Paraphrasing App – Paraphrasing App. Paraphrasing a sentence, paragraph, or paragraph is an easy job to do actually, but if the sentence is not too long.

If we are asked to paraphrase pages and pages of sentences and writings, of course it will be troublesome too. But we are really lucky because nowadays we can use online applications.

That’s right, on Android phones there are lots of choices of the best paraphrasing applications that can be used easily. We can download these applications for free directly through the Google Play Store.

We will give you recommendations on what are the best paraphrasing apps that Android users can use. The full review can be seen in the explanation below.

Best Paraphrasing Apps on Android

Please see and use some recommended applications to paraphrase the best and most complete sentences on Android phones. These applications can also be directly used for free.

1. SEO Magnifier

The first online paraphrasing app was SEO Magnifier. One of the advantages of this online paraphrasing application is that it is available in 7 languages. There are also many languages ​​available in SEO Magnifier.

Among others, there are English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Indonesian. To use this paraphrasing tool, you just need to search in a search engine and you will get a direct link to the site.

Then after opening the site, directly paste the text. On the home page you will find many options for the features it offers. Since you will be paraphrasing text, you must select the Paraphrase Tools menu.


The second online paraphrasing application is The name of this paraphrasing tool already matches the URL. So, all you need to do is type this name in a search engine or just click the link on the official

Unlike SEO Magnifier, which offers services in 7 languages, only provides paraphrasing services in Indonesian. Another difference is that at you must have an account before using it.

Don’t worry because creating an account here is 100% free, aka you won’t be charged a penny. The account creation process is fast and very easy. After creating an account, you only need to log in to use the service.

3. Paraprashing Tool

The next option as an online paraphrasing application is to use the Paraprashing Tool. The process is actually similar to the two methods above. However, this paraphrasing tool platform is designed for automatic and fast paraphrasing.

There are no options or features other than interpreting text within the Paraprashing Tool application. With the Paraprashing Tool, you can immediately find a box on the main page to enter the text that needs to be paraphrased.

Copy the text in the box and click the Overwrite Now option. Once the process is complete, a box next to the paraphrase will display the results of the paraphrase, which can then be copied directly into a new or existing document.

4. Prepostseo

Our recommended online paraphrasing application in Indonesian is Prepostseo. The advantage of Prepostseo is that it provides translation services in eight languages, namely English, Dutch, French, Spanish.

There are also German, Portuguese, Turkish, and Indonesian languages ​​supported by Prepostseo. Just like, we need to create an account before we can use the paraphrasing service on Prepostseo easily and practically.

After creating an account, you can immediately use the paraphrasing service on Prepostseo. Another advantage is that there are two options for paraphrasing. First, you can easily upload files directly from your PC.

5. Duplichecker

Duplichecker being the next app we can recommend to you. By using the Duplichecker app, you can use their service for free by visiting

Once you enter the site, you will be presented with menu options. To check for plagiarism, enter your sentence in the box provided. DupliChecker can be used without registration so it is really practical to use.

However, the downside is that you only get one chance per day to check. In fact, this site can be used not only to check for signs of theft, but also spell check and batch check.


That’s the discussion about the best paraphrasing application that we can convey in the explanation above. We hope that our discussion will be useful for those who want to auto-paraphrase.

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