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Stornowaybc.com – Opera Mini App. If you have been a smartphone user for a long time, you may be familiar with the name Opera Mini. True, this is a browser that is claimed to be the fastest browsing.

The size of the Opera Mini application is also very light, suitable for installing on smartphones with low specifications. In addition, Opera Mini also has an adblock feature that can block annoying ads on the internet.

At this time you may also want to try the Opera Mini application on your cellphone, but there are only the latest Opera applications. Are you looking for an old version of the app? Don’t worry because we provide it after discussing the Pos Indonesia receipt check application.

But before heading to the download link for the official free old version of the Opera Mini application, first we need to know what features are in it. Including about advantages, how to download, use, and others.

Opera Mini at a Glance

Opera Mini APK is a browser that claims to pay attention to speed and convenience, in addition to the developer’s claim that this browser is very light. The Opera Mini app also pays attention to user browsing privacy.

Opera Mini browser has a variety of features that its users can rely on. Such as the data saving mode option, which can save Internet data expenses when surfing the Internet using Opera Mini.

Another more powerful feature of the Opera Mini browser app is AdBlock. This feature can block annoying ads while browsing. This feature of Opera Mini is very important for users who don’t like web ads.

How to download the previous version of Opera Mini Android apk can be seen here. OpMin is a lightweight and fast Internet browser application developed by Opera Browser. Opera Mini is a small file size browser, very easy to use.

Almost any mobile device can install the Opera Mini app, including Android phones. For those who seem incompatible with the latest Opera Mini, you may need the old original Opera Mini apk file, which is the old version.

You can select the version you want to download and install on your Android phone. Download the latest version of Opera Mini and experience a fast and secure browsing experience. Opera Mini not only has a simple and easy to use user interface.

But Opera Mini also provides faster browsing even when the connection speed is very slow. This is because Opera Mini compresses and optimizes content before delivering it to the user.

Opera Mini Browser Features

Who is not familiar with the world-famous application and browser Opera Mini? This application is still one of the most widely used browsers today. Apart from being lightweight, Opera Mini also updates its applications frequently.

Before you decide to use the Opera Mini browser on your Android phone, of course, you should understand the features it provides. The following are all the features of the Opera Mini browser that you need to know.

1. Data Saving Mode

The first feature that you can rely on in Opera Mini is data saving mode, even this feature is claimed to save up to 90% of internet data. Moreover, this feature is supported by automatically selecting explorer mode for the best user experience.

2. Smart Downloader

Opera Mini’s smart download function will automatically scan sites for video and music files. If any files are downloaded, the browser can download them in the background.

Users can also easily find downloaded files without having to search for the download folder in the Opera Mini browser. Downloaded video files are even integrated with Opera Mini video playback.

3. Share File Offline

This function in Opera Mini is used to send and receive files securely without requiring an internet connection. Users can use this function to transfer images or other files at speeds up to 300 MB/s.

The condition if you want to use this feature in Opera Mini is that both smartphones must also use Opera Mini to scan the QR code at the same time. Sharing files can also be done quickly and easily.

4. AdBlock

The next important feature is that by using Opera Mini APK, you can easily activate the ad-blocking feature (adblock. So you won’t find ads that appear while browsing the Internet.

5. Browser Customization

With Opera Mini apk, you can customize the design according to the wishes of each user. This includes you can easily change the layout, theme, and organize news categories in Opera Mini.

6. Special News

In addition, you can customize the news on any topic that appears in the browser. This feature in Opera Mini is powered by AI technology, and will present the news you like according to the history you’ve read.

7. Video Player

Opera Mini APK is equipped with a built-in video player function without having to install the application again. By using this useful feature of Opera Mini, you can watch downloaded videos without opening other applications.

8. Read Offline

With Opera Mini, you can save news when connected to Wi-Fi and read it offline without using data. You can read it anytime and anywhere using Opera Mini.

9. Free VPN

Opera Mini Browser APK is equipped with VPN function, which can protect your privacy while surfing, this is the best function and very useful. Opera Mini is very reliable for users.

Download the Opera Mini App

How would you like to use Opera Mini? We have provided a download link for the latest version of Opera mini which can be easily downloaded, you just need to visit the link provided above and wait for the download process to complete.

Please note that to make installation easier, you can download Opera Mini on the Google PlayStore page. If you really want to use the apk, make sure you have enabled “Unknown Sources” in your Android phone settings.

Well, if you have downloaded the old version of Opera Mini APK and want to download the latest version of Opera Mini APK for free, you can download it via the link below.

DetailOpera Mini
Minimum OSVaries by device
VersionLatest Version
DownloadAndroid | iPhone

The final word

The explanation about downloading the opera mini application on an Android smartphone seems to be enough here. Please use the Opera Mini application that we have recommended above for browsing on the internet.

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