Button Savior Non Root application is the mainstay of many people because it has a variety of useful navigation options.

You can use various navigation buttons such as call button, volume up, volume down, camera, back, home, screen off and recent task. And there are many other navigation buttons in Button Savior Non Root.

Downloading this app can help Android users not only deal with a broken power button. However, users can also use Button Savior Non Root as if other physical buttons on Android are damaged.

3. Air Lock Screen

Next there is an application that many people may already know. This external power and volume button replacement application has been downloaded by more than a million people on the Play Store.

The power button application in question is the Air Lock Screen. This lightweight and free application for Android has a feature instead of the power button to turn on and off the Android cellphone screen.

By using this Air Lock Screen application, users will not have to bother touching the cellphone screen and pressing the power button continuously. Simply by clicking the button above the screen like a swipe gesture, the Android cellphone screen will automatically turn on / off by itself.

4. Easy Touch

Easy Touch is the next recommended application that can be used as a substitute for the power button on Android. This apk can be obtained and used completely for free by users.

How it works Easy Touch works by bringing up virtual buttons on the screen. These buttons can be customized, like the power button, restart, airplane mode, volume, and many others.

If the virtual button on this Android phone is activated, it’s very easy. Not only that, this application can also perform activities that are usually carried out by the power button, which is very useful, such as battery saving applications on Android phones.

5. Power Button to Volume Button

Next there is an application called Power Button to Volume Button. This Android application has a unique feature, which can be used to turn the volume button into the power button.

The goal is that the volume buttons on your cellphone can be used to turn on or turn off the Android smartphone. We recommend that users have to install this application before the HP power button is damaged.

So you don’t need to panic when your HP power button is broken. Because the function and work will be transferred to the volume buttons that still work well on your Android device.

6. Soft Keys – Home Back Button

Applications to replace the role of the power button can also be done with the Soft Keys – Home Back Button application. The application can be used for free by downloading it first via the Play Store.

Soft Keys – Home Back Button has several button options such as notification lock screen (notifications on the lock screen), back, home button, and recent. In addition there are many other button options.

Including the navigation bar buttons on the application that you can also move in various positions on the phone screen. This application is really useful to use if your power button is broken.

7. Navigation Bar – Soft Keys

Another unique and useful application is the Navigation Bar – Soft Keys. The Navigation Bar – Soft Keys application allows Android phone users to move the navigation location according to their own wishes.

When activated, this application will display 5 buttons that can be customized as desired. Starting from buttons such as notification, home button, back, recent, and lock screen.

In addition, this application will also add a button to display and change the position of the navigation bar of your cellphone. You don’t need to subscribe to paid, pro, or premium features because this apk is free or free to use.

8. Pie Control

If you’ve used the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) before KitKat, then you’ve probably seen navigation menus that look like pie charts. The menu functions as a shortcut control for several navigation keys.

The Pie Control application is useful by displaying navigation like a circle on the AOSP. When you use this application, the standard navigation buttons for Android phones will appear.

The buttons in question such as the home button, back, recent, and several shortcuts that can be selected as needed. In the latest version, even Pie Control can bring up navigation buttons on bars on various sides of the screen.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding the power button replacement application on Android. Hopefully you can use this useful application well.

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