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Stornowaybc.com – Outpouring App. If you are confused about who to talk to, confide in whom you have problems with love, education, or work, maybe you need a vent application.

In the application, you can meet people who are willing to listen to your problems. Not only that, some apps even offer to talk directly to a professional psychologist.

You also don’t need to upload any identity including ID card and real name. So, you can comfortably and feel calm when you want to vent so that you can get solutions to existing problems.

On the last occasion we have also reviewed the song search application, here we will share an application that is also no less interesting. Check out the list of the best and free online psychologist confide applications below.

List of Best Psychologist Chat Apps

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of good, best, online, and free psychologist confide applications. Here’s the full review just for you all.

1. Curhad

The vent application that is available for free on Android is Curhad. This application can help you get rid of all the fatigue in your heart about love, friends, work relationships, crushes, parents, and others.

You can talk about anything without knowing your real identity here. Curhad is a smart choice for those who want to feel more relieved. In this application, you can chat with other Curhad users anonymously.

Each user can also share stories, problems, and anything with fellow Curhad users. Your confidentiality will be guaranteed, and you can even use a pseudonym if you want.

2. Securhat

Still around free apk to vent. There is a new application on Android devices called Securhat. The Securhat application makes it easy for you to get friends to chat about your complaints.

You can talk to them about small problems, even problems that make you dizzy. This application can also keep your identity secret so it will not be revealed.

Securhat has been widely used as a place for people who need friends to share with each other to solve life’s problems. Chat can be done with new friends and you can also make friends with them.

3. eCurhat

Another application that can be used to convey complaints in the heart is eCurhat. This application is made by a local developer and is marketed only for the target of young Indonesians.

This application can be used by you to express your feelings about love, economy, family, and more. You can also chat without your real name so you don’t have to be embarrassed about your identity being exposed.

eCurhat can be one application that provides you with interesting solutions. By using eCurhat, you don’t have to burden yourself with such complicated problems.

4. Riliv – Curhat dengan Psikolog

If you want to talk to a psychologist online, you can use an app called Riiv. This application is even widely known by the Indonesian people, especially among young people.

In the Riliv application, you can confide in psychologists who are already pro consulting with students majoring in psychology. This application also guarantees to keep your personal identity anonymous and private.

The psychologist who helps you at Riliv also claims to be able to provide understanding and attention for those of you who want to vent. This application is much more useful than China’s no banned live streaming application.

5. Pesona

By using Enchantment, you can vent to your heart’s content. Starting from small, trivial problems, even to big, complicated problems you can express only in the Pesona application.

Not surprising, because the Pesona application provides a place where anonymous users can vent to their heart’s content about anything. In this application also prepared several features that are of course useful.

So that you can talk calmly about romance, you can enter a feature called Curheart. Meanwhile, if you have interesting and even sad moments or stories besides love, you can enter the Story feature.

6. Gabut – Chat Anon Kuy

If you want to make comments about anything as much as possible without knowing your identity, you can use the Gabut – Chat Anon Kuy application. This application could be the right solution for you.

Because by using the confide application that is equipped with this anonymous chat, your vent listener is ready to accommodate any complaints. This application can also be used for free, similar to the free random video call application.

In this application, which is available for free on the Play Store, there is a storytelling feature with friends from various cities in Indonesia. In addition, because it is an anonymous vent application, you can rest easy using it.

7. AhwalNote Tombol Hati : Curhat Islami

Different from others, AhwalNote Kunci Hati: Islamic Confession has a religious element. This application is very good to use, especially for those of you who follow Islam and are Muslims or Muslim women.

AhwalNote is the best recommended apk for venting that will accommodate and listen to stories and even your problems. You can meet many people, both women and men.

This application called AhwalNote is very suitable and suitable for use as a place to vent Islamic religion. In addition, you will also be given problem solving from hadiths and even verses from the Koran.

8. Konsultasi Cinta & Keluarga

Applications to confide with psychologists on other Android phones called Love & Family Consultation. This application offers an interesting feature, namely bringing in a professional psychologist to provide a solution for you.

Every user of the Love & Family Consultation application can consult them about the thorny and complicated problems of life. You can even use this application to vent about love or family problems.

Not just chatting, users of the Love & Family Consultation application can also read various inspirational stories to find the best solutions experienced by other people.

9. Tamara Curhat

Next, there is Tamara Confession which can be used as the best solution for those of you who want to convey a complaint. This apk is very good to use as a platform to vent online.

An application called Tamara Confession is specifically intended for those of you who have problems in matters of romance and romance only. You can confide in your crush, girlfriend, lover, or even husband and wife.

In addition to venting, users can also see complaints from other people as learning for themselves. The app even provides tips with some great self-improvement articles for you to read.

The final word

Maybe it’s only here for the discussion, thank you for listening to the article about recommendations for free outpouring applications. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful, especially for those who want to vent online.

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