Photo Pass App – Photo Pass App. Photo printing for official documents should not be done carelessly, but there are special sizes that must be used, namely 3×4 or 4×6.

The photograph can be used for various purposes, such as making an electronic ID card, applying for a job, registering for college, and much more. Usually, the manufacture is done at the copier.

But now we can also make our own photo size using an application on Android. The advantage of making your own passport photo is that we can adjust it so that the results are maximized.

Because sometimes when we are at a photocopier, the craftsman just makes a photo, as long as it fits at a size of 3×4 or 4×6. Maybe you will wonder what applications are capable of doing this.

Best Passport App on Android

Well on this occasion we will give you recommendations regarding some of the best photo application options on Android phones. Please see the full review in the following explanation.

1. Pas Photo Maker

Pas Photo Maker is one of the most popular photo apps for Android users. By using this Pas Photo Maker application you will get very interesting features and of course easy to use.

You can use one of these functions to make photos of various sizes into one sheet that can be printed immediately. This Pass Photo Maker app has all standard paper sizes and it’s free.

Apart from that, Pas Photo Maker has another interesting feature, namely the ability to change the background of the photo. There is also an advanced feature for background removal. If you want to use Pas Photo Maker, just download it on the Play Store.

2. Reduce Photo Size

Another app that we highly recommend to you is Reduce Photo Size. Reduce Photo Size is a very simple 3×4 photo app. This application has a feature to resize photos according to our wishes.

By using this Reduce Photo Size application you can change cm size using pixels easily and quickly. The full dimensions include 2 x 3 = 57 x 58 pixels, 3 x 4 = 85 x 113 pixels, 4 x 6 = 113 x 170 pixels.

The initial function you should use when using this photo app is to remove and change the background color. The two features in Reduce Photo Size can change the size of the photo according to your wishes.

3. Passport Photo Maker

One passport photo application that has many interesting features is called Passport Photo Maker. By using this application you can edit photos such as 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 photos and many other sizes.

The advantages of the Passport Photo Maker application are also very easy for users to use. Not only that, the Passport Photo Maker application also has a light size so it is not heavy when used.

The Passport Photo Maker application even has very good ratings and reviews among users. Thus, the Passport Photo Maker application does not need to be doubted for its quality.

4. Background Eraser

While using this app, you can change the background color of your photos with your own style. This can be done on the photo you want to resize. Usually, photos have a red or blue background color.

By using this Background Eraser application you can change the background color to your liking. As a first step in the Background Eraser, you must first erase the existing photo background.

Then you can make changes according to your wishes and needs. This application has several interesting features. In addition, the function of tototation mode is to delete the same pixels automatically.

5. Man Suit Photo Editor

If you want a photo with a professional look and background, please use Man Suit Photo Editor. Basically, the Man Suit Photo Editor application is one of the right choices.

One of the photo apps that is very easy to use. The first step you can take is to select a photo to edit later. Then you can choose the type of uniform you want to wear in the photo.

Then you can crop the face using the Man Suit Photo Editor application. Then adjust the background color and the type of clothing you want to include in the photo and then print it immediately.


So the discussion about the best photo pass application that we can convey in the explanation above. Hopefully the discussion that we convey can be useful for those who want to make a photo pass.

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