Physics Question Answering Application with Camera – Physics question answering application with camera. Have you ever felt dizzy and had difficulty answering Physics questions that were your homework or assignments from your school teacher?

Have you ever thought about finding the answer instantly on the internet online? But sometimes they are so lazy they are reluctant to retype the questions from the Physics lesson.

Don’t worry, there are several applications that can be used to answer Physics questions with just photos. This application is of course very useful for those of you who want to quickly get answers to Physics questions.

Choice of Physics Question Answering Applications with Camera

Here are a number of application options to answer Physics questions with a camera accurately, completely, and free on Android. Please see and see the full explanation in the review below.

1. Photo Study Apk

Like the Photomath and QandA apps, the Photo Study app can help you study by photographing problems and scanning them. The difference is, Photo Study only focuses on Physics subjects, but also mathematics and others.

As an application to answer physics questions, the Photo Study application or platform has interesting features, you know. With this app, you can consult a teacher or specialist in real time for 10 minutes.

Not bad if you’re doing homework or preparing for an exam, right? In addition, the Photo Study Apk application is free without having to pay. If you’re having trouble answering physics questions, Photo Study can help.

2. Kalkulator Fisika Apk

Studying physics will certainly come across many formulas with different functions. In fact, you can learn and memorize these formulas from books. But if you’re bored, you can make an interesting choice!

Using Physics Calculator as an application to answer physics questions, you can find more than 100 physics formulas. Despite the name calculator, this application is not only for Physics calculations.

The interface of the Physics Calculator Apk application can also be said to be very simple and fresh, and it is not easy to get bored. You can have the Physics Calculator Apk application to find answers to Physics questions quickly.

3. Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics, as the name implies, means pocket book, is an app for answering math problems with summaries. This app not only helps you answer questions, but also provides 22 other Physics materials.

It also includes Newton’s law formulas, electrostatics, sound, astronomy. Complete, right? For those who are not always connected to the internet, don’t be confused and embarrassed to ask because this will cost you.

Pocket Study application can run without internet connection at all. You can also play mini-games like interactive moving blocks while learning physics! You can download the Pocket Physics app directly from the Play Store.

4. Socratic

This Google-powered app called Socratic is constantly being promoted for its good quality. Here you will find not only physics subjects but also other subjects such as from biology to history.

Visual display with aesthetic abilities, you will not get bored easily here learning physics. Not only that, but Socratic also provides step-by-step explanations that are easy for you to understand.

Also, you can work with an expert or teacher who will help you with your physics homework. That’s why Socratic is one of the free and useful apps to answer physics questions with Socratic.

5. Physics Cheater

The name of the next application that is very good and useful to use is the Physics Cheater application. Maybe you get a little nervous when you hear the word “liar” because you’re afraid the app will teach you what’s wrong.

But make no mistake, the cheat terms mentioned here are a clever way to understand physics. Physics Cheater also offers a variety of materials, including mechanics, electrostatics, thermodynamics, impulses.

Even the Physics Cheater app can calculate various other purposes such as momentum, optics and magnetism, and more. The simple interface of the Physics Cheater application will also make it easier for you to use it.


Those are some recommended applications for answering physics questions with an Android camera that can be used. Hopefully this article helps you to more easily choose and use applications to answer Physics questions.

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