Photo Cleaner App – Photo Cleaner App. On Android cellphones, there are lots of photo editing applications that can be used to manipulate images, making images clearer, clearer, not blurry.

Even images that are not clear, blur, blur can be made clearer and HD in just a few clicks. Of course this application is very helpful for those who have a hobby of photography with friends.

Actually there is also a way to clarify blurry photos without an application, so that it can save memory and RAM. But if your cellphone has qualified specs, you should just use the application to make it more practical.

Not much different from ghost detection applications, photo purifier and clarifying apks can be found for free via Android. You can also download it without having to pay on the Play Store easily.

List of Best Photo Purifier Apps on Android

Below is a recommended list of the best blur and blur photo clearing applications on Android phones. Please see the full information in the reviews and reviews that we present below.

1. Pixlr

One of the more fun and friendly photo clarifying apps available, Pixlr. This app gives you access to a lot of interesting options, including being able to perform photo purification in one click.

In addition, you can also add text labels above the image to draw the sky on the photo and replace it with something else. Despite all the advanced functionality of the app, Pixlr is always easy to use.

You can also do some general photo editing, such as rotate and crop images, remove red eye, apply multiple filters and borders, and more. This application can make your blurry and blurry images clearer.

2. Afterlight

Spend a few minutes with Afterlight, you can make photos that were blurry and unclear become clearer. Afterlight has a professional and minimalistic design, making editing your photos so much easier.

In addition to photo purifier, Afterlight also includes many features from a collection of effective filters to practical ones. Your photos will look better than ever, clearer, better quality, and of course HD.

Afterlight, which is also an iPhone photo editing application, also has many other features. This app lets you change colors in images, put text over images, create effects like double exposure, flip photos, and much more.

3. Lightroom

Are you looking for quick presets to clear up your images or want to gain more in-depth control over how they look? Lightroom is the best image and photo editor that you can try.

You don’t need an active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use the best Lightroom apps on your phone. This application can be obtained for free via the Android Play Store without a subscription.

This app provides an excellent list of photo cleaning features. Includes crop, rotate, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white balance, saturation, sharpness, blur, decay, and geometry features.


VSCO is one of the oldest and most respected blur photo editing app for everyone. When you want to clear images automatically, apply one of several filters with one tap.

You can also use VSCO if you want to thoroughly inspect your photos in depth. From the colors, lighting and contrast of your photos, VSCO has the tools to help you, all served with VSCO features.

Two of VSCO’s most used features are presets (a carefully selected selection of filters) and settings (from skin tones to blur effects). In addition to everything you’d expect in a photo editor, there are many more interesting features.

5. A Color Story

If you’re looking for a clear photo maker app that’s easy to use, then you can use A Color Story (available for free for iOS and Android). How to clear photos, just choose from the large filters of this application to convert photos to HD.

This app is very useful for enhancing your photos. Especially photos that were blurry, blurry, dim, and unclear can become clear quality in just a few clicks.

In the free A Color Story, there are four main filters that can do the job, namely Pop, Everyday, Sharp, Light Bright. The feature does a great job of brightening and whitening your photos.

6. ProCamera

Travel photos and nature photos provide great backgrounds for inspirational quotes. If you’re out on a hot day, use the ProCamera app to take some scenic shots.

This application will automatically improve the quality of your camera, which used to take blurry pictures to become brighter. ProCamera is the best choice when you want to clear your photos.

The ProCamera app’s HDR feature does a great job of balancing contrast in light. To select the HDR tool before you take the photo, tap the up and down arrows on the left side of the shutter button.

7. Pixomatic

Have a great photo but the background is distracting or messy? Use the free Pixomatic app on Android. Pixomatic is useful for blurring the background of an image and giving it a DSLR look.

This app allows you to quickly outline your focal point. So you can edit a background that looked very blurry to be clearer and clearer.

The background blur encourages the viewer of the photo to focus on the desired point in the image. To blur the photo background, this application is also an application to clarify blurry photos.

The final word

Until here first the discussion that we can convey in the article above about the android photo cleaner application. By using this application you can clear photos that are blurry, blurry, or unclear.

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