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Stornowaybc.com – Overseas Matchmaking Application. Looking for a partner from another country is the desire of a number of people, because many want to learn different cultures and customs from other countries.

No need to bother getting acquainted, dating, and chatting with the opposite sex from different countries. Because now we can directly relate and chat with them using online chat applications.

Of course we have to use an application that specifically brings together the opposite sex, male and female. The application in question is a foreign, international matchmaking application, or a foreign matchmaking bureau.

It is this application that we will discuss in the article now. At least there are several choices of the best foreign matchmaking applications that can be used on Android phones, reliable, and of course real humans, not robots.

The Best Overseas Matchmaking Application on Android Phones

Here are the recommendations for the best foreign matchmaking applications on Android phones that can be installed and used. Of course this application is free, without ads, and of course real with many positive reviews.

1. Zoosk

The first application to find a mate abroad is the Zoosk application. The way this application works is not much different from some other matchmakers, namely looking for the right partner, matchmaking, and continuing to chat.

Zoosk offers several features that prioritize safe dating, such as avatar verification, which requires the person in the photo to be the same as the real person. This application is very useful for international matchmakers.

Phone numbers and social media accounts are then also verified to ensure the authenticity of the person’s property. This makes this application widely trusted, it can be seen from the number of ratings and good reviews.


The next best foreign matchmaking app worth checking out is SLOWLY – Connected to the World!. This application is available for free on the Android platform and can be installed directly from the Google Play Store.

SLOWLY is an international matchmaking agency application that carries the concept of a traditional pen pal experience. This application called SLOWLY also allows users to have pen pals from abroad.

What’s unique about SLOWLY is that the farther away your pen pal is, the longer it will take for the letter to arrive. Of course you must try this application to be installed on your Android phone.

3. Date in Asia

Next is the name of the application which is very famous because it is often advertised. The application in question is Date in Asia and as the name implies, this application is specifically intended to find a mate in the Asian region.

Date in Asia is very suitable for users who want to try to find a foreign partner, especially Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore. In this app, there are many adult users who are ready to take big steps.

However, to be able to message someone, you have to pay. To save costs, you can work around this by showing your mobile number so you can chat on other chat apps.

4. yoomee

yoomee is a perfect match and matchmaking app for serious users who want to get married. This application offers an easy way so that you can match each other with officially registered members of the opposite sex.

The reason is, the yoomee application is designed for those who want to meet users to a more serious level with those who are ready to be invited. This application is specifically made for those who want to be serious in a romantic relationship.

So if you just want to play games or just for fun, it is recommended not to use this app. yoomee is available for free download via Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone).

5. Tinder

The next app where you can find your soulmate abroad is Tinder. Using this app you can meet single men or women who can be invited to meet on TinderTinder.

The Tinder app has been downloaded by more than 100 million users, and is equipped with features that make it easy to find a partner. You could say Tinder is the most popular app to list in this article.

Swipe right if you like the user, swipe left if you don’t. You can only match on Tinder if you like each other. After that, you can chat to get to know anyone on Tinder.

6. Bottled

Bottled has a feature that allows its users to find partners in a way that is unique from others. In this case, you will be asked to write a letter and then put it in Bottled and throw it into the sea.

You don’t get to choose who the recipient will be, because shabby letters will be received at random by people. If someone likes the letter, he will save it and you can continue the chat phase.

But if the other party doesn’t like it, he can wash the letter again and someone else will accept it. Very unique isn’t it? If you are interested in trying it, just download the application on the Android Play Store.

7. Bumble

Another free overseas dating and matchmaking application that you can use is Bumble. Bumble is available for free and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and App Store for Android or iPhone users.

Unlike other dating apps, Bumble requires women to message the man she’s after. If a guy doesn’t reply within 24 hours, they lose the guy.

The Bumble application is also very safe for women who are really looking for a life partner and soulmate. After that, the Bumble app will remove the unsafe guy from the dating section of the virtual world.

8. Tantan

Not inferior to other matchmaking applications, you can use Tantan as an option to get a mate from the virtual world. This application has been widely used by Indonesians to find a mate from abroad or abroad.

The Tantan application is also widely used by Asian users, so you can get matches from countries in Asia. So, you can easily meet couples from Korea, Japan, China, Arabia, India, and others.

Tantan offers users a live streaming feature to showcase their talents, such as singing, playing guitar, or reading poetry. Tantan prioritizes user privacy, you can hide personal information and only show photos.

9. Badoo

Many users are already familiar with this application. The application is Badoo. Badoo is very popular as a matchmaking app including foreigners. This application is also used by many users from various countries.

This automatically makes it easier for Badoo application users to meet foreigners who match your criteria. You can chat with people you are interested in after meeting and viewing their photos on the Badoo app.

It’s up to you both to decide later whether to continue the severity. If you want to download and try it, just install it officially from the Play Store, and create a Badoo account to start looking for a partner.

The final word

We have explained the review of the article on the best verseas matchmaking application in full in the discussion above. Apart from finding a match abroad apk, we also have many other interesting readings, don’t forget to read other articles on Stornowaybc.com.

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