Online Summarizing App – Online Summarizing App. Have you ever felt that you have an article with a very large number of words, but it must be summarized and summarized into a few sentences or paragraphs?

Of course it is not an easy job is not it? But take it easy, because in this era of technological development, all difficult jobs can be done very easily and practically.

The trick is to use an online summarizing application that is on an Android phone and can be used online. Of course, this application can be used by you so that the activity of summarizing the text becomes shorter.

Like sports apps, there are a number of online summarizing apps that you can choose from and use. Of course, the applications that we will mention below can be used for free without paying.

Best Online Summarizing Application Recommendations

Immediately, Stornowaybc readers can see the review below regarding the application recommendations that summarize the fastest, free and best online. Please select the application below below.

1. Prepostseo

The first app you can use to summarize and summarize text online is Prepostseo. With this Prepostseo app, you can summarize articles by word count or word percentage.

This application can also be used for free by anyone without the need for registration. In essence, if you choose to summarize in words, then the number of words written in the abstract is what you set.

At the same time, if you choose to summarize by percentage (e.g., 20%), the content written will be reduced by 80%, so that the content displayed is about 20% in the Prepostseo output.

2. Synopsis

Another recommended online application that can be used to shorten long texts is Synopsis. The Synopsis app is similar to the other websites mentioned above and is also free to use.

This online summary application called Synopsis allows you to easily summarize what you have read. The method is also very simple, you can enter a URL link, raw text or HTML on this site.

Next, the summary summarizes the text into several main points. However, you must register as a premium member before you can use the Synopsis website if you want to summarize larger amounts of text.

3. I Lazy Read

As the name suggests, the I Lazy Read application is intended for those who are lazy to read long articles. The I Lazy Read Apk will definitely help you overcome the feeling of being lazy because you are told to read very long readings.

With a simpler display method to make it easier for you to use the I Lazy Read website, this application will also present a 5-point summary of the text you want. I Lazy Read is very useful for you.

Just enter the URL link in the field provided and click “Generate”, and you can immediately read the summary made in I Lazy Read. Another advantage is that you can access this site without any restrictions every day.

4. TLDR This

In addition, you can also use the TLDR This site to help you summarize the text you read. Long texts will be summarized in the TLDR This application into 5 points, making it easier for you to understand the meaning of the text.

To use this TLDR This online website-based application, you only need to enter the URL link or copy and paste the article you are reading in the column provided. Then, this TLDR will provide a 5-point summary of the text you entered.

If you register on this TLDR This site, you will get even more benefits, namely 10 complete and free abstracts per day. So, you can use it to summarize theses, theses, and research.

5. Resoomer

At the next point the application you can use is Resoomer. This website can help you summarize and analyze articles, scientific texts, historical texts, and works of art with a good structure and easy to understand.

Not only students or students, but editors, reporters, lecturers, writers, and the general public can also use Resoomer to summarize what they read. The Resoomer application can be said to be one of the best.

In the Resoomer app, you can directly enter the URL link of the article you want to summarize, or you can write the full text. After a while, Resommer will immediately analyze and display a summary.

The final word

So far, the discussion about the application summarizes online that we have recommended in the article above. Please just install and download the application above so that you can do text summaries online.

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